Sheldon Adam Godinho to Head Marketing Communications, PR and CSR at Zong

Mr. Sheldon Adam Godinho has been given the headship of the brand team; he will now be heading marketing communications, PR & CSR at Zong, we have checked with sources.

Sheldon was previously the head of Media, Operations, PR & CSR, a position he was elevated to just a few months back.

Sheldon joined Zong in March 2014 as Senior Manager PR&CSR and in less than 2 years has been entrusted with the key role of Head of MarComm & Corporate Comm, by the dint of professionalism, dedication and hard work.

Before joining Zong, Sheldon Adam Godinho has worked with Ufone. He has experience and corporate insight in the telecom sector spread over more than a decade.


Sheldon Adam Godinho (left) along with Mr. Niaz A Malik (right), deputy CEO of Zong

In terms of achievements, Mr Godinho has a long list to his credit. Just to mention a few, Mr Godinho is the person behind Ufone Prepay which was the industry’s first youth brand & is Recipient of the “Best Practicing CSR Company” by the UNGCP.

Visionary of the first Golf Brand endorsement & sport development programme by a corporate entity in Pakistan & is also the first to implement triple bottom line values for self-sustainability in the telecom industry.

With his background and known aggression we are sure to see a major change in the Zong brand and as per our sources we might see Zong’s stronghold and ownership of sports platform.

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