Yayvo.com: Aiming to Revolutionize the world of E-commerce in Pakistan

Yayvo, a TCS backed e-commerce venture, is all set to launch a massive media campaign to make customers aware about the shopping portal in specific and online shopping in general.

Named ‘Ab Poori Qaum, Yayvo.com’, the marketing campaign will go live from April 15 and will extend to TV, Web, Print and Radio for a duration stretching over three months.

Yayvo believes that strong internet population of Pakistan, that’s growing at 2 million new subscriptions each month, needs to get digital and there’s no better way than running a massive media campaign that will not only aware them about the benefits of online shopping but also educate them on advantages that are otherwise not available to them.

Hefty Discount Vouchers and Deals

To incentivize customers Yayvo will be offering discount shopping vouchers of up to Rs. 50,000 to its users.

To claim your discount voucher, simply go here and enter your phone number. The amount of discount voucher you get depends on your luck!

While lower price is not Yayvo’s claim, it is going to offer flat discounts starting 15th April, 2016 on wide variety of categories.

More About Yayvo

TCS offers a new and never been done before online shopping experience, Yayvo.com which is a TCS backed company that promises a high level of reliability, speed and delivery anywhere in Pakistan.

Industry veteran Adam Dawood has recently joined the company as Business Head of Yayvo.com and they are looking to aggressively expand their network all over the country under his guidance.

Betting on Quality, Not Price!

The e-commerce store isn’t focusing on a race to the bottom with the lowest prices; instead, they’re going to guarantee a stellar shopping experience, quick deliveries and after sale support.

So if you are looking for premium online shopping experience, Yayvo should be the choice where your delivery is going to reach you safely and seamlessly; and more importantly with-in promised time.

It’s not hard to imagine why the venture has chosen this tri-focused approach. They are backed by TCS, arguably the most reliable and premium delivery service in Pakistan. Leveraging the courier network of its parent company can net it a significant advantage when it comes to deliveries.

7 Day Return Policy

Usually if a product is mishandled while en-route to your home, it’s a hassle to get it replaced or get a refund. With Yayvo, if your package is not as it was advertised, it can be returned within 7 days.

This revamp is part of a larger plan, which we cannot disclose since we’re under embargo, but what we can tell you is that Yayvo is going to expand to other verticals like grocery etc.

Under a new leadership and massive advertising campaign, this e-commerce store will definitely give other e-commerce ventures a run for their money.

  • Geekpk

    For example Lumia 435 is avaialble for Rs 5,520 on Yayvo and same phone with warranty is Rs 4,434 on Daraz.

    TCS thinks people are stupid.

    • Saqib

      In this sponsored article, the emphasized quite a few times that lower prices is not what they are focusing at.

      • Taha Najam

        So what exactly are they focusing on. Making as much money as possible?

        • shoaib

          And you have a problem with that?

          • Taha Najam

            Not really, just a little suggestion that they can take those prices and shove it up theirs. We can find much better deals pretty much anywhere else.

      • Ammar

        Great business strategy then I must say.

    • Anis

      Geekpk i just won 10,000 voucher.. its your luck.. Thank you again TCS

      • Geekpk

        lol employee

      • ASWA TAHIR

        Ap employe hn kia ?

      • ASWA TAHIR

        Ap ny agar apna voucher use kr lia ho to apna code mjhy bhi batayye ga me online chat se apka voucher laga ya nahi maloom karaungi just for my datisfaction

    • Marium Saleem

      Ya, you are right, but my Shopping experience from Daraz is very bad. Their products are not Dabba Pack and not include original mobile accessories. TCS is charging 500, 1000 rupees more from Daraz. but I hope their products will be Dabba Pack with original mobile accessories..

      • Geekpk

        i ordered more than 10 times from them without problems…my luck!

    • Yasir

      I agree, this is just a rebadged TCS connect website which had overpriced products no on wanted.

