Startup Gets Funded to Control Air-Conditioning Expenditure

Cielo WiGle Inc has secured a ‘Series A’ funding from a Seattle based venture firm allowing the startup to launch their products and services globally. The startup has a development office in Islamabad and owns a local subsidiary Yes Private Limited.

The company offers smart home and energy saving solutions by employing Internet of Things (IoT) equipment. When used with normal appliances and electronics, it can help optimise energy consumption.

Their first product targets air conditioners, which are the main cause of increased electricity bills in summers. Cielo WiGle CEO Waseem Ame says “Even if 10% of air conditioners are controlled, it can save quite a lot of power.”

The company’s Smart AC controller allows users to control their ACs via Android or iOS apps remotely. Users can schedule functions, clam usage, restrict access or limit energy usage per user. The controller varies temperature by 1.5-1.7 degrees to save 10-14 percent energy without compromising on the user’s comfort.

Amer says that in addition to giving users complete control of their appliances, the product comes with a built-in algorithm which can observe a user’s behavioural patterns, comfort level and tariff rates for four weeks and suggest an energy efficient plan based on these patterns.

The startup has already received seed investments of over $500,000 from Redmond, USA. These funds allowed the company to team up with a Korean firm last year to manufacture air conditioners with the company’s IoT products. Amer says that their product can be integrated with legacy air conditioners (without internet connectivity) by using an alternative version of their device.

The smart controller comes with a bunch of sensors which communicate with the AC, monitor the temperatures and connect to the internet, linking the AC with the dedicated mobile app. However, the only downside to this external controller is that it requires constant power through a tethered adapter.

Cielo WiGle say that the system cannot help when there is load-shedding, however, in the event of internet disconnection, a user can continue to control their appliance via the app if they are simply connected to the same WiFi router. Any schedules made in advance, are downloaded from the cloud, so in case of an internet disconnection, that will not work.

With the ‘Series A’ funding, Cielo WiGle plans to launch its products in America, Saudi Arabia and Malaysia as well.

Via: Express Tribune

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