Oppo, Vivo Replace Lenovo, Xiaomi as Top Handset Makers

It is quite clear that the next battleground for smartphone dominance is turning out to be China. In the latest list of top handset manufacturers, two of the companies, Oppo and Vivo have pushed back towards fourth and fifth spots.

The companies they replace, Lenovo and Xiaomi, are also famed Chinese makers who contributed massively towards making China a smartphone haven for smaller companies. Meanwhile, Huawei sits there by itself in third.

According to IDC, Oppo got a 5.5 percent share (18.5 million units) of the market in Q1 2016, up from just 2.2% a year ago. Vivo, on the other hand, earned 4.3 percent of the share, up from just 1.9 percent a year ago. Bottom line is, both Oppo and Vivo (14.3 million units) experienced staggering growths of 153.2 and 123.8 percent growth, respectively.

While Huawei managed to grow its market by 58.4 percent, from 5.2 percent to 8.2 percent, it was the leaders who had to sacrifice the most.

Apple for one saw its Q1 shipments decline from 61.2 million units to 51.2 million units, down 16.3 percent for a market share of just 15.4 percent. Samsung too saw slight decline from 82.4 million to 81.9 million shipments, despite early release of its Galaxy S7/S7 Edge flagships.

In the curious case of Chinese manufacturers, though, IDC makes it quite clear the reasons behind their massive surge: the lucrative budget market with phones below $250.

However, it also points out that while these companies can get periodic surges in the local market, getting international recognition is quite something else and while Huawei has managed to do that quite well, it is unclear whether Oppo and Vivo will take a different trajectory than Lenovo and Xiaomi.

  • Vivo and oppo have spent a lot of money in their promotions. Well whatever the case these phones are still way cheaper in China and they are just milking Pakistani consumer. I wonder why propakistani does not compare their prices in China/USA or internationally when comparing Pakistani prices? 200 dollar honor 5x is nearly 300 dollar here and still no hue and cry.

    • Because there is straight 5000 tax on import of every single smartphone other than remaining taxes. Go Vote, Vote Wisely OR Go Protest, Protest wildly

        • every politician has the same agenda , its like they’re dumb zombies !
          every single jackas , from early 1950s till today is doing the same thing oh and not one of them cares , not even those who have power in cities or provincial level.
          can’t believe this crap , man !

          damn …

    • Agree. Oppo F1 sold in the whole Middle East region incl. UAE for US$200 advertised in PC Magazine, with a product review. ProPakistani projects the price of F! of OPPO $440-00. Please read PC Magazine review and price of F1, and clarify in the blog. Their revenue/income should be added back for profits and subject to Federal taxes and income ttax.

  • yet still a DAMN SHAME that Vivo and Xiaomi are not yet offically present here :/ !

    so much for the pak-china friendship !

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