Google Introduces Voice Guided Turn-by-Turn Navigation for Pakistan

After real time traffic updates Google has now rolled out proper turn-by-turn navigation feature for users in Pakistan. Currently in beta, Google Navigation is offered through Google Maps and anyone with an Android phone and the latest version of the Google Maps application should be able to use it.

Not to mention, previously the turn-by-turn navigation — that was available for users in Pakistan — was rather manual and didn’t offer automatic voice-guided navigation.

But with new proper navigation introduced for Pakistan, users will be offered automatic guidance based on their real-time location and turn by turn details through voice commands.

When in navigation mode, your phone screen will remain lit all the way with voice guidance for any alerts or turns ahead. Voice guidance will also alert you of any real-time events, such as traffic jams or in case you take a wrong turn.

Now we know that what those phone holders are really used for.

Google Maps introduce Turn-by-Turn navigation in Pakistan

The updated feature that has been rolled out is similar to what Google offers in countries like United Stated or United Kingdom. It introduces the following functionality:

  • Dedicated navigation mode
  • Offline navigation (will require you to download specific area offline first)
  • Real-time location update and route determination
  • Search your route for restaurants, petrol stations and etc.
  • Voice guidance system

How-to activate the new navigation mode?

As mentioned above, Google’s improved Maps Navigation is offered for latest version of Google Maps on Android. Simply accept “Google Map Navigation” terms and you are in.

Google Maps introduce Turn-by-Turn navigation in Pakistan

Google Maps introduce Turn-by-Turn navigation in Pakistan

There are no special requirements for opting in to the new Google Maps navigation mode. Just follow the following:

  1. Search Google Maps for the location you’d like to go to.
  2. Tap the car button (on the bottom right) to see the route.
  3. Finally, tap the navigation button (on the bottom right) to start the navigation mode.

For the first time, you’ll see a prompt telling you that the Google Maps Navigation is currently in beta and that you should be careful when driving. After that, your phone will enter into the navigation mode as expected.

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  • Muhammad Faheem


  • Hámźä Ñöör

    Still no Google Maps for iPhone in Pakistan ! :/
    Which way are we going ! :/

    • usama

      I think it may be due to Google vs Apple enemity both companies do leg pulling of each other

    • umar

      Its available in US Appstore. Download from it

      • Taqi

        In order to change to US store now you need to have US credit card. Previously one could change to US store easily but now it asks for US credit card

        • umar

          No You just need to write the correct US address and zipcode. and it’ll show an option as “NONE” where you dont need a credit card

          • khubaib iftikhar

            “None” option is disabled now .

        • Aamir Butt

          change ur appp store to canada u wont have to enter any credit card info. i am using it

    • Hámźä Ñöör

      Why change to US store ? When we are in Pakistan !
      This isn`t something which is privileged for US People only !
      It`s just lack of interest in our region by Google
      nothing more !

    • Saqib

      Sell your iphone, buy a few android phones with the money you got, keep one of the phones and donate others as charity, you will get Sawab alongwith google maps navigation :P

      • SSyar

        bohat aala :D

      • Hámźä Ñöör

        oh yeah ofcourse Saqib and Suffer with “Unfortunately App has stopeed working ” and Viruses ! Just a few things i hate about android !

        • Lazy Sapper

          In what century are you living? That is a history now with latest Android OS and updated apps.

        • Muhammad Abrar Naeem

          These days IOS has more app crashed as compare to Android. I own both Ipad Air 2 ( latest IOS version ) and Android phone with 5.0.1 on it. I am telling you based on my own experience.

      • Hasan

        tight :) and agreed ……..

      • Dr Tauseef Omer

        ahahahahahhahahahahahah ALAA

      • Muhammad Yasir

        good ONE !

        you might have broken the record for MOST DISQUS Upvotes on propk :D !

      • Sheikh

        bhot bariya

  • Mainichi

    Freaking finally!

  • Riz

    Voice guidance in Urdu or English???

    • aamir7


      • Zaman

        Sygic Pakistan offers Urdu guidance

    • DIS

      baen janib lucky kiryana store, daeen pan shop!

    • Muhammad Ibrahim

      Even every Stupid/paindu person know what is left and right

      • Khurram ShahzAd

        Not very good words to use for people, Mr Wise.

      • Hasan

        naa bhai …. if you visit different cities, literally you have many problems. I searched my destination through map and got there with ease. Finally, the weather was cloudy and gps was not working and believe, I lost almost an hour searching the right destination (I was on foot)

    • wan

      Sindhi ;)

  • It’s not introduced recently but a weeks ago, I used it before a week.

  • Muhammad Ashraf

    this way my long time demand since 2011, i wrote even emails and wrote on google maps forums but no body responded gladly finally google has done this.

    • Dr Tauseef Omer


  • Now I feel bad for getting a Sygic license for 3k Rs.

    • Mohsan Hassan

      i was planning to purchase Sygic license. but offline feature of Sygic is plus point.

      • Dr Tauseef Omer

        offline is also avaialble in google maps… save as many offline areas as you may wish ;-) I was also planning to purchase it from 2 months and now , finally, for free :p

        • Muhammad Yasir

          u waited TWO MONTHS ?! :D

    • Muhammad Yasir


  • Muhammad Ibrahim

    already Know that its been out there since last 1 to 2 weeks already.

  • Khurram ShahzAd

    I guess Google have realized the potential of Pakistani users, they are now supporting Pakistan in many things, including “Localized Version of Youtube”, than real-time traffic updates and now this turn by turn voice guided navigation.

  • M. Ilyas

    it works with 80% accuracy in Karachi… i was using it this Sunday. once journey started on map, turn off the screen to safe your battery. it will continue alerting by voice.

  • Mainichi

    Mostly a good experience but Rerouting takes wayyy too long.

  • Sarfraz

    Great, waited for this for so long.

  • Yasir Ghouri

    great . first live traffic then now voice navigation

  • George Tent

    …and amazing how fast and how happily we are submitting to a world where not only our inter-personal communication (through whatsapp, facebook etc.) is being tracked, now our real-time movement will also be tracked by a handful of entities – all based out of a single country notorious for spying on individuals and governments alike…

    • While I don’t disagree with your point, do you have something to hide?

    • Asim Shahzad

      This is only an issue with people who have something to hide.

  • Mohsan Hassan

    Thank you RaheelShareef :)

  • A’cim Iqbal

    At last Our Endeavors are full filled…

  • Syed Jahanzaib

    Re-routing is done more fast and accurate in GMAPS. Sygic annoys you in re-routing :)
    Amazing Google Maps. Best and most updated maps with 100% accuracy. I download Karachi offline map and used it for navigation and it works amazingly perfect.

  • AA

    Typo: “Now we know that what those phone holders are really used for.” –> “Now we know what those phone holders are really used for.”

  • Asim Shahzad

    I’ve had this feature for at least 2 months :/ Voice guided navigation (works offline too in cached areas)