Here’s How You Can Become an Uber Partner in Pakistan

With Uber’s arrival in Pakistan, the transportation service provider competition is heating up. Careem, another international player, recently acquired Savaaree to reduce competition and hold its own against a multinational such as Uber. Its launch has also provided the locals with an opportunity to work with the company.

At the moment, Uber services are available in Lahore while expansion to other cities is in the pipeline. A lot of people from these cities are still wondering how to join Uber and become a partner, i.e. drive your car in your free time as a Uber-registered taxi. We’ll help you guide you through the procedure and inform you of any noticeable terms and conditions.

Registration Procedure

The driver application procedure is completely online. To get the process started, a driver has to register an account with Uber.

The registration process asks for your name, email, phone number and city. The online registration form is available at and Uber’s Partners website.

Uber will contact you via your email or phone number to verify the account and to get additional documents. The phone number and email can also be used by Uber to send you promotional material or offers.

After online registration, the company will ask for some verification documents like the driving license, CNIC or any other documents for a background check. After going through a double security check, the drivers will get the official Partner status. The drivers will need to go through some introductory code of conduct sessions as well.

Driving Assistance

When you are ready to drive, all you need to do is open the app and accept any of the incoming trip requests. The rest is handled by the app. Driving to pick the customer or reaching the destination is pretty easy too. While being familiar with the local routes is an advantage, Uber’s app gives turn-by-turn directions to get to the customer and their destination without any hassle. It is as simple as tapping a button.

Uber claims to provide 24/7 support whenever required. There are some additional tools within the app to help the drivers make more profit.

Payments and Ratings

Drivers don’t have to worry about the fares. They are automatically deposited to the driver’s account every week. The app also gives an up-to-date insight on how much money has been made on each trip. Uber deducts a small service fee for its app and other services.

Uber doesn’t say how much you will make by becoming an Uber Partner. The money depends on the consumer demand and the rating of the driver. All a driver needs to make some money is a personal car and that’s it.

At Uber, there’s no fixed schedule and drivers can set their own timetable. Being an independent contractor, it gives the drivers freedom of choice and flexibility. There’s no boss or office, and the driver’s performance is measured by his/her user ratings. So if you keep your ratings high, you won’t have to worry about anything.

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  • met with some drivers who are working in really good companies but are driving uber for part time making handful of money.

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  • is there any way to procure an ELectric Vehicle in Pakistan ?
    this could do WONDERS for a student like me , who is burdened with alot of assignment and work during univ time and is looking to make a living by doing this.

    i really need some cash and it has been hard to come by so far :/ , esp in these economic conditions filled with turmoil !

    CNG and Petrol are unaffordable on a regular basis for a student like me BUT i can charge a vehicle at different areas if they have an electric vehicle on offer :/

    i really want to avail this but i can’t drive a gasoline/cng vehicle in these times of economic turmoil

  • I don’t own a car. But i do have 2.5 lakh rupees. And i want to become a uber driver. Is it possible?

    • Why not..!! get a car leased at lowest possible markup rate (do some research work) and get yourself a new car and register with Uber or Careem. The car will earn much and will also pay it’s installments itself. If you can drive 18 Hours a day, you can earn more than 150K per month.
      If you really wish to earn more and good at driving all the day.. then take my advice and register yourself at both Careem and Uber at the same time. Turn both applications On when you’re on the road and get more chances to have yourself booked, turn off the other app and enjoy..!! Never be ride free.

      HBL offering lowest markup rates, try them;

        • You must have a valid CNIC,
          Monthly salary should atleast be double than your monthly installment (according to the plan you chose)

          Contact your nearest HBL branch about car loan, they will guide you thru. they are offering lowest markup rates these days uptill September 10th

          • Hi Saad,
            I have some confusion about uber. Should I register with my CNIC only ? Do I need the license ? Is it compulsory?
            How much time they usually take to investigate ? They are taking so much time to investigate my profile and not replying me. Can you please help me out in this regard ?

        • Interest is prohibited Haram in Islam brother
          Dear one who pays or
          accepts interest should be ready to fight with Almighty Allah
          and his Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) declare din Holy Quran.

      • Dont advice anyone to do war with Allah (S.W.T) dear one who pays or accepts or pays interest should be ready to fight with Almighty Allah and his Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) declaredin Holy Quran.

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    I am seriously interested in furthering my work venture in Dubai with my family with me.

    Please get back to me, I see you provide fruit full advice to a lot of people on the chat.

    Thank you,

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    I will await your response.

    • what theee Fu,,,,,??? Oh Pakistanio koi to jaga chorr diya karo.. ka ID bana ke ghareeb ko stock pe laga ke uski bachi khuchi kamayi bhi harapna chahti hay churrailll….. !!! :D

  • What if I give my car as well as well deserved driver to uber company and if there is no customer then what would I get?

    • I think there would be a loss. I would suggest you to register yourself as driver on Careem as well as Uber and while driving, turn on both the apps. When you get customer, turn off one of apps and after droping, you can again turn on both apps. This is to increase the availability of customers around you.

  • What if I give my car as well as well deserved driver to uber company and if there is no customer then what would I get

  • Hello there, could i use a brand new Suzuki mehran to be used in uber services.
    Please reply me asap . thanks

  • can someone guide me if i have a Luxuray car, can that be registered into uber. if so then how and what is the procedure to do so ?

    • Yes you can Ahsan Bashir. Need to access uber and go to right top where will find a tab become driver and complete the credentials

  • which is the official app for uber partners. I mean there are lot of applications available on play store. please guide.

  • Hi
    I own a car of Honda City 2005, wants to drive with Uber. How much average pay uber gives to drivers.
    2 – Please let me know as well that if a hire a driver for Uber, is it allowed to do so?

  • I have my cultus car model 2010 and I want to get enrolled with careem or uber, but I don’t want to drive , I just wanna invest my car with uber or careem and I wanted to know what pay I ll get monthly? Is it possible? please advice

  • I want to become a partner of careem or uber and which car and model i need to buy…minimum model tht can easily adjust with them


  • Is there any way to get car on Installment
    we are two freinds and our budget is 200000
    we need car for uber
    we are here in Rawalpindi
    and we are both university students

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