How Did Such Utterly Shameless Pakistani Apps Top Google Play Store Lists?

Google rolled out an app approval process last year which was designed to improve the quality of apps on the App Store and rate each app in the appropriate age bracket. However, it seems all checks and balances have failed when it comes to Pakistani apps on the Google Play Store.

Where are Google’s App Submission, Review and Oversight Rules?

A brief perusal of the top free and top new apps in Pakistan reveals some absolutely disgusting and obscene apps that have had hundreds of thousands of installs. We ask: where the hell is oversight of what gets into the App Store?

While speaking with app developers, we came to know that this is a very well known issue when it comes to the Android App Store. One developer told us, ‘You can literally get anything up on the App Store as long as it’s an APK and it installs properly.’

To be really honest, most of the apps are to obscene to even be shown as a screenshot here. You can visit the new section on the Play Store yourself if you want to be horrified at the fact that even kids could see those apps.

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There are dozens of obscene apps in the Top New and Top Free sections of the Google Play Store

If Google really wants to connect the next billion, maybe it should start focusing on what they’re connecting them with as well. The company has previously said that a team of human reviewers would go hands-on with each app before it goes live on the Play Store. Is that just for the western markets or is Pakistan in the plan as well? And if it is, maybe they should fire the reviewers en mass and get new ones that can do their job well.

This also highlights the rampant abuse of the Star System to rate apps. No one in their right minds would ever give these apps a 5 star rating, let alone waste time and actually bother to rate them. Most reviews on these ad laced bogus apps are clearly paid, with 5 stars along with an unintelligible one liner comment.

Failing the Youth

It bears mentioning that the latest additions to Pakistan’s internet population, which recently hit 27 million on just mobile, are the most vulnerable to such obnoxious apps and their content.

The government has been on a porn blocking spree which shows that they want objectionable material to be censored for the newly initiated. It’s high time they carry over this policy to apps and take Google to task over such apps making it to the App Store, which is the default gateway for any Android user.

If Google has turned a blind eye to such apps, then at least PTA should come ahead and save the youth from this obscenity 

There have been efforts to make Google take action against such apps but they have fallen on deaf ears. It falls upon the relevant authorities like PTA to make a government level complaint or demand an explanation, which might provide better results.

At the same time, we’d also like to appeal to the people making these apps to have some shame. If you’ve put in the effort to actually learn Java, surely there’s a more productive way you can spend your time, no?

For our readers, till the issue is resolved, safe browsing.

Thanks to Abdul Basit Suhail for the tip!

  • I feel really disgusted after browsing through the Google App store a while back. Apparently no review system is in place. Real shame.

  • To the respected writer of this article
    “tujhe promotion karne k kitnay paisay miley hain? “

    • Sir Could You Please Guide How To Change The Google Play Store Location From Pakistan Into US?

  • Yes Pakistan play store has some really disgusting apps on top specially the Books and magazine section. People are willing to do anything for some cash

  • The more imported thing is now days even less then 5 year old kids using smartphones who is responsible to take actions against this type of apps shamefull

  • Oh please don’t bring PTA into this. They will just blanket ban the whole Playstore.

  • It is a shame but kids are not supposed to access it. Play store requires and email id which is not for kids.

  • What about youtube videos on Home Page and Trending section? pathetic behavior may be that’s what Pakistani’s want as Google is Search company they know what to sell and how to generate profit…

    • The videos on the home page of youtube are suggested based on your video history.

      • Nah man. The “Popular in Pakistan” is very disgusting and you can see that even in incognito mode so its not your viewing history or cookies that are causing this.

    • 1000% agreed. Tired of removing such videos after every week … And never tried to open such material on YouTube but Recommended section shows such garbage. And same is playstore.. ;/

  • Pity to see the level this blog site has fallen at, just cheap tactics to increase site traffic. Disgusting.

      • so there are disgusting aaps on store so i SHOULD write an article on freaking world wide web and publicize it to whole world rather then going to the source of the problem. BTW there are solutions there to such problems if you look. but apparently the writer wanted to gain some popularity rather then actual solutions….i got the perfect phrase here “the pot calling the kettle black”

      • Aamir you definitely need to read the article again. While the article covers a good topic, the suggestions and the lack of knowledge shown as to why these apps are their or on top is just plain stupid. You will never write such an article, time to lay down some rules for your writers.