  • Faraz

    Currently jambo. pk seems to win the race, don’t know about future. They are offering massive discounts specially on electronics. I ordered a 1.5 ton Gree Inverter AC for Rs. 71,199 at evening and the next evening it was delivered at my doorstep with free delivery and their price was lesser than any e-commerce store as well as local market. Now let’s see what yayvo has to offer. I guess this will be end of all cheatmalls and daraz or dhakwas stores.

    • umer


      • Faraz

        Yes. But not of ur father’s. So before being over smart. Think that if from my experience other people are benefiting why shouldn’t i tell? Do i show u my order invoice or the product? So ur cheap thinking my boost up.

        • A skeptic

          Order invoice

        • umer

          Aag lag gayi ;)

          • Faraz

            Haan bilkul lag gai. Tum jaisey youthion ko na jane aqal kab aye gi.

      • Taha Najam

        Seriously, if I was an employee at any of these stores, I would only have bad things to say about them. Because we all have something to complain about our workplaces. It’s human nature. Not to mention, I’ll still be getting my paycheck regardless of whether I promote it out badmouth it.

        • Arsalan Shah

          Not unless you were ACTUALLY hired to do a promotion job on different websites and blogs, and something which your bosses can and will confirm… :D What if he’s being paid for what he’s actually doing? If he doesn’t do it, he wont be paid, bro! Take that into consideration at least LoL!

        • Arsalan Shah

          Not unless you were ACTUALLY hired to do a promotion job on different websites and blogs, and something which your bosses can and will confirm… :D What if he’s being paid for what he’s actually doing? If he doesn’t do it, he wont be paid, bro! Take that into consideration at least LoL!

          • Taha Najam

            Yeah, no. Promotional media doesn’t work like that. Many a times it backfires horribly, like it is right now, so too much risk for too little return. Mostly, social media promotion is restricted to the company’s own Facebook and Twitter pages, where any non favorable comments can be filtered out.

  • one

    Only 200 rupees voucher, nothing more no matter how much mobile numbers you give them. 50,000 is only a lie for advertisement

  • IrfanAmir

    kisi ko 200 sy zayada mily tau yahan zarur post kary
    aur prices b high hain is yehwoh ki!

    • Anis


      • umet


        • Anis


          • ASWA TAHIR

            What was ur used voucher ? Would u like to share

    • Zawyar Ur Rehman

      300 :P

    • Ikram Yousafzai

      Me ne 3 numbers diye, hr bar 300 ka discount voucher…

      • sohail

        600 aaiy hain

        • ASWA TAHIR

          What was urused code do u remember ?

      • ASWA TAHIR

        Apka code kia tha ? Ik code mujhy deden

  • Ahsan

    very high prices

  • Ali

    Only got 200 coupon no luck.

  • Fayez Najeeb

    200 only :)

  • Faraz

    Just Rs.200.

  • Anwer

    Hmmm interesting site …. I did get a Rs. 5000 voucher sms after I put my number in though… It does seem to pay attention to local products with all the food items on the site!!


      I dnt blv thissss u got 5000 voucher

  • A. Khakwani

    LOL. Yeah, “give us your number and get ready for a lifetime of unsolicited marketing you’ll never be able to unsubscribe from.” And ironically, ProPakistani is giving them an outlet for these shenanigans while they themselves have written so many articles about this marketing nuisance in the past. Great job, guys. Money talks.

    • Saqib

      ProPakistani thinks that if they put a ‘Sponsored’ tag on a post, they get a license to publish anything.

  • Nasir Javed

    got 300 i’ll not use this voucher if someone need this i can pm.


      Mujhy dedo plz


      Mujhydedenapna voucher plz

  • Ali

    Yar 300 jeat gya woooooooo ?

  • Anis

    Wow just i put my number and Got Rs.10,000 Free Voucher… Thank you TCS…


      10 000………… cant blvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv

  • sana

    yapppppyyy happpy.. mujey bhi mila 700 ka.. meri bhan ko 200 ka mila …


      Ap ny use kara ?


      Mujhhy apna code bata den agar used hai to….

