OneLoad Aims to Revolutionize Mobile Top-Up Market in Pakistan

For years, since top-ups were introduced in Pakistan, retailers have kept five different Mobile Phones to top-up mobile accounts of consumers. On top of keeping five separate phones, which is a hassle in itself, they maintain separate mobile-balance in all phones to keep their top-up business running. This Rs. 500 billion an year market is going to change now. Keep reading to know the how part.

OneLoad, a Systems Limited company, has introduced one single platform — a mobile app as well as a web portal –through which retailers will be able to top-up any mobile number of any mobile phone operator, i.e. a single device and a single universal balance to top-up mobile phone customers of any operator.

So instead of keeping Rs. 5,000 balance in all five mobile phones separately with a constant fear of running out of balance for one operator (say for Ufone) while still having tons of balance for two operators (say Warid and Zong), retailers will have an option of keeping, say 20,000 universal mobile-balance in one account with which they can top-up any number of any mobile operator.

Additionally, retailers can also use this same OneLoad universal balance to issue scratch cards to consumers (who don’t want to give away their numbers for top-ups).

In addition to retailers, consumers can also have (a retailer like) account with which they can load mobile balance into any number of any mobile company.

Service Charges

  • Opening an account with OneLoad is absolutely free.
  • Getting cash into OneLoad from UBL Omni or Bank Alfalah is free of charge
  • Paying bill is free of charge
  • Topping up a mobile number is also free, but government taxes will be deducted (as they do with every load)

Benefit for Retailers 

Other than maintaining a single universal account for top-ups of all mobile operators, OneLoad promises following benefits for retailers

  • Market standard commissions rates or very close to market standard rates
  • No paper work required to maintain a retailer account
  • No physical presence (or store) required, even a Rickshaw wala can have a OneLoad retailer account and start topping up mobile balance or accept bill payments to earn commissions

How to Sign-Up with One Load

  • In order to get a OneLoad account — that you can operate online or on Smartphones through Android and iOS apps, simply head to their website here to fill up a simple form to register for an account.
  • Alternatively you can download One Load Android or iOS apps and sign up for an account through their apps.
  • Retailers can sign up from this link

Once you have an account, which is free to maintain, you can simply load balance into your OneLoad account through any UBL Omni shop or Bank Alfalah and start topping up the numbers.

OneLoad, still in beta, is in process of partnering with channel partners; after which consumers will be able to load their OneLoad accounts through any bank, via ATMs, online banking or through Credit and Debit Cards online.


Screen-grabs of One Load App


Service Mechanics 

  • Download “OneLoad App”
  • Sign-up for a “OneLoad” account
  • Load balance in your “OneLoad” account through UBL Omni outlets or Bank Al Falah (More channels to be added soon)
  • Use this “OneLoad” balance to top-up any number, pay bills, buy vouchers etc.

More Than Just Top-Ups

Mobile top-up is just one small thing that OneLoad does. Additionally, with your OneLoad universal balance, you can pay all sorts of utility bills, buy internet vouchers (for services like NetFlix, Facebook ads, Glit, Play Store, Hulu, iTunes, Amazon, Steam etc.), and transfer load to other OneLoad accounts.

Bus tickets and Cinema tickets are on the cards as well.

Muhammad Yar Hiraj, CEO of OneLoad, while speaking with ProPakistani, told me that his company is actively looking at remittances services as well and they may offer funds transfer services very soon.

“While SBP is working hard on interoperability, we would love to enable our customers to be able to transfer funds to any of mobile or conventional bank account”, said Mr. Hiraj.

It bears mentioning that OneLoad is an indigenous solution and System Limited is in fact aiming to implement this model in other countries as well.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • We have similar system in UAE and that’s not only for local operators but for India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Egypt. Additionally we can pay pospaid connection and Elife.

    • It is definitely safe & secure.
      Oneload is a product of EP Systems, a subsidiary of Systems Limited, one of Pakistan’s largest & oldest software companies.

      Oneload is a super agent of Nadra, & has all leading banks & telecoms as their partners.
      It’s not only safe & secure, but it’s simple & convenient too :)

    • You can use any of the 30,000 Omni locations in Pakistan or you could top up your account via Bank Al-Falah.

