A-Taxi is Lahore’s Latest On-Demand Taxi Service

Al-Bayrak, the Turkey based company responsible for Metro Bus Projects in Lahore and Rawalpindi/Islamabad and waste management projects Lahore, Rawalpindi and Murree, are about to start a taxi service in Pakistan. The new taxi service will be called A-Taxi and it will formally start operations from Lahore.

a taxi 1

The new taxi service will initially comprise of a fleet of 100 cars. These cars will make use of the latest gadgets. Taxis will feature air-conditioners and GPS System as well. The travelers will be charged based on the distance they have to travel, i.e. the built-in fare meter will be used to decide the charge for the taxi service. Al-Bayrak will be using Suzuki Swift and Honda City cars with bright yellow paint jobs. The company’s logos and Taxi signs will make the cars easily distinguishable.

a taxi 2

Citizens will be able to walk out and stop an A-Taxi cab, make a phone call and call the taxi home or use the A-Taxi Android app and call the cab to wherever it is required. GPS service will be an added benefit, improving the commutes within cities.

Al-Bayrak has contracted Platform, another Turkish company, to deal with the management of this taxi service. Platform will train the drivers on how to make full use of every available feature in the car and offer a superior customer experience. A-Taxi will also be establishing 15 taxi stands across the busiest locations in the city.

a taxi 3


  • A default charge of Rs 100 will apply to all commutes.
  • Passengers can travel up to 3km within the price of the default charge.
  • After exceeding a journey distance of 3km, a charge of Rs 30/km will be applicable.

The taxi service will be available 24-hours a day and 7 days a week. Customers will be able to book a taxi in advance as well.

How to book A-Taxi:

  • Call UAN: (042) 111-961-961
  • Order through the Android app (The app is yet to go online)

a taxi

A-Taxi will provide the citizens of Lahore with a safe and easy method to commute. The new entrant will face local competition from the likes of Careem, Savaree and others. Uber has also announced entry to the Pakistani market so the citizens will soon have plenty of service to choose from. Nonetheless, travelling will become a whole lot easier and safer in the coming days.

The A-Taxi service will be inaugurated in a formal ceremony in Istanbul and will start functioning in Lahore starting February 16, 2016.


He is the Editor at ProPakistani.

  • KMQ

    Do we have any such services of Karachi? I have kept on reading such services for Lahore only…

    • Akhter Wahab

      Karachi people needs to reject MQM and PPP before getting this kind of services ..

      • Kamil Mian

        Toe kya hwa. Lahore bhi toe Pakistan ka hissa hai. Kuch chezain Karachi main pehle aati hain aur kuch Lahore main. yeh pehla moqa hai ke lahore main private enterprize ne initiative liya aur ek kaam public ki bhalayee ke liya kia, warna to Punjab mein sara initiative government hee kartee hai qaumi khazanae ke bal bootey par.

    • Raja Maja

      Simple………………..Vote do (PML-N) services loooooooo…………..

    • Karachi k liay Rakhshaw aur Chingchi he kaafi hain.

    • Zahid Hussain

      Karachi main abhi bhutto zinda hy bhai

    • zubairali

      Careem is available in Karachi

    • mar222184

      aapky karachii main business baad main start hota hy aur bhatta maangnay walay pehly aa jatay hain. Aisa chalay ga to kon aayega Sindh main!!

    • champions usmani

      Karachi may ya sindh may jo jo kharabian han ya masail han us k zimmaydar sindh aur karachi k awam khud han… aur vote do MQM aur Peoples party ko. bhugto, bhugto MQM aur PPPP ko, tum logon ko in services ki zarorat hi kia ha, kia tumharay liye Altab bhai ki Bori service kafi nahi…

    • champions usmani

      Actually tum logon nay Bhutto, zardari aur Altaf ko peer bana liya ha aur un ki mukamal tabedaari kertay ho, Altaf aur zardari k ghunda elements nay karachi aur sindh ko fasad khana bana dia ha, lakin aap logon ko koi asar nahi parta, jab election hota ha chahy ranger ki nigrani may hi kion na ho, vote mqm aur pppp ko hi daitay ho, tu phir bhugto na.., shikayat kion keertay ho..khush raho apni halat may..good luck

  • Test

    This is better; much better than widely advertised Careem!

