Snapchat Users Spend Up to 30 Minutes on the App Daily

One of the major issues developers face while building an app is regarding retaining users. Making an app addictive enough is one of the keys for sustaining growth and revenues but that likely won’t be an issue for Snapchat. According to Business Insider, Snapchat is not only a popular messaging service, it is also really good at retaining users, so much so that an average user now spends almost 30 minutes on it every day.

But that is not the only stat in Snapchat’s favour. The app also has a 100 million active daily users now, and more importantly, they are voracious content creators. According to the report, 60 percent of them create their own rather than watching others’ stories.

This will make the app highly lucrative for advertisements given its popularity among the young audience, and the declining popularity of the traditional TV networks. It is up to us to see how Snapchat will make use of its biggest resource.

The app’s specialty remains its core messaging and chatting services, each used by almost 70 percent of users. 60 percent of them also used the service to create short videos.

Snapchat is also in the market acquiring new apps to keep up with the trends, with the latest news coming regarding the company’s buyout of custom emoji maker Bitstrips, in a transaction worth $100 million. It has itself been acquiring funds from sources, which means that Snapchat could be the next big thing in culture.

  • KMQ

    Woh sab tu theek hai, magar koi mujhe bata sakta hai yeh SnapChat kis bala ka naam hai aur kis tarah use hota hai? I have tried installing it few times and uninstalled it on the same day. Kuch samajh hi nahi aata us main..