      More banks will be added on the go :)

    • You can use any of the 30,000 Omni locations in Pakistan or you could top up your account via Bank Al-Falah.

      More banks will be added on the go :)

      • Wbut what should tell them load on one load my mob number or what they havent given any code or something

        • @Shehzad – Tell them to give you a Oneload top-up.
          You can essentially use it to pay your bills, get international vouchers or get telecom credit.

          Please download the application to know more about how it works.

        • @Shehzad – Tell them to give you a Oneload top-up.
          You can essentially use it to pay your bills, get international vouchers or get telecom credit.

          Please download the application to know more about how it works.

      • Wbut what should tell them load on one load my mob number or what they havent given any code or something

    • The price of the cards are listed on the application.
      Please download the application from the Apple Store or Play Store to find the price of the voucher required.

      • its new but good that i can purchase itunes. but as time goes on instead of upgrading the prices to be high, keep them low , lower that what they are. Make a customer base first.

        I understand you need money to survive. Good luck. I am recommending it to every friend of mine. I’m a doctor so imagine my friends base. and credible enough when i talk about technology people follow.

      • I had also tried to call but no response. Can you please guide us little bit about commission structure?

          • My brother already sent the query through your retailer contact form on your website but haven’t got the replied yet.

            wouldn’t be great If commission structure is available online? instead of every one send the email to know about it.

            • We have a very personalized approach to locking our retailers.
              We make sure each one is catered to individually.

              For the same reason, we would like to request you to leave your contact details with us.
              We will get back to you shortly.

  • Easy paisa already allows you to buy balance for any mobile network (not just telenor). They started this service a month or so back.

    I welcome the added competition. I especially like the fact that one load are not imposing artificial barriers like physical store requirements. It would be awesome if they created an API too. We could then sell balance automatically via ecommerce stores.

    • Rashid –
      a.Telenor Easypay is consumer centric, whereas Oneload is both retailer & counsumer centric.
      Telenor doesn’t offer market competitive commissions to retailers.

      b. We have credit card facility for direct top-ups.

      c. We do have APIs for integration. Please write to us on [email protected] for more information.

    • No Furqan, you don’t need an Omni account for it.
      You just need to visit your nearest Omni location and ask them to top up your Oneload account which is listed under bill payment at the Omni location.

      • U need to provide CNIC copy for each transaction tho. At least officially you do. I think most retailers are fine with just the number? Otherwise given that margins on offer are like 3% the cost of the CNIC copy is not insignificant.

        • Rashid – Can you be a little more specific with your query?
          Are you asking from a retailer’s perspective or a consumer?

  • These apps are good for individuals who don’t have an e-bank account. For someone who has got a functioning netbanking facility, most of the features of such apps are redundant. You can just top up your phone straight from there – immediately, securely and without need of providing commission or going through a third party for the transaction. Not to mention easily paying a plethora of utility bills as well.

    • I have HBL netbanking and there is no such as thing of plethora of options. There is only mobilink and ufone. Plus, bill options are limited. Not to mention the website is a work to log into, password is very difficult to enter and it’s impossible to use it on mobile. I don’t know about other banks but HBL is a very popular one and oneload is a welcome service for us.

      • I use UBL’s Netbanking and it is one of the most comprehensive e-banking portal on offer. I have complaints of no shortcomings from them apart from a rather unpolished Android app. Plus, my father uses Askari iNet and it has almost all options that UBL Netbanking does.

        My point was that, why delve into third-party solutions when you can totally manage your transactions from the web-based service of your bank – provided that you shop around and open an account with an entity that can fulfill your needs.

        • I agree partly but a major target audience for this company are the easyload retailers who have to manage five different accounts. You cannot expect them to use their personal banking account to topup strangers.

          • In that case it is redundant too. The Omni Dukaan app already allows for it (and Omni is what this app is partially dependent on). The point is that while I am not against this service but I want better awareness among people about the possibilities that exist in a fast-paced world – rather then signing up to a new service for every 3rd thing that they want to do.

              • No, but how about using that plain old debit/credit card of yours for that? On another note, these gift cards aren’t that big in Pakistan anyway. We are a ‘mufta’ people by design.

