PPL Awards Contract to Tejari Pakistan for SAP Integrated eProcurement Software

Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL) has partnered with Tejari Pakistan to empower its procurement department by deploying globally renowned eSourcing technology to be operational in Pakistan for 10 years.

With the deal, PPL has become the first semi-government entity in Pakistan to automate traditional procurement methods currently being followed in public sector organizations. This partnership will give confidence to other public sector procurement departments to deploy modern solutions and streamline conventional procurement operations by leveraging robust technology & on-site support services.

Tejari Pakistan’s e-Procurement Solution will assist PPL in following areas:

  • PPL management will be able to achieve Enhanced Spend Visibility at a click of a button.
  • Reduction in current 60-70 days of Procurement Lifecycle by up to 50 to 70%.
  • PPL would be able to ensure flawless monitoring and control on procurement transactions.
  • PPL management will ensure strict compliance with PPRA Rules & Policies for its Sourcing Process in an automated manner.
  • Secure direct & in-direct cost savings by optimizing Supply Chain process.
  • Achieve 100% transparency for Procurement operations.
  • 100% audit trail available at any point of time.

Tejari is the only world leading eProcurement solution provider company in Pakistan which is not only offering eProcurement solutions but is also empowering the corporate sector to automate the inventory, catalogue and invoicing aspect of the Supply Chain Cycle along with consulting services like Procurement Event Management, Business Process Re-engineering, Data Cleansing, Supplier Pre – Qualification & Categorization, Training of Suppliers, Supplier Facilitation Services & Surrogate Bidding which is required to unlock the power of procurement.

E-Procurement in Pakistan

Traditional procurement in use in corporate procurement departments in Pakistan is outdated. Most organizations procurement executives are still using paper based ledger system which involves human interaction, allows corruption, raises the question of transparency and also increases chances of leakages.

The corporate sector in Pakistan need to take concurring steps to align their business processes with the best practices followed globally. The public sector entities like OGDC, PIA, PSO and institutions of Armed Forces can promote transparency in their procurement processes by enabling their procurement teams with the globally recognized procurement solutions offered by Tejari Pakistan as these solutions are already facilitating Central & Regional Governments of United Kingdom, Canada, United States, United Arab Emirates, France, Italy, Spain, New Zealand, Mexico and Netherlands.

At the moment, Tejari is servicing more than 130 Public Sector customers globally and their national exchequer’s procurement spend can be tracked through robust technological tools & associated features to ensure availability of complete Audit trail / log for every transaction. The realization of eProcurement benefits amongst the national.

Documented Integration Process

With Tejari’s e-Procurement Solutions, everything is easy to integrate as they are certified partners of SAP, Oracle and are integrateable with any ERP. This integrated system virtually eliminates the avenues that can be exploited by dishonest individuals. In a country riddled with corruption, the importance of this point goes without mentioning.

However, PPL adopting e-Procurement wouldn’t be as important if it weren’t for Tejari Pakistan. The company has been operating in Pakistan since 2007 and is part of a wider industrial group that invests billions of dollars each year to remain at the cutting edge of Supply Chain Software Solutions. This means it’s an evolving product that’s market proven and secure. Tejari Pakistan Solution has been accredited HM Government Information Security Standards for information up to eGov Impact Level 3.

Since Tejari is a cross sector / cross industry savvy platform, major producer and retailer companies from all industry segments utilize its technology to revolutionize the procurement operations. Their e-Procurement solution can be tailored for clients whether it’s matching the design of eProcurement portal with corporate look & feel or customizing the feature set for a particular industry. Some industries that could follow the lead and benefit from Tejari technology are Oil & Gas, Hospitality Industry, Banking, Airlines, Telecom, Government Entities and Development Agencies.

Currently, Tejari Pakistan is providing services to United Bank Limited (UBL), Islamabad Serena Hotel, Marriott & Pearl Continental Hotels, MOL Pakistan Oil and Gas Co., Ocean Pakistan Limited (OPL) and many other renowned Multinational Companies.

Overall, this is part of Tejari’s vision to help increase transparency, accountability and reduce costs for companies in Pakistan. Not only a product, they’re also providing a valuable service to the local ecosystem by developing hundreds of suppliers via trainings and hand holding demos. With a major contract in the shape of PPL, it could mark the beginning of a much needed overhaul of sourcing in Pakistan.

Talal is a Director and the Chief Content Officer at ProPakistani. Reach out at [email protected]

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