A-Taxi is Lahore’s Latest On-Demand Taxi Service

Al-Bayrak, the Turkey based company responsible for Metro Bus Projects in Lahore and Rawalpindi/Islamabad and waste management projects Lahore, Rawalpindi and Murree, are about to start a taxi service in Pakistan. The new taxi service will be called A-Taxi and it will formally start operations from Lahore.

a taxi 1

The new taxi service will initially comprise of a fleet of 100 cars. These cars will make use of the latest gadgets. Taxis will feature air-conditioners and GPS System as well. The travelers will be charged based on the distance they have to travel, i.e. the built-in fare meter will be used to decide the charge for the taxi service. Al-Bayrak will be using Suzuki Swift and Honda City cars with bright yellow paint jobs. The company’s logos and Taxi signs will make the cars easily distinguishable.

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Citizens will be able to walk out and stop an A-Taxi cab, make a phone call and call the taxi home or use the A-Taxi Android app and call the cab to wherever it is required. GPS service will be an added benefit, improving the commutes within cities.

Al-Bayrak has contracted Platform, another Turkish company, to deal with the management of this taxi service. Platform will train the drivers on how to make full use of every available feature in the car and offer a superior customer experience. A-Taxi will also be establishing 15 taxi stands across the busiest locations in the city.

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  • A default charge of Rs 100 will apply to all commutes.
  • Passengers can travel up to 3km within the price of the default charge.
  • After exceeding a journey distance of 3km, a charge of Rs 30/km will be applicable.

The taxi service will be available 24-hours a day and 7 days a week. Customers will be able to book a taxi in advance as well.

How to book A-Taxi:

  • Call UAN: (042) 111-961-961
  • Order through the Android app (The app is yet to go online)

a taxi

A-Taxi will provide the citizens of Lahore with a safe and easy method to commute. The new entrant will face local competition from the likes of Careem, Savaree and others. Uber has also announced entry to the Pakistani market so the citizens will soon have plenty of service to choose from. Nonetheless, travelling will become a whole lot easier and safer in the coming days.

The A-Taxi service will be inaugurated in a formal ceremony in Istanbul and will start functioning in Lahore starting February 16, 2016.


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