The Most Edited Wikipedia Articles Of All Time

Wikipedia recently celebrated its 15th birthday by creating a $100 million Wikimedia Endowment fund which seemingly makes its future secure for 10 years. However, for the internet’s most information-heavy site, the important thing still remains the content.

Or the content rather that is the most-altered as in this case. The list of most-edited articles on the English version of the site have been revealed and we don’t think you’ll be that shocked by the results here.

Topping the list in this competition is George W. Bush, the former US President whose page was edited 45,862 times since its creation. It is followed by “List of WWE personnel”, which had 42,836 edits and with it being a large company, its inclusion shouldn’t surprise most people.

United States and Wikipedia come next with 35,742 and 33,958 edits to their name, respectively, followed by Michael Jackson at 28,152 edits. Here’s an image detailing the top 15 most-edited article:


Wikipedia also mentioned which articles were most-edited in a particular year. In 2015, the most-edited page as has so often been in the past was “Deaths in 2015”, followed by Geospatial summary of the High Peaks/Summits of the Juneau Icefield, that was edited 7,265 times by one dedicated editor (all others made 29 edits).


In total, the website’s content had been edited a total of 808,187,367 times by the time the report was published. Quite a number for a website that had just 179 edits on its top article (Creationism) within its first year.

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