Chefling Tales Is A Startup Food Blog Promoting Pakistan’s Food Heritage

Food is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects that sets apart the Pakistani culture around the world. Chefling Tales wants Pakistanis to experience the delectable ethnic cuisines and also showcase to the world the variety of cuisines we have to offer. It is also promoting local food tourism and highlights food entrepreneurs in the country. The website has five main sections Cook, Dine, Drink, Travel, Grow and Events.

Chefling Tales has an archive of traditional Punjabi, Sindhi, Balochi, Pakhtoon and Kashmiri recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation. With the belief that “Every Recipe has a Story”, we cherish the fact that each morsel of food and every recipe has a memory associated with it that is worth sharing; whether it’s the scrumptious Biryani cooked by Ami or the yummy Kulfi bought outside school on a hot summer afternoon.

We have contributions from home cooks all around the country and that makes the Cook Section a beautiful collection of traditional Pakistani recipes and food tales from all regions of the country. There is also a collection of recipes from international cuisines such as Lebanese and Pan-Asian cuisine.

Madiha Hamid, Chefling-In-Chief, summed it up:

As Pakistanis, we agree on loving one thing other than Pakistan i.e. Food. We want to bring Punjabis, Sindhis, Balochis, Kashmiris, Pakhtoons and minorities closer by helping them understand each other’s traditions and appreciate the differences through food. What better way to achieve this than to create a platform where Pakistanis can share and promote their regional food and travel tales.

Chefling Tales is working in collaboration with local and international travel photographers, the likes of Imran Schah and My Green Passport. It is also promoting local comic artists in Pakistan such as Madam Nigar Nazar and Khabees Orat by sharing their comics on the subject of food humor.

Chefling Tales is also solving the most common problem for home cooks: What Should I Cook Today? Since times immemorial, this is the most commonly asked question in every household. The section gives suggestion for recipes that can be cooked with the available ingredients in Meat, Vegetables and Rice category. It also provides specialized menus that help you plan your meals effectively like say, for example, a weekly menu for working mothers.


The Dine category is dedicated to promoting the budding food entrepreneurs in the country and provides a platform for marketing the food ventures to their target audience. Through the reviews and Our Top Picks you can find about the finest yet unheard of food places available in all major cities of Pakistan. The reviews give you a complete picture of the food joint from the ambience to the food and customer services quality.

With the belief that every woman in Pakistan has a skill of cooking and she can earn from it, presently Chefling Tales is helping the women in the slum community of Islamabad via ‘Chefling on the Fringe’ initiative. These women are settled in these communities from all regions of the country and have their traditional recipes to share. In the long run we plan on developing a rating system for the recipes and the profiles of these women, where the audience can help these women earn through their recipes.

Travelling within Pakistan or outside is incomplete without tasting the local street food. The website covers food tales from the Pakorahs at the Illyasi Mosque in Abottabad down to the Suru fish in Gwadar. Pakistani Food Tales showcases the geographical beauty of Pakistan along with its diverse variety of food.


Pakistanis have a distinct palate that is accustomed to specific flavors. Pakistani Foodies Around  The World is all about giving you a heads up about the food while planning your next trip abroad; what to try and which places to go to for some great food experience. They have you covered for your foodventures the next time you plan a trip overseas.

Anyone can contribute to Chefling Tales and here’s how.

You can simply drop an email to [email protected] Whether you have a recipe to share, a travel food tale to tell or even if you’re a food entrepreneur, there is a category for every foodie on Chefling Tales.

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