    • I too was disgusted when I looked at the Pakistani top apps. It’s great that Amir is highlighting this issue. These human reviews probably don’t know what the urdu writing means or either the approval is automatic.

    • It is not about android, it is about Google, a cheap OS can never grab more than 80% of the market.

      • First of all currently Khotaroid market share is 59.65% (google it) and its all because of its cheapness, you will find this cheap OS in every ABCD Phone manufacturing company. i put all my life to study this OS and its user experience and i came to ONE conclusion and that is, this OS is not more than a sh*t. old java coding, the layers it contain, no security at all, no apps quality, no rules for app submission. i can count 100,000 negative things of this stupid OS what you call it Android and i call it Khotaroid. 100% fail OS for touch phones.

          • if someone is defending the fail thing it means he does’t have any other option. NO option for other OS and that’s why people like you try to defend what you use. fail people defend fail things ;)

        • Well…dude I guess you just wasted your life because none of the things you say are true, specially about security. HAHAHA

          • Lol you talking about security? really ? when you install apps from unkown source in android you know what happen? better search the net about android security vs iOS security. Nothing is good in android. its just crap of java sh*t even windows phone 10 OS is better than this laggy android. buy Note 5 or Galaxy S7, they will start shuttering and lagging after time to time. no matters how big ram you put or how high processor you use, android will still lag and shutter like crippled horse and IT WILL NEVER BE SMOOTH AS iOS.

            • Well, you answered it yourself on security. Don’t install apps from unknown sources :) anyway good for you mate, it all depends on how you use the phone, to me iPhones seem like feature phones with the ability to run apps, nothing “smartphonish” really.

              • Somehow i am agree with you but what a person want in his TOUCH PHONE ? answer is A TOUCH Basically a smooth Touch, which flows like a water and smooth as butter and trust me bro if you put 100TB of Ram and all the supercomputers of world to run android smooth IT WILL NEVER BE SMOOTH AS iOS. one thing more if someone knows properly how to use an iPhone than its not a feature phone anymore :)

          • Maybe you are living under the Rock, there are much better OS’s than android. For example, iOS, Tizen, Windows Mobile 10, blackberry 10, sailfish os, Firefox os, Ubuntu touch os etc, So I don’t need to built my own OS, currently I am working for iOS and Windows Phone 10.

            Think beyond the sh*t of Android I am sure you will see a better world.
            Peace out!

            • Dear… you are living Over the rock or what.. I DO KNOW about these OS and stay in touch but the fact remains the fact nevertheless you admit it or NOT… Android has changed the world by enabling smartphones for every one… android destroyed nokia and blackberry and app industry flourished.. e commerce boosted.. people got real benefits of mobile broadband and what not… well talking about Mistakes of Others is damm easy but making and Correction is not… So stay in love of OS’s other than Android and let the rest to live their life…

              • Dear, I am not denying the fact about what android did. I really appreciate that but here I am talking very logical, talking about the quality android provide us. How it’s touch interface work, how it respond via different cpu’s and how it feels when you compare it to other OS’s, May be you don’t know but let me tell you the fact that android is not written for Touch Phones, in 2007 android was unveiled to compete blackberry in qwerty smartphone, later when they saw iPhone, Android turn to touch OS with few modifications and still android core developers are not happy from Android performance overall, if Google wants to make android smooth like iOS they have to rewritten their android from scratch but unfortunately the current Google play store will become useless and every developer has write their app from scratch to support new performing OS.
                On the matter of fact Google will never re-write their OS.
                They are afraid to lose market share after this move and all of above, As far as they are earning they really don’t care about anything.
                I don’t know why It’s really hard to educate people now days.
                Android is bad written crippled OS. Even if you put 1000TB of Ram and all CPU’s of world to run android as smooth iOS, Tizen, Windows phone, Ubuntu, etc it will never run smooth, shatters and lag and slow performance is its core virus in code. Badly written for Touch Phones. Search the Google or take the android development classes. You will know everything.


                • I wouldn’t have bothered responding but couldn’t restrain my self from writing the following to all the gibberish that you have posted!

