Oppo Introduces World’s Fastest Charger for Smartphones

Qualcomm has previously showcased its fast charging technology named Quick Charge, and has brought in several improved versions of the technology. Now, companies like Oppo have decided to improve the tech even further, with something that the company likes to refer to as Super VOOC. These are the advantages that you will get after using Oppo’s Super VOOC.

Oppo Super VOOC for much faster recharge than your regular charger

During Mobile World Congress 2016, popular Chinese smartphone manufacturer Oppo had announced a new battery technology that will completely charge your device’s battery from 0-100 percent in just a time span of 15 minutes. The technology is called Super VOOC and it is still in testing phase. However, there are several drawbacks of Super VOOC (none that will affect the smartphone or its battery, at least according to the company).

Firstly, it does not appear that all smartphones will be compatible with Oppo’s technology, concluding that the company will most probably place in a special circuit designed to be compatible with the super-fast charging technology in its own devices. In short, you will only be able to experience this new technology if you purchase future Oppo smartphones, or tablets. According to a source, a live demonstration took place during the press conference, with the prototype phone being charged entirely in the time the presentation took to deliver.

Power is being delivered at a consistent 5V, and according to Oppo, there are no heat issues that you need to worry about, nor will it negatively impact the cell. Coming back to the battery test, a 2500mAh battery was able to reach 45 percent of its overall charge after being plugged in for just 5 minutes.

Oppo Super VOOC will also be compatible with microUSB and USB-C ports.

Oppo states that Super VOOC was developed because current battery technology is not advancing nearly as fast as the rest of the mobile device industry. Since it will take a while before lithium ion or lithium polymer batteries are replaced with a better material, the only thing that we can rely on right now is fast charging tech.

  • I’m glad with the speed of the GSMA2016 happening released by Mr. Omer Sohail particularly about the OPPO charger with fast charging. Mr. Omer Sohail please be informed the ITU a Geneva based UN body for standardisation, regulatory, and development tasks in telecom sector worldwide is a multi-lateral agency. They’d announced some years back for standardisation of Cell phone charger to conform with the ITU standards bureau. I suggest the regulatory authority to look the case of OPPO’s charger demonstrated @ the GSMA2016 and consider to standardise the charger for all cell phones compatibility for local production. This will save Pakistan millions of Forex, and hassle. We only buy the handset, that’s it. Suggest please check with the PTA about Mobile Cell Phone charger iniatives of ITU standards and TOR. I also take a serious matter of non availability of OPPO handsets with Zong Karachi. They’re only for Lahore Region. Why is it so. Several new models are not launched in Karachi. Also suggest OPPO to launch the new models at the GSMA2016 now fresh from Barcelona.

    • nops thats a simple vooc. same that find 7 had, just a hairline faster.
      find 7 vooc 0 to 70 in 30 mins
      r7/7plus vooc 0 to 75 in 30 mins.

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