  • Zafar Abbas Rizvi

    Lahore Main pehle Taxion ki kami thi kya? :P

    • Pogo wala comment kia ap ny :D

    • Faizan

      G sb apki trf se to aati thi :P

  • mera aik aur startup choori ho gaya :(

    • Haris Amjed

      Haha. Same as me. Keep thinking about new Ideas :)

    • Bhai itna socho ge to chori hi ho ga – Sochi paya te banda gaya.

      BTW idea is nothing, execution matters.

    • Muhammed Ovais Alam

      Chori howa hai FAIL nahi.
      Issay behtar service le aao PASS ho jaega.

    • Jamal Zafer

      It’s not about stealing ur idea. You are the not the only one in the world to think so, there would be thousands of people in the world having such idea in their mind. It’s all about who execute it first!!

  • Aqif

    No information for passenger and valuables security.

  • GGXD

    i saw these taxis near hafeez center ……..

  • Zahid Hussain

    Better than auto rickshaw in reasonable fairs.

  • 10 days ago, Daewoo cab demanded me Rs. 1200 for a journey of 12Km from Kalma Chowk, Lahore.
    Auto Rikshaw Owner asked Rs. 250 to 300 for the same.
    If I use A-Taxi for this, it will Rs. 310 as per metioned charges. Very very reasonable.

    • zubairali

      Careem is offering 320 for 12 km these days

      • another good service. still didn’t try any of them.
        will surely try. :)

    • Will you explain how did you calculated the charges of A-Taxi and how you came to Rs. 310 ?

    • Muhammed Ovais Alam

      370 will be the cost of A-Taxi.
      Calculate again.

      • Thanks for the correction. still it’s reasonable as compared to Daewoo Cab of Rs. 1200
        Rs. 30/km. Minimum: Rs. 100/3km
        so for 12km = 100+30*9 = Rs. 370

    • Umar Mian

      Same here Zohaib. Daewoo is just way too overpriced.

    • mar222184

      also, u will travel in luxury with AC and wont have to inhale pollution of Lahore that you will be breathing on a rikshaa. Loudness pollution is also a factor.

  • Alamgir

    I thought Taxi’s are always on demand? what kind of a tagline is that? But i think Turkish cab service should have been RED :)

    It would be helpful for Lahoris for sure.

  • Mubashir Mahmood

    Default charge is Rs 120 not Rs. 100 and charge of Rs 35/km will be applicable not Rs. 30 as mentioned in this story.

  • abobobilly

    Damn those rates are actually very very good for a taxi service. Considering rickshaw these days basically charge you upto Rs.100 for nominal journeys, a taxi service just might be a better startup as far as taxi’s are concerned.

  • Usman Ahmed

    your rates are incorrect.

  • sulman ijaz

    how can i download it

  • Waseem Jahangir

    Default charges are Rs 120 not Rs 100 for first 3 Km from start point + Rs 35/km charges will be applicable not Rs. 30/Km. No charge from Taxi stand to Pick point.

  • Waseem Jahangir

    Default charges are Rs 120 not Rs 100 for first 3 Km from start point + Rs 35/km charges will be applicable not Rs. 30/Km. No charge from Taxi stand to Pick point.

  • Nimra Hassan

    any app of A-Taxi for Android.

    • Bil

      Yet to be launched

      • Atif Malik

        If Any One want Taxi Plz Save my no any ware in Lahore , 0302-4690357

  • Saima

    I need to book a cab from Peshawar to Lahore, is this service available at a – taxi ??

  • Saima

    I need to book a cab for traveling from Peshawar to Lahore, do you provide this service as well?

  • abcd

    3rd class service. Don’t be feel deprived karachi walo.

  • its very costly as compare to others