Zong Announces ‘Poora Balance’ Offer

Presently, mobile pre-paid users get a balance of Rs 75.77 on a recharge of Rs 100. But with Zong’s ‘Poora Balance’ offer, all new Zong customers would get complete balance of Rs 100 for usage. This will mean that Zong would bear all the taxes and fee deductions in ‘Poora Balance’ offer.

To be made sure again, this offer is available for new Zong customers only, who can keep availing Poora Balance till January 31st, 2016. The offer is in effect since January 1st, 2016.

Sharing his views on the new offer, Director Marketing Zong Zhang Peng, said “Poora Balance is no doubt a classic demonstration of customer-friendly services Zong has always extended to its subscribers. We would continue to support our valued customers in every best way we can. This is Zong’s hallmark which makes us the market leader, the best among all the rest.”

All Zong pre-paid subscribers who recharge through scratch cards, mini-loads, E-top ups and online means are eligible to avail Poora Balance offer.

The offer aims to welcome new customers with a warm gesture of getting complete balance and a sense of satisfaction that is a rarity in the services provided by other telecom companies.

We hope that Zong will announce some relief for its current loyal customers as well.

He is the Editor at ProPakistani.

  • Sparta

    hahaha lame offer, zong walay aaj tk jhak e mar rahay hain achi offers dene ki bjaye. Pta nahi inko aqal kab ayegi. Do something to offer cheap internet.

  • Arsalan Ali

    i have a dream
    that one day i’ll get “poora balance” in telenor too

  • Cynic

    DM says …..We would continue to support our valued customers in every best way we can…..


    this offer is available for new Zong customers only

    If the marketing is that stupid then at least get smarter PR team to cover up such acts.

  • mohsin raja

    very good offer, keep up ZONG

  • Usman H

    Missing those days when Warid used to give poora balance while all other companies deducted taxes.

  • S78

    Means TELECOs also realize they are doing WRONG with customers …