                  Firstly, Google DID NOT create Android. it was initially designed by Android inc which was bought by google in the mid 2000s and is based on a Linux kernel, which BTW is used by the Tizen and is the core element for Ubunto, even the Sailfish OS.

                  Secondly, Unlike windows or IOS (which uses swift) the Android initiative was to be the first in line for the Open Standards in mobile meaning that it would remain “FREE FOR ALL” in both terms or adoption and usage, hence the very reason the over 98% of all current development is being done in it and its now a very established PC based OS as well … ie 2015 saw the most sales of chromebooks from different manufactures as it is a suitable alternative to windows for most basic applications and is FREE!

                  Now the 3rd, Free Ram is Useless Ram. Android utilizes this principle and manages the phones/PC resources accordingly as its memory management is primary designed for restrict power consumption.. and if the resources available are reaching a set benchmark (over 80%) then the OS would automatically start shutting down all the inactive programs which are there for the longest time!

                  I have developed multiple applications for all 3 platforms IOS/Swift , WIndows and Android. and all 3 have their own sets of pros and cons. but with NO LICENCING fee and NO REQUIREMENT of ANY PROPRIETY SOFTWARE, Android will and is the OS of choice where all eventually turn to. hence its adoption as the OS of choice for blackberry (who have left out their original OS for it) Samsung (who are the main custodians of the Tizen OS) and even designers for the IOT (internet of things) initiative will use android.

                  I don’t know what and where you raised or educated, but at least be considerate to the other person prior using phrase “I don’t know why It’s really hard to educate people now days. ” really tells me a lot about you without even knowing you.

                  • i better know what android is and its history since 2000, even i develop apps for android but if something is FREE it does’t make it superior to others. i will make it simple by referring Andrew Munn
                    A Google engineer kicked off a discussion about why Android is laggy: a sore point in the hearts of Android fans like you, he made it simple to gave what seemed like a pretty legitimate explanation to non-developers. It spurred a huge discussion not only on the Internet.
                    in a nutshell, the former Google engineer Andrew Munn said that UI rendering is happening as a main thread in Android while in iOS it’s in a dedicated thread given a real-time priority and that is why many find Android laggy. Moreover, Munn suggested that that’s an inherent flaw of the way Android is built. That’s why Android was to remain somewhat laggy despite quad core and octa-core chips roaring under the hood, and actually whatever hardware is thrown in an Android device it will never be smooth as iOS,

                    Now i would like to invite you to build me the Modified ROM or complete OS of android for my NOTE 5 which must run as smooth as iOS and i will reward you 500,000/-

                    Useless debating can be very easy at any forum but you can’t hide the truth of android.

                    • Your note 5 would never see the light of day regarding anything any customized roms is due to Samsung locking the bootloader and only issuing limited source for it’s Snapdragon variants because of EU’s requirement for it in addition they do not released anything for it’s exynos ones AND Knox which is like limiting a supercar to only go 50 km/h.. It’s has nothing to do with Android as an OS. this is the reason that no development comes for it and also why majority of powerusers avoid buying Samsung like the plague. More over it can be read here
                      Secondly.. I would stress over it’s being free because not everyone can pay 18 to 25 thousand pkr for their OS alone, Remix OS supports x86 pc architecture and can be a good alternative for students and freelance developers much like myself without the fear of costs..
                      Last word.. Android in it’s stock is as flowing if not better than IOS… samsung bloats it’s customized Touchwiz ui to the point of insanity.. Use a nexus one phone like the one by Qmobile or infinix to understand why stock beats bloat everytime.. I wouldn’t even mention the p6 as it’s a beast it’s self.

                    • I hate how people lie just to prove themselves correct and be happy about their favourite OEM’s fantasies.
                      Andrew Munn was a Google Intern, not a full time Google engineer. The biggest misleading statement you made was to quote him in 2016. He gave that statement in 2011 (That’s even before ICS was released by any android OEM). You are quoting someone from half a decade ago, this tells how much you know about Android or any other mobile OS.
                      Secondly, he was proven wrong by all senior developer from around the world. They called his statement “utterly crap”. Since then Android has gone through projects to make it smooth, improved in Kitkat and almost rebuilt in Lollipop. Talk about misleading and lying.