                • Can u tell me the difference between ubl omni and ubl netbanking which is better and do i use my bank account to pay bills or top ip account like in one load and is it save??

                  • UBL Omni is a form of branch less banking like Easy Paisa. The only difference being that you have an actual bank account with UBL. UBL Omni Dukaans serve as agents for your bank where you can pay your bills, top up mobile loads and send/receive payments. UBL Omni Dukaans also work for people who don’t have an Omni account. Therefore unless you live in a remote area or don’t want the hassles of having a normal UBL account – you can opt for Omni.

                    UBL Netbanking is a consolidated online platform. It is a website that allows you to manage your account, pay bills, send payments, transfer funds and top up your mobile balance. It is absolutely secure (SSL-encrypted) and is better if your are home customer because you can do everything from your computer.

    • So true! I have Standard Chartered’s Online banking facility and I am paying all the utility bills and topping up my mobile credit through it. Such facilities are for people who either don’t know how to utilize their bank accounts or living in a stone age. :P

  • a very simple and handy idea, I wonder why this could not be realized before…

  • for the remittances part, this is just not about process, there needs to be whole regulatory framework back to it. But this shall be worth watching what happens, if One Load paddles further on this idea ?

  • useless service as i cant use easy load service for warid as the minimum transection amount is rs 60

  • isn’t this type of system already exist ,
    retailer in our hostel has been using single sim to top up every network ,
    he uses different codes for different networks but send it to same number
    using same sim !

    anyone have information about this ?

  • AWESOMENE. What do i need to provide for oneload account recharge at Omni or Bank Alf? can you please describe in brief.

    • Your mobile number is supposed to be your OneLoad account. You will use the same number for load transfer into your account.

      • I used my mobile number for transferring balanace from Bank Alfalah to OneLoad account. Transaction completed but balance never reflected in OneLoad account :@

        • Hello Sohail.
          Our system is real time.
          That is not possible. Please recheck.
          If you still can’t see it, write to us with the receipt copy & we will have it sorted for you.

          • 4 hours after still no credit. I have sent receipt numbers via email to OneLoad support. And Mr Asif Sajjad has replied that he will get back to me on Monday

  • Rubbish it is…. I went to 2 Omni shop for top ups and those buggers don’t even know what is Oneload.

    • Hahaha, same as other advertisements on propak like tcs icebox which even the tcs helpline people doesn’t know about.

      • Oneload is listed in Bill Payment with Omni.
        Please ask them to look for it there.

        Besides, we’ve been live for a while.
        We’ve crossed over a 100,000 transaction till date :)

        • That is not possible.
          We have people using the service on their own, in areas we haven’t reached out. That’s that out there & convenient. Please ask the retailer to look for Oneload under bill payments in his system.

          Let us know if you still face a problem.

    • Oneload is listed in Bill Payment with Omni.

      Please ask them to look for it there.

      Besides, we’ve been live for a while.

      We’ve crossed over a 100,000 transaction till date :)

  • This is brilliant idea. But my question is, if all this free than what system limited will get out of it? obviousely they cant jse it for ads. Are they keeping part of rerailor commission? if yes then how much?

    • Banks and other financial institutions can make money by just keeping your funds for hours, let alone days or weeks.

  • Transferred 500 Rs into my OneLoad account via Bank Alfalah inet banking using OneLoad registered mobile number as account number. Never received the amount in OneLoad account and BankAlfalah says transaction was completed :(

    • Hello Sohail.
      Our system is real time.
      That is not possible. Please recheck.
      If you still can’t see it, write to us with the receipt copy & we will have it sorted for you.

      • 4 hours after still no credit. I have sent receipt numbers via email to OneLoad support. And Mr Asif Sajjad has replied that he will get back to me on Monday .

  • boht he fazol aur bkwas hai yeh. not easy for peoples, iss mein boht sary chkr hai, iss sa acha ak chkar shop pr he laga lo, safe b, secure b aur instant b.

  • Ager ME Isme 5laks Ka Transfer Krta hn to Kia Gurrenty He k Ap Account Block Ni Krengay ? I M A retailer of UblOmni,easypaisa,mobicash and Nadra Esahulat

    • Mudassir – We have retailers who regularly keep that amount in their account for bill payments.
      Please call us on our helpline for more specific questions.

