Code for Pakistan Brings Islamabad Civic Hackathon 2016

Islamabad’s second civic hack day is coming up. The event is aimed towards the “civic-minded” citizens of Islamabad who want to improve their city. The Code for Pakistan-sponsored hackathon takes place in Islamabad, but people from Rawalpindi are also welcome to take part in the event.

Anyone with coding or programming skills, any experience in development, designing, mapping, data analysis or research is welcome to come up with innovative solutions to their city’s problems and transform it for the better.

This is the second Islamabad Civic Hackathon event. The hackathon takes place annually ever since its inception last year. Such events are a common occurrence in many cities around the world. A similar event also took place in Karachi on International Open Data Day.

The event is expected to bring many programmers, designers, analysts, community organisers and government information to upgrade local services with the help of web, mobile and SMS applications developed by the city’s best minds. The hackathon will target the fields of education, health, sustainable development, justice, energy, environment, problems submitted by the government or any city specific problems.

Details of the Event

Islamabad Hackathon will take place on the 23rd and 24th of April 2016.

Click here to apply for a place in the list of participants. Registration is free and the last date to apply is 1st April 2016.

There are no specific requirements to take part in the event and anybody can apply. However, only accepted applicants will be able to participate. Participants will have to go through a proper submission procedure to submit their solutions to any problems.

Problem statements will be shared with all the participants on the 18th of April but they will have the option of working on any idea having a civic aspect to it. After the 2-day event, three winners will be announced and will be awarded prizes. The prizes, judge panel, and the judging criteria will be announced later.

More information regarding the event will be available at the event’s homepage and its Facebook page.

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