PTA is Asking Entire World to Comment on Mobilink-Warid Merger

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has invited almost everyone to comment (read “show concerns if any”) on proposed Mobilink-Warid merger.

A public notice (from PTA) published in newspapers today has asked all possible stakeholders, who might get affected due to this merger, to write to PTA for any of their concerns. Even general public can go ahead and write their comments to PTA on the merger.

PTA says that it has received the application for the merger of Mobilink-Warid. But before it grants the approval, they are asking almost every possible individual to raise any questions before PTA makes a decision.

Not to mention, PTA previously wrote letters to every possible government, semi-government body (including NAB, FIA, FBR, cabinet division, senate and NA committees) for their comments on the proposed merger.


Industry experts are of the opinion that PTA is taking extra measures just to be sure that no-one’s able to raise any objections after approvals are granted by PTA.

“Since this is first of its kind merger in Pakistan and there’s no precedent or SOP in place, it’s good to go an extra mile to be sure that everything is done rightly”, said an expert.

PTA’s approval is one of the four mandatory approvals that Mobilink and Warid will have to attain before going ahead with the merger.

CCP’s approval, that has already been granted, was considered the most crucial one.

Other than CCP and PTA, SECP and SBP will also review and approve the merger.

After these four regulatory approvals, Islamabad High Court will finally review the decisions of all bodies to give a final go ahead for the deal.

It is said that Mobilink-Warid — after getting all regulatory approvals — will start merging their operations by August 2016 at most. Previously, the two companies have stated that it could take up to six months to merge operations from the date of getting all regulatory approvals.

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  • Wel Well Well..
    After approval from CCP, such asking leads to what?
    VimpleCom already have Telenor, Mobilink and now Warid Merget with Mobilink, environment of competitor will decrease to less One FORCE (Telenor- Mobilink- Warid)= Ufone, Zong, I think PTA offers more operator to come into Telecom Sector. Merger will definitely decrease the Competition among Giant Operators.,Therefore my suggestion such merger shouldn’t be approved. Thou decision already taken, so words are useless

  • Kindly remove the word “Entire World” as PTA is only asking within the Pakistani stakeholders.

  • Entire World is used as term. Means to every one. Warid has small no of subscriber and it will put no difference on competition. Warid current license is expiring in 2019 and they have already decided to quit Pakistan and if merger donnot succeed and they regret to renew license then what will happen. Broader your thinking horizon this happen in every where google purchased you tube, whattsapp then what wrong with this merger

  • Too bad, humans are only discovered on Earth.
    Warna inhoune to Marreekh kay logoun se bhi rai maang leni thien ;)

  • People should request PTA to stop this merger. we will loss the quality services after merger. There are many places in Pakistan where no network works but only warid works. they only Premium Quality Network in Pakistan. Email at [email protected].

  • As the merger is Vimpelcom dominated by Chinese network provider, while Warid is ETSI club member. European Telecom., Standardisation Instiute which by default is Ericsson an ETSI member. if the deal is taken over by Vimpelcom the late company acquiring the interests. It it is acquired by Warid it will indicate by Europenan comanies.

  • Everyone is talking about the Telecom market, competition, etc but one of is talking about the 5000 to 7000 people who are going to unemployed because of this merger from both sides Mobilink and Warid.
    How many lives will be effected by this merger ! And Contribution into Unemployment rate.

  • I see only unemployment with this merger with hundreds of people loosing their jobs which eventually effect 100s of families

  • Near East University in collaboration with TURKCELL is going to buy some shares in Pakistan telecommunication industry, this news was obtained from an HR.Manager of the company.

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