  • I think of this service as an upgraded version of ePay that were launched years back by TFG (formarly Marshal Engineering & Electronics) for merchants.

    It is good in a way that it is a hybrid of Online Payment service by commercial banks (Telco and UBP) and services that we seen by branchless banking proviers like EP, UP, MC and others.

  • But dont you guys think that the Business model can be easily replicated with a different patent/brand.

    I believe One load should work on value addition and that on progressive curve , if they start off with this thing only.

    • Alot is in the pipeline.
      This is just the soft launch phase.

      We’re virtual service aggregators.
      Soon you’d be able to purchase bus & cinema tickets through Oneload too.

  • Everyone should be allowed to use his salary full/half through his mobile paisa without any charges/tax like a visa/master card. Move towards cash free culture.

  • I just tried the 1Load app and through web after reading it on ProPakistani. This is a revolutionary idea just as one window operation for all mobile load and as well as generating cards number of different denomination. There are some flaws in app that I have reported to 1Load support. Its secure and very easy to use will complete transaction history with clear reference numbers just as typical bank statement.

      • 1. When generation e-voucher, an SMS is not sent to the recipient.

        2. When transfer 1Load balance to other (new) user an SMS not sent to the destination number to offer him Sign up for 1Load account.

        3. Mobile app doesn’t list all the companies in bill payment.

    • I
      also tried to call many time but no response. This service seems quite interested, I am also curious to know their
      retailer commission structure.

      But “Oneloadpk”team is quite reluctant to answer regarding retailer
      commission structure. Miss “Sundus Amjad”have
      who have replied many people on this group but where retailer account questions
      are concerned, she avoided simply by asking to send email on “Oneloadopk

      Today I got reply from support. They also ignored my query regarding retailer
      commission and again asking me to contact them by phone :) even there is no
      response by calling them

      It seems to me there is something fishy. I will just say Beware people: only
      start using this service with small balance.

      • Hello Faisal.
        We ensure you there is nothing fishy with our service.
        We apologize for the delay in getting back.
        We encourage retailers to get in touch with us on call because we have a specialized team in place, who walks them through the process and the commission structure.
        We have a very personalized approach to locking retailers.

        The service has been live for awhile.
        We’re Nadra’s super agent & partners with major banks & telecoms.
        We’ve successfully crossed over a 100,000 transactions in the past couple of months, so you have nothing to worry about :)

        • Again, you did not mention the commission structure and still insisting on calling even though, there is no one to respond. .
          On the other hand, you guys are apologizing that your system is choked but you are persistent to keep asking for the call.
          I understand your personalized strategy to locking down retailers but If you can’t handle the influx of calls then it can be named bad customer support.

          All you need to do is, simply provide the link to your commission structure to make your potential customer life easy. It will also expedite your process to locking down retailers.

          • Faisal –
            Please share your contact details.
            I will have somebody from my sales team get in touch with you.

            We’re still in our beta.
            We apologize for any inconvenience.
            Your feedback is indeed valuable to us.
            For the same reason, we request you to share your details so that you can be contacted and facilitated.

  • The oneload is not a new failure scheme to attract recharge market in Pakistan.
    previously Wahidweconnect 1st and Reload 2nd came into market and shaked well, the confidence of mobile companies for provisioning of Unified recharge, in presence of their partner Franchises in all over Pakistan.
    The idea is very bright and very lucrative but the IT and CS behind these companies are under educate and under powered for delivering this idea and above all the people behind these companies are investros not businessman.
    please also correct one load company name is EP System not System limited……

  • i really appreciated to’ madam Sundus Amjad ‘ he is very talented & effective communicator lady in this organization who deal on best why to evry one on this blog,

    stay blassed you ever

    mazhar iqbal from dadu sindh

  • how does this works with facebook ad. kindly tell. i am confused. i do pay with bank debit card for facebook ads. i want to pay via oneload

  • Just as a newbie in Pakistan – Can anyone tell me how is this different from Easypay or Jazzcash where you can also use for universal topup to a consumer? How does benefit differ in retailers’ perspective?

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