Warid Becomes First Operator to Offer International LTE Roaming

Warid says that it has become country’s first operator to offer international LTE roaming for its customers at fairly affordable prices.

A note published on Warid’s website says that its customers can now enjoy the blazing speed of LTE while roaming abroad starting from immediately.

Warid achieved this milestone with the help of Syniverse which is one of the best global IPX providers.

Starting with Vodafone, UK, service is currently available for customers visiting UK only. Warid says that it is aiming to expand its foot print in rest of the countries real soon.


  • Country: UK
  • Operator: Vodafone
  • Charges:
    • 0.000124 USD per KB
    • 0.13 USD per MB

Customers can activate International LTE roaming service by calling 321 from your handsets or visiting Warid’s business center. It must be noted that you regular International roaming service must also be activated before this.

Further Information:

  • Regular IR service must be activated on customer number
  • Customer must have a LTE SIM card
  • Customer must have a LTE compatible Handset
  • Customer must be availing LTE services within Pakistan
  • You don’t have to deposit extra security, instead your existing International Roaming (IR) security deposit limit will be used for LTE Roaming

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  • Whenever I read something about Warid, it just makes me sad :( .

    Lesson for other operators: Quality of service & customer satisfaction is just rubbish, throw these in garbage. Just focus on increasing revenues by offering cut-throat competition, irrespective of any ethics or business values.

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