                • Nice to see people having logical arguments. The same thing can be said for Windows in PC which is most popular but linux/ UNIX are faaar better in performance because of C++ in their code … Windows has lots of bugs as compared to osx and Linux/UNIX based OS. But we have to live with ground realities….let’s hope for good …

                  • The guy you said is making logical statements is actually stating misleading statements and lying. Read my above reply to him and you’ll get to know “his truth”

                • By the way I M new to IT classes and glad to see ur logical arguments…added into my knowledge

        • Why you put your life to study this poor OS?
          Was it your school assignment? or your personal choice?

          • because i was very curious about android that why it lag behind iOS why it does’t perform its hardware to its limits even Sundar Pichai is very well known to this issue. sadly no one can earth on fix this OS.

            • Why not fix it when you put your life to get the inside of this?
              Do you mind posting a link to press release where Sundar Pichai said that?

  • Alhamdulilah this article is covered. I was waiting since the begging of time for this issue to be highlighted. Being an app developer I am really frustrated that such low quality obscene apps made into the store. If Google doesn’t care for adult content at least they should review quality. Damn it my apps still on 100 downloads and these promote their like silk.

  • It is becoz of ignorance? I think Top apps depend on the number of downloads of those apps in a specific area. And Most of ignorant, illiterate, sick minded people download these apps and hence these apps appear in top list. I don’t know how to stop these apps from appearing in my app store. I think there is a filter in appstore that can filter these adult based apps. Mastoraat also use android phones. Google should apply some restriction for these apps. These apps should not appear in app store.

  • Agr google walon ko sharm ni ati tu at least kuch sharm hamre awam aur Pakistani Government ko he kr lene chaye!! just disgusting

  • why don’t you turn on the parental controls and rate to 12 or minimum age so that you have not to be bothered again by these obscene apps? try it, It works

  • First of all hats of to covering this article this issue needed highlight. I see a lot of critisim in comments and in article as well and people are like ban google, this article is promoting these apps blah blah!
    I want to ask you guys what have you done except critisim? You know you can flag an app inappropriate in playstore how many have you done that?
    Everything needs time to mature Google has evolved alot it seems like some of OUR developers found loop hole in their system. OP is right that government level complaint is more effective but you know they start baning whole platform instead of doing there sh*t so better try doing yourself first.

  • Google has gone full retard. Their YouTube is now full of Shi***t. Whenever I open it to watch some documentaries and good stuff it start showing me fake nude thumbnails pointing to popular “funny videos”.

  • Poori ki Poori Qom Halat e Tharak me ha, Ulma Insano ko BAN karne ki Gunjaish Peda karen.

  • As 3g erupted last year, more and more un-educated people has access to store and downloads and you know what they want. I don’t think so professional and gentleman will download such 3rd class apps.

  • LOL @ Tipper ki masoomiyat & complete disregard of the know about of our SOCIETY by the WRITER puts me in uncontrolled laughing fits… hahahaaha

  • So, it’s ‘Uzu-e-Khass’ what causes Play Store to crash! ***Mystery Solved***

  • I also feel angry on these bullshit apps which ar in Playstore and even

    Add which comes on apps are shamefull


  • Most of the apps are like ebooks covering specfic/cheap topics, not breaking any Google play store rules.

    The apps are at the top because, we Pakistani like them and download them in mass. So Google thinks that is what we want, hence they land in the top spots.

    And no, kids cant see them if the parent enables parental controls. If the parent does not then its bad parenting on thier part.

    And yeah we should definitely have PTA look into this… Are you kidding me? You want to give more control of the internet to the Govt? It’s laughable to think that this is a tech blog, no techie in his right mind will defend internet censorship and be OK with give an Institute like the Govt control over what can be shared.

    As much as I hate seeing stupid apps show up as the top apps, I’d take them over govt censorship. Google could do something about it, by updating their app policies to not allow ebook type apps on the app store, as its kind of stupid.

  • I didn’t find these apps disgusting. They’re friggin funny, I haven’t lol’ed this hard for quite some time. But yeah I can see how they’d be a problem if your main source of apps is google play store.