  • Munib

    Oh man … i got a 200 rupees voucher but it is nice article I think TCS will be able to get an upper hand if they keep good focus on their site.

  • Mehmood Memon

    I want to say one thing it’s not about 200 it’s all about online shopping in Pakistan.. Other eCommerce companies in Pakistan hasn’t good experience with them. TCS is good name and big brand, I hope this YoyVo will change the thinking about Online shopping in Pakistan. By the way I got Rs.500 voucher.

    • Naeem Khan

      2000 Oh Thanks!

      • Khurram Jamali

        Great. My bad luck only 200/-

    • Ayesha Hasan

      Ya I agree! This the revolutionary time in Pakistan for Online Shopping..

    • Khurram Jamali

      My point of view is related to online shopping in Pakistan .. 98% people don’t like Online shopping because showcase products pictures different, and actual product is different.. Many negative complaints against Daraz, iShopping. TCS is new in this market. Don’t know the feedback..

  • Abeer M

    Won 1500!


      Apka voucher kia tha ap ko iska order dlverd b hua yanahi


      Yaar apna code bata den mujhy plz used code hi bata den

  • Munib

    I am always a bit afraid ordering cuz i have had bad luck with ordering things online … Well never say never ill give Yayvo a shot..gonna put my number in for the voucher fingers crossed

  • Sana

    I got 700 rupees i thought how im going to get anything but the deals are very affordable in my view …. jewelry items are at nice price I’ll order those

  • Osama

    I hav to agree with mehmud i mean its just a new venture by the looks of it and already we have started complaining!! Like we have nothing else to do great way to do things (sarcasm) PS I got a 500 rupee voucher!!

  • Sarah

    1500 ka voucher mila hai mujhe to ek gold plated ring hai site pe jahan deals woh achi lag rhi hai ill order that…

  • Tabraiz

    Yaar ek to log foran voucher phenke lag jate hain … voucher hai lottery ticket nai kam to hoga na paise jab lenge to

    • Taha

      Sahi kaha bhai ek cheez abhi aye nai aur mun kholke complain krne chale… rote rhenge yeh log try kiya nai aur phr bhi galiyan dete rehte hain

  • Fahad

    I got the Sony DVD player got a voucher of 500 got the price down works fine no issue at the moment took a risk with Yayvo and it paid off.

  • Zahid

    200 sey ziada discount hai hi nahi..sab bakwas hai.

  • Usman

    200 fu!

    • Sanya

      U shud be ashamd aisi zaban istamal krte ho 200 agya tumhara too bad aur kitna roge Koi dhang ki baat na karsako to chup raho!

      • Usman

        In aunty sanya me ilawa kisi ko morality par lecture daina hai to bara meherbaani apne paas rakhe mujhe dilchaspi nahin. Shukriya!

  • Asalm

    I got 1000 Rupees voucher.. Thanks TCS & YayVo

  • Saadi

    Lucky number 3 i got 3000 rupee voucher WOOHOO!!! :)

  • Sabih

    First order received…2 in process…Yayvo gave Excellent service!! ..

  • sadia

    Finally aaj first time mera luck chal he gaya… 500 ka discount code mila main samja fake ho gha but jab main ne order place kiya discount to sach main mila or next day delivery bhi aagai.. i mean aaj he.. waa re waa tcs jesa naam wesa kaam… or bhi plz asi free offer rakhay gha …

  • Mehak

    I placed my order for LED TV lets see what happens

  • Nawaz Arshad

    I have placed an order on yayvo so let’s see how it turns out to be!!

  • Higher Prices then usual Pakistani stores, Daraz is cheapest compared to all other store.

  • Sheikh Abdul Basit

    Every other day some ecommerce service is launched and they all talk about “Revolutionize the world of E-commerce” but in fact no one is doing anything different. Price war will keep going and winner will be only who can offer quality along with affordability. Ecommerce is increasing in Pakistan and many suppliers have also launched their own websites. Providing same quality product in low prices.

    • Uzair Ansaree

      I second this man!