Pakistan’s First-Ever Luxury Bus Service Is Here

Are you tired of the same old bus services that never provide enough leg room (hell for tall people), have average food and make commuting a tedious experience even if you’re willing to spend a bit more for comfort? The solution you crave is here, at least if you’re traveling between Lahore and Islamabad.

A luxury bus service recently went viral on social media. The service called Q Connect generated a lot of hype and for good reason. Lets take a detailed look.

Q Connect – A Luxury Bus Service for the Islamabad – Lahore Route

The bus service is called Q Connect and these luxury buses have been manufactured by Volvo. Volvo did give us a hint on such a service a couple of months ago.

The luxury buses have seating for 21 passengers only, making for a roomy and spacious trip for commuters.

Q connect

Q Connect claims that they offer 5-star luxury travel experience, superior to any other company. Each traveler gets an aircraft club-class cabin with premium features which aren’t even available through local airlines.

Here are some of the premium features that they provide for consumers who want the best in their class:

  • 24-inch Club Class Luxe design recliner seats with armrest, calf support and a remote control
  • Each passenger has access to a 18.5-inch HD multimedia touchscreen console
  • There’s live satellite TV access so staying up-to-date on sports, news etc. is possible
  • WiFi facility
  • A large music playlist with headphones is also available
  • A variety of video games for kids
  • Each seat gets its own charging socket for mobile phones, tablets or laptops
  • Facility of hot or cold beverages during the journeys
  • Fresh hot meals catered to all passengers
  • Air conditioned and non-stop journey with toilet facility available on board


At the moment, the bus service is available for travel between Islamabad/Rawalpindi and Lahore via the motorway M2.

Q Connect Waiting Lounges in Islamabad and Lahore

The Q Connect waiting lounges in both cities are well equipped with all sorts of entertainment facilities as well. The bus service provider will soon launch some tourism packages in collaboration with Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC).


Multimedia Screens for Entertainment

For the time being, there are only two Q Connect terminals, one in Fortress Stadium Lahore and the other one near Islamabad Motorway Link Road/Kashmir Highway (near Skyways and Faisal Movers).

The bus fare has been stated as Rs 3,300 for a one way commute.

Booking and cancellations can be done over phone, email or dedicated apps for iOS and Android smartphones. The company also offers ‘Q Connect Miles Rewards’ which can be used by members to avail free travel.

More information regarding cancellation policy, baggage allowance and Q Connect Reward Points is available at the website.

Still in Beta

We have heard that Q-Connect is still in process of deployment and they will need some time till they start their commercial operations.

We hope that they will get into business soon and start offering services at larger scale.


Q connect Coffee tea

Q connect Khana Food Q connect remote

Q Connect photos



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  • Looks much much batter then Emirates Economy Class in Boeing airplane, awesome.
    Color and the name Q suggest to be the part of Qatar (This is Qatar’s national flag color and all the Govt Dept have Q like Q Post – Qatar Post, QNB – Qatar National Bank, CBQ – Central Bank of Qatar, and so on…)

  • Kisi pagal kutae ne hi kata ho ga ke bandae 3300 aik bandae ke dae .bandae apni gari per poori family ke sath is se kai guna kam rate per isb se lahore aur wapas asakta ha

    • ap ghada gari k baat kr rahy hain naa :p yaa mehran kee jis pay 3300 main ap CNG main wapis bhee a jayen

    • kai guna kam rate woh bhi apni car per.. amazing yaar..
      let me know such car which is so economical n takes 3300 for back ‘n forth travel?

    • Salman Baitay aap nay Chawal maar di hai…………….neechay comments parh kar aap ko takleef to ho rahi hogi……..koi baat nahin aap “Do Rupay Waly Careem” laga lein, woh aap ki ussi Gari mein parri hai……….Insha Allah Afaka hoga.

    • Well… You are right about the cost as Honda City 1.3L easily does 19+ KM/L when on motorway as long as you keep the speed between 90 and 100 KM/H. It translates to less than Rs. 2500 of fuel (on current rates) for the round-trip between Islamabad and Lahore. If you include all other costs, like Engine Oil, Air Filter, Tyres, etc on per KM basis, the final cost will still be less than Rs. 3500. Include Motorway Toll and you will be be around Rs. 4500. So, for more than one person, car is indeed the most economical option.

      But the comfort of these luxury buses can not be compared to the cars (unless you own a real luxury car, not Toyotas, Hondas, etc.) so there will be a niche market for this luxury bus service but we can not expect it to grow like Daewoo Express.

      • Ideally ap nay bohat achi baat ke hai. But put some realities in those figures and you’ll know mehran bhi 2500 mein roundtrip nahi mar sakti Islamabad say

  • Of course it is far better than daewoo but their fare from pindi to LHR is 1270 so Qconnect needs to be reasonable, even daewoo seems expensive to most of our people.

  • Does anyone have an idea about the travelling time for 1 trip LHE to ISB or visa-versa in terms of hours ?

  • Great to see!Yar koi es ka contact num aur complete address bata sakta location please,,,,,,

    • I was also searching for the same.. after lot of searching I found that Q Connect is the company which is using these volvo buses and facilitating Islamabad to Lahore and back. You can check here..

  • just add 1 or 2 thousands and go via pia or another airline, fuking expensive fare man , all other bus service has 600 – 1000 (premium) . but this 3300 is too expensive . they should cut down to 2000, atleast.

    • mujhay 5000 hazar ke ticket lay de phir ap. PIA kay kam say kam price bhi 8000 hai. and then airport kay issues, flight delays and cancellation on top of it. People would prefer this over air travel.

    • o bhai mere Islamabad jahaz pe jana bewkofi hai, 2 ghuntay pehlay airport pohancho, akser logon ka tau gher he airport se ghunta ghunta dooor hai, us ke baad saman booking, boarding and then waiting for flight, which is almost 90 percent of the times late and sometimes doesn’t even show up, then same procedure when you land in Islamabad, so bus or car are better options if one wishes to travel to Islamabad. I hope you understand.

  • Food and beverages are included in the 3,300 ticket charges or we will pay separately for them??

  • The worst customer service with pathetic staff i have with this company…..the guy at islo terminal wasted my whole hour and dragged me through such a fatigue to give me directions….and in the end he failed….there is no customer service department…no complaint cell…nothing….

    After a whole hectic day the unprofessional staff of qconnect has just made me furious….

  • Traveled twice. Very noisy inside. Airconditioner Vent make more noise than the engine. Had to travel back again to Islamabad on 9.30 morning bus. We started by 10 from Lahore terminal. B’Fast served, COLD. Couldnt even take second bite. Plastic cup for drink given had been used before. Requested for new cup which I am sure was washed and given as had water drops in it. Asked for Coffee instead, cup started leaking after a while. And yes my table when opened had food marks from previous use. I am not going to travel again… Daewoo G-Class is still better.

  • Dear all It’s made in Sweden Volvo Bus,
    According to European on road safety system installed in this Bus, Like Bus Traction control system, Bus Stability Program, Automatic Braking system and automatic smooth driving System just like driving Automatic Car, These all System Safe the Bus to Accident.
    Complete luxury according to Pics we are serving Kitchen cuisine food many kind of Hot & cold Beverages entertainment Sleeping Seat much more thing included in 3300 Fare,
    So according to facility the fare is reasonable.

  • Why not use Daewoo Express Luxury whose fair is 1670 and have almost 60-70% of same facilities just toilet missing but they stop 15 minutes for prayers at stop and have well organized system and well mannered staff

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