  • The educated class has hardly have any time to even visit playstore for new apps. Mostly installed apps get updated automatically and the new apps are being downloaded purposely by name search. Not having a glance over popular apps. Now, one can get the indubitable idea about the creators and viewers of such apps. I too am really shocked where our people are going, and believe it or not, we all are connected, and somewhat somehow somewhere this worst thinking is going to affect us obnoxiously. I am talking about the ones who are involved, either by creating such apps or by viewing, promoting, spreading, spoiling, rating e.t.c. This never involve the author as he has done his job well. The way this article is written clearly pleads the authorities and individuals to play their part assist censor of such filthy and obscene content harmful for our innocent kids and young enthusiastic minds.

  • I also noticed it yesterday and reported some apps to Google too. The most shocking thing is that the minimum age specified by these app developers is 3+ years.

  • Lazy sapper ………. after read every article i always find your comment………….. : ) your honest comment

  • Ohhh, they are not even Pakistani , they are downloaded much in Pakistan, they are from an uploaded called ajayapps, clearly from india. Plus they are on rise only due to good number of downloads from Pakistan, which is unfortunate.

    • Bhai unki target market hi Pakistan hogi, thats why the apps are in Urdu. Warna India main tu hindhi and unki baki local languages ziyada hain.

  • i absolutely agree with you …… all these comments are rubbish…..

    There is a lot of material in islam regarding foreplay and satisfaction ……

  • May be u laugh, but I know through some sources that most of these apps come from Indian developers. Maybe its time to think that Indians have integrated and penetrated much in da society and we don’t even realize. Just putting all blames on ourselves. Its not conspiracy theory. If u know some1 making apps like this, then try to handle the matter using personal/legal ways. All are Duty bound to save us n coming generations

  • لڑکیوں کی سیل پیک توڑنے کا سہی تریکا وہ بھی ویڈیو کے ساتھ ہاہاہاہاہاہاہاہاہاہاہاہاہاہاہاہاہاہاہاہا

    کون لوگ او تسی

  • i am agree with your freelancer thing, no one wants to spend 10k to 20k on just alone OS. Here i am not arguing what is free or not, i am pointing out the one major flaw in android which can not be fix forever. btw Knox can’t hold me to change the stock ROM of android on my NOTE 5. even if i do this or buy latest nexus running stock marshmallow it would not be fluid like iOS and windows Phone. i would recommend you to use iPhone 6S for a month and then use Lumia 550 for 2nd month and then use any android on 3rd month. you will feel the difference.

    • Again refer to my post earlier, my experience in with all 3 platforms not only is their usage but development as well. I own a nexus 4 and 5, Asus Zenfone 2, ipad mini,iphone 5 (which could be restarted by simply sending it a text message.. What a joke) and a Lumia 950. As far as the windows phones go… Nokia went out of business because of its limiting developers over it’s customized app structure and absolutely absurd Low number of apps to offer ….that’s all you need to know why Nokia went from having a monopoly over the market to being dead today… Windows 10 mobile won’t even be offered to the majority of the phones in the market today… What a sham… And that’s all because of leaving developers out of the loop which covers an Android strong point… And as far as IOS is concerned… No thank you.. They are 3 years behind the innovation brought forward by android… They enabled an alternative keyboard after 6 years.. That’s not innovation that’s not even funny.. The only thing which saves IOS is because people are willing to spend an insane amount of money for a brand… And when I was buying an iPhone I knew that my Nexus 4 could out perform it.. And as far as your Samsung goes.. Good luck having actual custom roms which are not extracted from Samsung provided source but an AOKP project like sony project… Use it then talk..

  • Youtube Pakistan also shows shameless suggestions even on fresh devices. Mostly bollywood.

    Because their automatic system believes what Pakistanis use youtube for.

    Where are those people who were complaining that youtube is for study and religious purposes? During ban.

  • another proof that some people can descend to any level to make money, its a shame for our society. Google seems to be very careless about app approval policies.

  • go to google forms and report it and report bunch of such apps.
    i did it, you do it.

  • Es pr pabandi lagni chahy or Taliban ki app pr paband i lga di????

  • i dont see anything obscene or anything like this,can anyone provide me with working link and stuff .. the link provided in the article has nothing obscene or mind corrupting .. if you guys think this is obscene and stuff.. grow up please and maybe die..

  • Apple App store is far better in Apps submission review. Literally shame on these people

  • jahil pakistani mentality everything should be banned in pakistan coz we do not deserve it

  • close