TazaMart Launches Android App for Online Grocery Shopping

TazaMart, the online grocery shopping store, has launched its mobile app for Android users in Pakistan.

The upcoming ecommerce concern also announced that all customers – members as well as guests – can avail free delivery on their first order made through the TazaMart app, regardless of order size. Otherwise, Rs2,000/- is the minimum order value that qualifies for free delivery.

Customers can place orders from anywhere, at any time, using the TazaMart smartphone app.

The app retains all the features and services offered on the TazaMart website, with almost ten thousand products – including leading international and local brands – available through the app. Customers can also browse through past order history, download PDF of past and current invoices, and search exact items with ease.

The app is available on Google Play Store and can be downloaded for free here.

TazaMart’s Rewards Program

TazaMart’s rewards program, is also available on the app, with customers earning points against each purchase, making them eligible for free delivery, with the option of redeeming points in future purchases.

According to Daniyal Akhtar, the head of TazaMart, mobile internet connectivity will continue to grow, and the Android app targets this growing sub-segment. “The introduction and permeation for 3G and 4G technology has changed the mobile ecommerce landscape. Tablets and smartphones are fast becoming the preferred device for online shopping, and its share is only going to increase over the next few years. So TazaMart’s native Android app is a preemptive measure to cater to these changing dynamics,” Akhtar said.