Sony’s ForwardWorks To Create Smartphone Games for the PlayStation Generation

This is not the first time that Sony has tried entering the mobile market.

Frequent gamers would remember the failed PlayStation that attempted to create games which could be played both on the company’s PS Vita handheld and Android devices. Unfortunately though, that dream for cross-platform game development could not be materialized.

What could be the reason? Nothing was officially declared and industry experts simply assumed that the games published could not gain traction as Android gaming is not very popular and playing a PS Vita game on an Android phone –well, doesn’t really cut it.

So fast forward a year and today Sony has once again announced their plunge into the smartphone game market; with a new company called, ‘Forward Works,’ formally dedicated to creating mobile games.

Sony Playstation Game Characters in Your Smartphone?

Sony will be producing, ‘full-fledged game titles,’ that will be using PlayStation characters and IP to create games that would actually work on Android phones and are not mere replica versions for cross-platform profitability.  If done right, Sony’s experience in the video gaming market and their focused strategy will definitely boost the production of high quality, mobile games.

According to Sony reps, the new mobile games company would be incorporated from the 1st of April (no, they are not fooling us!) and will likely be focusing on Japan and Asia for now. Speculations by industry experts predict that Nintendo may also follow suit in the mobile market especially since it had released its first app ‘Miitomo’ last week.  Whatever the speculations, it is for sure that Sony will be releasing mobile versions of some of its best games all with an objective of garnering the smartphone market while also attracting people to their consoles.

We hope Sony can actually be on the list of top mobile game developers in the coming year and we could get some amazingly addictive games to make efficient use of our beastly phones!


  • Muhammad Yasir

    most games need to be F2P!