Tahir Shah Releases New Internet-Breaking ‘Angel’ Music Video

Tahir Shah. The man. The mystique. The one who brought Pakistanis a veritable hit with ‘Eye to Eye.’

And for a song that was loaded with an unbeatable combo of lol-worthy visuals and even tummy-ache inducing lyrics, Tahir Shah basically became the de-facto music maestro for the social media generation.

His fans (and detractors), which he has many, has had one question on their minds. Will Tahir Shah ever return with another chart-topper of an earworm?


It seems that the time of the reckoning is at hand. Behold this tweet that is another breaking-the-internet act in the making.


Yes. He is back. And he’s ready to take on the Qandeels and Amir Liaquats that have thrived in his absence.

It is the man himself.

So when is he dropping his new tune?

That, my dear fellow readers, is a question the whole Pakistani social media is abuzz with.



But suffice to say, it seems that we have not heard the last of this ‘sensational’ eye-popping Pakistani performance artiste.

Maybe Lady Gaga herself might be tuning in when Tahir Shah releases his new single.

Stay tuned folks.

Update: The video’s here!

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  • JUnaid

    mujay tou bache pa taras araha !
    Bechara bara ho kar khud ko kosay ga

    • Zohaib Zebi

      Hahaha :P
      Sahi kaha yar

  • Geekpk

    internet gonna break lol

  • Muhammad Yasir

    After this , im sure the Angels will be planning some Retribution on Humans :p !

  • Shahzad Ahmed

    Holy crap his english accent is so bad half of the time i cant tell if he is singing in english or urdu. Also why is he wearing ladies clothes. Dude if u r gay just say it, u don’t have to torture people into believing.

  • Zafar Abbas

    Thats Great Tahir Shah. Now after this release the number of angels on Facebook gona drastically down.
    Even Now You can call your GF ANGEL, when you mean it :P

  • Muhammad Musa Raza

    Creepy ???

  • Muhammed Ovais Alam

    His choice of colors for his dresses is out of this world and girlish.
    Maybe, he suffer from multiple personality disorder or split personality disorder.

  • Mainichi

    So much cringe.
    I hope he’s just trolling us.

  • Bilal Iqbal

    Tahir shah vs Panama leaks… Ha ha ha :p

  • Hasnu

    em gonna die today.. no words for you Tahir Shah.. hahahahahha..

  • Hasnu

    The wings look so real.. lol.. :P

  • Abrez

    Angels be like da fuq?!

  • GGXD

    Now Angels will try to kill him

  • ABC

    I thought it was an IT blog. Not a promoter for crappy singers.

  • ABC

    I seriously criticize this post. Please do not post such crap things. Instead you would have posted how to use some electronic software to create your own melody. What are you promoting by this post?
    I have been following this blog for long, but I felt really bad by this post. Admin come on..!

    • Simple

      +1 PP ke reputation Nawaz Sharif ke tara girte jaree hai din ba din. Shame shame. FIA should take notice of this post. Awam should get justice from PP for posting this here. I demand from FIA to give us swift justice.

  • Rizwan Yaqoob

    an advise: if u dare enough to watch this masterpiece, wear eclipse glasses to avoid any damage to your fabulous, charming and sensational eyes. Good Luck!

  • Rahima Rahemo

    Hahahahaha Totally funny

  • KMQ

    When he released Eye to Eye, I thought is se galti hogayi hai aur logo ne kafi tafreeh li hai iski ab nahi aaega wapis. But now I realize ke hum tafreeh nahi le rahe they uski woh le raha hai humari tafreeh, we all are being used…

  • zahira

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    Call me

  • Taha Najam

    Hmm, it’s honestly not that bad. I mean his voice is still as off scale as it gets, but the music was pretty good actually.

  • Farrukh Javed

    btw his face resembles with tahir shah ,iska apna bacha lag raha hy.

    • Hariis

      Hawn Iska Apna Haii. :’)

  • Imran Khan

    Is ka dimagh to khrab nahee kia??

  • Yasir Ali Raza

    buhat afsoos ha k esi bakwaas posts b ab propakistani pay aana shuru ho gai hein

    • Simple

      +1 PP ke reputation Nawaz Sharif ke tara girte jaree ha idin ba din. Shame shame.

  • Yasir Ali Raza

    Post krny waly ko meri tarf say 5 chitter