Top 5 Healthcare and Medical Apps for Pakistani Patients

When it comes to robust app development, we are still far from getting it right in comparison with medical apps like Medscape or the likes. However, the good thing is, Pakistani app developers aren’t lost in oblivion and are making every effort to come to the tech forefront, by developing systems for the future. The medical industry of Pakistan has been pushing to integrate technology and provide advance healthcare for quite some time. Thanks to a few innovative entrepreneurs, the Pakistani audience can now finally use medical apps that promise to support people in managing their health.

Here’s a quick roundup of the top five medical apps making waves in Pakistan’s healthcare sector.

A relatively new startup, having launched the app in January 2016, MyTabeeb has already got 1,000 installs and counting.  The idea behind the app is simple – get immediate health care and access to available doctors anywhere in Pakistan.

For now, the app has 3,000 doctors and 60 hospitals from Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Peshawar listed. The availability of Mytabeeb has made it easier for people to get access to quality healthcare anytime, anywhere, without having to rely on anyone to refer to a good doctor – especially when there is an emergency and you really have no time to wait for a reference.

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The app has a simple interface and is divided into several categories; it’s easy to use and displays the list of available doctors with an image, address and practicing specialty. You can also filter the result with doctor name, hospital name and area wise. In the near future, it is the database management that will decide the efficiency of this app as they attempt to bring in more doctors and hospitals nationwide.

Download the app for Android devices here.

An intuitive app, does what it says – you can find available doctors and book for an appointment instantly via the app. You can also read patient reviews of the doctor to help you make the right choice. Not only is this app beneficial for the people but also for doctors as well who want to expand their outreach and build their reputation.

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Though the purpose of the app is defined, the UI itself is too abrupt and lacks the categorization that Mytabeeb offers.  Perhaps the app may be updated with additional features and functionality when the project is out of beta phase.

Yoo can download the app for Android here. 

Ring MD

A Singapore-based company, RingMD has gained extensive popularity  the world over, and in the process of expanding its services, the company has decided to launch its online consultation services in Pakistan, China, India, Hong Kong, Philippines and Thailand, with further plans of capturing the US market as well.

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Aesthetically appealing, the app offers live video or audio calls with the doctor and even lets you send direct, private messages to the doctor. Relatively easy to use, the idea is to find the best doctor and have an online consultation after paying the mentioned doctor’s fee.

Download the app here.

Pharmapedia Pakistan

Not very popular, the app is still good enough as a basic Wiki for medical drugs available in Pakistan. Pharmapedia Pakistan aims to give users pricing, dosage, indications, side-effects, contraindication information on general drugs and medicine brands available here. For people who want instant information about a generic drug and its pricing in PKR, this is a good enough app to use. 2016-03-11 06-42-04 2016-03-11 06-41-23
Styled much like Wikipedia, the app gives detailed information about a drug in the same order as available in drug prescriptions.  The problem with this however, is that many people may not be able to read or understand all the scientific terminologies that are in prescriptions. It would have been better had there been an effort in rephrasing the information for an average person to read and understand.  The good stuff is that the app has an extensive drug database and you are given available alternatives to each medicine mentioned. Along with that, you can also see the recommended dosage level. Download here. 


Trequant is a healthcare watch that helps patients suffering from tremors to monitor and manage their condition. In the form of a good-looking wristwatch, Trequant can be synced with Smartphones and laptops via Bluetooth.

There is a dedicated application that tracks and analyzes the tremor patterns. Once detected, the data is saved on cloud and ready to be shared with doctors and family members. For more on the service, check out our previous coverage here.


Trequant does not have a Mobile app and instead connects the user to the web dashboard where analytics and other information about the user’s tremors are recorded for analytical purposes. With this information, you can better manage your condition while being able to show your doctor tremor patterns over a certain time period.

There you go folks! These were some of the most notable medical and healthcare apps out there for Pakistani users. Do you know any other medical app that should be covered? Let us know in the comments below.

  • I’m a medical student. The moment I saw the title of this post, I started thinking they must include “Pharmapedia Pakistan” in it. And, yes, it is there.

    Indeed, this application helped me a lot of times when I was unable to properly read the Trade name of a drug because of my doctor’s poor handwriting.

  • “Perhaps the app may be updated with additional features” ..The writer has clearly not done his research properly for FindMyDoctor. The version he has mentioned in this article is the old one. Additional features have been added.

    For example: One can easily find the required blood type by just clicking on “Blood Bank” in the app.
    Other than reminding me of my medication (cool new feature which reminds you to take your meds) it provides me health tips, a reminder of my appointment with my doctor, and I’ve also received discounts via this app.

    FindMyDoctor is a great app. It’s hassle free, convenient, and fast.

  • so glade to hear that but on the mean time of world of smartphone i just don,t have any m=smartphone right now,,,,i would say gud efforts but there is mmuch more ahead to go,,,,covering entire europe market,,thumbs up and many many congrtulations for these andriod app developers ………..infinte stars for pakistanis,,,,,,,,,,,,,long live pakistan,,,,,,

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    I searched all Multan city Big Medical stores but not got the Tabs.
    I request to all plz if anyone has Tabs plz contact me.

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