Zong Celebrates Top Position in PTA’s QoS Survey

To celebrate its achievement for becoming best performer in almost all voice and data service quality elements amongst all Next Generation Mobile Services (NGMS) licensees, a cake cutting ceremony was organized by Zong at Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) Headquarters.

Chairman PTA, Dr. Syed Ismail Shah, Member (Finance) PTA, Mr. Tariq Sultan, Member (Compliance & Enforcement) PTA Mr. Abdul Samad CEO Zong, Mr. Liu Dianfeng and his team were present.

PTA has recently carried out a comprehensive Quality of Service (QoS) Survey of 2G and NGMS in Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Peshawar to check voice and NGMS QoS as per the required standards.

Results of the testing revealed that the data throughput and internet data speed of Zong 4G are the highest among all NGMS licensees. Zong had acquired 10MHz frequency spectrum for 4G services in the spectrum auction for next generation mobile services in 2014.


On this occasion, Chairman PTA said that PTA has been entrusted with the responsibility to ensure provision of high quality telecom services to the people of Pakistan. He said that after launch of 3G/4G services Pakistan’s broadband subscriber base has increased by leaps and bounds.

People from all walks of life are finding high speed internet to be essential towards their respective progression. Therefore, we ensure that telecom users get the services at better quality standards.

Chairman further said that now we are ready for more spectrum auction which is expected to be completed by the end of June, 2016. It will further enhance quality of cellular services in the country. The advantage of availability of 3G/4G technologies is not just the availability of high speed internet, rather it is bringing information which leads to transparency and efficiency.

The technology is paving way to build a better Pakistan. I hope, Zong will continue its efforts for the provision of high quality services for telecom users, the Chairman said.

  • SSyar

    Instaphone > Paktel > Zong ..,,

  • Abdul Basit

    well deserved

  • Engineer Nazir malik

    Certainly at present Zong is operating its business in Pakistan, with the vision of world class quality services, guided by its core values, social responsibility, scientific eminences & Industrial productivity with fastest mobile broadband in the country at affordable price with speeds multiple times higher than 3G that is “Long Term Evolution” (LTE).

    Currently there is No comparison in speed with Zong.