Google Docs Gets Voice Commands For Seamless Document Composing

It is time for you to get hyped over Google Docs because the company has integrated a whole new feature in its slew of work applications and that feature happens to be Voice Commands.

Google Docs ends up becoming more convenient for you

Microsoft Office is still believed to be the more superior platform for compiling documents, spreadsheets and presentations, but it looks like Google Docs has another weapon added to its arsenal in order to counter this. Even since rolling out support for voice typing back in September, Google Docs has become convenient for users from an accessibility point of view. With voice commands now available for Docs on Chrome, they will effortlessly be able to take care of all of the formatting that is not yet available when using voice with Docs.


Here is an example that will properly illustrate on how this new feature works. You can highlight and replace a word, as well as start lists or change heading formats. In addition, there are also commands that are available for more complex tasks, like inserting tables.

In order to familiarize yourself with a vast list of voice commands, you can click on the link here.

This feature have been cleverly designed for millions of Android smartphone users, with various issues of accessibility addressed. Its even perfect for those who prefer to let their voice do their typing. Work that used to be completed with a swath of keystrokes can now be competed with a few simple taps of your keyboard. However, the only complaint we have from this new feature is that it has rolled out the Chrome browser and will only be available if you opened up your desktop or laptop computer.

Looking at how the feature is available for the desktop version of Chrome, it is only of matter of time before Google rolls out the same level of convenience for mobile users. Try out the feature and tell us what you thought about it.

Image credits: The Next Web