Secretive Inventor of Bitcoin Finally Reveals Himself

Bitcoin, the crypto-currency in use today, has been the subject of interest for many. But more than the digital currency, the origins of its creator was considered as a well guarded-secret for a long time.

Until now that is.

Craig Wright – Father of Bitcoin

Ending  years of speculation, an Australian entrepreneur Craig Wright has recently outed himself as the elusive founder of Bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto.


Satoshi Nakamoto was believed to be the inventor of Bitcoin, but no one knew who he was and where he lived. Mr. Wright put an end to one of the biggest tech mysteries of the world recently by furnishing technical proof that backs up his claim as the father of the digital cash system.

Members of the Bitcoin community has also evaluated his claims and confirmed their veracity, leading the press to declare once and for all that Craig Wright is the creator of Bitcoin. BBC, GQ, and The Economist were the first media organizations to receive his true identity.

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Bitcoin wasn’t a One-Man Effort

Renowned cryptographer Hal Finney was one of the engineers who helped turn Mr Wright’s ideas into the Bitcoin protocol.

“During the London proof sessions, I had the opportunity to review the relevant data along three distinct lines: cryptographic, social, and technical.” – Jon Matonis, an economist and one of the founding directors of the Bitcoin Foundation.

Gavin Andresen, chief scientist at the Bitcoin Foundation, also vouched for Craig Wright as the founder of Bitcoin.


No longer pegged as the creator of Bitcoin: Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto

The development is expected to put an end to claims that Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto is the one behind Bitcoin as was widely reported in 2014. The title for inventor of bitcoin now officially belongs to Craig Wright.

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Image Credits : BBC

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