PTCL and ZTE To Set Up Joint Innovation Centre in Pakistan

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) has signed a strategic memorandum of understanding with ZTE Corporation for setting up a Joint Innovation Center (JIC) on Big Video in Pakistan. The Joint Innovation Centre is a key initiative of PTCL and ZTE for Smart TV development, empowering PTCL to provide high-quality video services to customers on TV and mobile devices.

The Joint Innovation Center, will allow both PTCL and ZTE to share resources, exchange knowledge and tap into the potential of the latest available technologies. PTCL will be able to further enhance its Smart TV offering, bring in more value and provide new, value-added services to customers.

The MOU was signed by Adnan Shahid, Chief Commercial Officer PTCL and Frank Fang, Vice President Multimedia Product & Services ZTE.

The PTCL-ZTE agreement will also serve to strengthen the PTCL digital ecosystem based on video Solutions and will support the convergence of the PTCL ICT infrastructure to counter emerging OTT technologies and improving competence and innovation levels with an eye on future planning.

This partnership shall also establish a process of research and development which would lay down an operation model for PTCL to enhance Smart TV usage in the country in addition to offering services such as 4K Ultra High Definition TV.

  • This is encouraging in Pakistan with foxy partners. @the GSMA2016 ZTE entered MOU with partners as China Mobile for trails on 5G. At this point when Netflix knocked our doors SmartTV coupled with content worldwide are important. With its outreach of IPTV and Smart TV could be a match for education on line for literacy, Virtual education, Utube education etc., which I just proposed to our Minister Ahsan Iqbal in his meeting with MIT researcher today.

    • I prefer you not to buy them. I have 4 zte phones and their quality isn’t good as xiaomi or huawei. But if you are really interested in zte then Telenor 3g phone is made by zte.

      • oh no … THATs the cheap stuff … more like the Nubia series … or maybe even the Blade versions , those are said to be nice.

  • PTCL with traditional history of Etisalat deceptive marketing campaigns whereas the executant sales people are not even aware of the product existence. ZTE’s capability is unquestionable. But PTCL marketing know-how has left everything behind. Starting with handset, terminal equipment are the worst grade products purchased in lots of the obsolete/junk electronics lying in Taiwan for sale to the naive consmer of Pakistan. So please try to understand the customer is more smarter than PTCL because he’s paying you.

  • China walo ye na karo ptcl waly badname zamana hain koi new company khol lo yar by the way welcome you to taxistan :D

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