Get Free Gear VR with Every GALAXY S7 and S7 Edge Purchase

Samsung has launched a new offer to provide the consumers with a free Gear VR with every purchase of Galaxy S7 | S7 edge. This offer is valid till Samsung Gear VR stocks last.

With the offer, Samsung has said that it is making virtual reality accessible to consumers in Pakistan for free, so people can experience the future of virtual reality.

The Gear VR redefines what your smartphone can do. Put on the Gear VR and you’re there in the moment, reliving your most cherished memories in a Virtual Reality environment, created through a Super AMOLED display.

The big screen is all yours, delivering a vast range of fascinating content; the latest movies, thrilling games, personal videos, images and much more.

In January, Samsung Milk VR, the premium virtual reality content service, turned one year old and now houses over 700 hundred 360-degree videos from top brands and entertainment companies in the world.

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      • no, u can google it. i know the word “majority” is wrong but still most of the people who know what VR can do to them are going for that purpose. I may be wrong, I hope so.

        • whatever man who are you to judge, nobody is a saint, everyone has flaws, that what we are we make mistakes but the best of us ask for Allah’s forgiveness and try to restrain ourselves from doing so again…

          • I’m not judging anyone, just sharing my 2 cents. Sach karwa hota hy, sorry for that. I “do” care what the youth is turning out to be, in the end, we all have our own graves, our own deeds. But least I can try. VR, Drones, Genes Modifications and struggles for immortality, these all are nothing but a clear way of mass destruction if you think on it.

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