Anusha’s Promise of Paypal, Amazon & Ebay in Pakistan Still A Distant Dream

At the end of last year, we reported that Pakistan was getting ready to invite tech giants like Amazon, PayPal and Ebay to the country. Anusha Rehman, Minister of State for IT and Telecom had said then that all regulatory arrangements had been made and the companies would be invited to start operations in the country.

7 months on, there’s been zero progress. Pakistan is already in Financial Action Task Force’s (FATF) white list, which basically means we have internationally accepted anti-money laundering and counter terrorist financing standards. This was previously one of the major hurdles towards a major company starting operations in Pakistan.

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That’s not all. Despite a significant freelancing population and increasing internet penetration, there is still no solution for a payment gateway in Pakistan. The State Bank of Pakistan has set a prohibitive Rs. 200 million entry barrier for entrepreneurs willing to build a solution themselves and now, they’re sitting on idle hands.

Ecommerce is exploding in Pakistan. By 2020, it’s expected to be a $1 billion industry. As we’ve said before though, the only way we get there is if the consumers can trust online stores.

Despite horror stories and instances of flagrant violations of consumer rights, there’s no ecommerce framework to address consumers rights, dispute resolutions and all sorts of procedural and mechanical challenges of eommerce industry.

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From the Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of IT and State Bank of Pakistan, we ask: when can we expect an update on anything? The given timeline was for a few weeks and it’s literally been months with zero communication and updates.

To Miss Rehman, we put forth a simple question: what’s taking so long? It seems like our elected representatives have myopia or the attention spans of gold fishes. As soon as there is a political scandal, like Panama Leaks these days, they obsess over it and forget everything else.

Are we going to resign ourselves to the fact that nothing will get done until the flavor of the month political scandal gets resolved? It’s time we got answers to empty promises and announcements that seem like they were only for the press coverage.

Talal is a Director and the Chief Content Officer at ProPakistani. Reach out at [email protected]

  • Biased post on Anti Nawaz agenda,, where were you when people were hailing on eBay item of PM Nawaz Sale.,., you were sharing that as a news on this site and now you are asking what happen to the promise by illustrating the issue like Panama Leaks.,., awesome man.

    AIk taraf to eBay pr tafree kerne k liye PM ki sale news ko share ker dete ho.,. phir expect kerte ho eBay PayPal Pakistan bhe ajaye..

      • Pakistani he hun youthia nahe hun.,., aur ProPak ko bhe pakistani honay ka keh rha hun.,. aik taraf to tafree kerte hein eBay pr phir expect kerte ho k ., wo pakistan ajayen.,. they should have condemned the news abt PM and IK for sale item.,,

        • are you seriously saying eBay won’t come to Pakistan because somebody auctioned Nawaz Sharif on it? Yaar matlab koi dimagh hota he, koi soch hoti he

          • i think u may not know but PayPal is not interested in Pakistan
            due to Fraudulent activites.,, so if we start selling bullshit like
            Nawaz and IK on their website.,., what else would be left to point
            finger on us

            • they are not going to enter the Pakistani market because of charity. If they enter, they will enter for economic reasons which far outweigh the activities of the minority that are spammers. PayPal and Ebay already deal with far worse spammers, one person that posts Pakistani politicians on auction would make them laugh at the least, it won’t deter them from launching in Pakistan if that is what they intend to do.

              And fraudulent activities are money laundering, scamming, etc. Funny jokes don’t come under them. And paypal already has robust fraud prevention measures. They have 18 years of experience combating frauds in 205 countries. Pakistani fraudulent activities are not special brother.

              P.S. Btw Paypal is an independent company now. It was spinned off by eBay in 2014

      • Anusha ney apnay husband se kiye huwe waaday pooray nahi kiye tou qoum se kiye huwey waaday kia pooray karey gi.

    • plz go to hel … biased political fanatic…
      tech and pro pakistani has nothing to do with people like you …
      oh wait , did i say people by mistake ??? thats a v.respectable word for MINDLESS imbeciles like YOU !

      • If you dont know IK was also in the item list of the ebay for being sold..,
        propak post a blog about it that Nawaz is on sale and make fun of it.., now
        propak expect ebay to come in pakistan.,. ! this is what my point was
        all the way.,
        you heard nawaz word and what you did.,., your response gave me clear stance what you are and i dont have to mention it here

        • @ssyar81:disqus Nawaz being sold on ebay? you should be jumping with joy instead of impaling yourself with an electric pole. since Nawaz is gonna get nabbed for Panama Leaks, you can always buy a new one on eBay and take him home!

          • bro nothing is gonna happen in this country,., we (the awam) will continue to fight over these forums/blogs/social media and they (the politician) will keep on doing their things., .., …,
            and if Nawaz is nabbed which i am sure will not gonna happen due to our system another PM from the same party will be appointed as they have that “Saada Aksariyat” in the parliament .,., and politician from these opposing parties will be voting for that PM.,

    • If you believe that crap you just said about Nawaz Sharif, and if you believe that Anusha Rehman has any idea what she’s doing and what she actually needs to do, I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn – NYC that I can sell you for an unbelievably low price of $1,000. Offer lasts for 3 days starting now. If you act within 24 hours I’ll throw in the Sydney Opera House, too.

      • If you dont know IK was also in the item list of the ebay for being sold..,
        propak post a blog about it that Nawaz is on sale and make fun of it.., now propak expect ebay to come in pakistan.,. ! this is what my point was all the way.,

    • You were everything in your comment except for Pakistani.
      Why you guys always bow down before NS?

      • does this post offer any pakistanism in it.,. we first put on sale our leaders (Nawzaz or IK) on those site and then expect good from them,.,
        izzat kero gey to izzat milay gi.,., just go back to the post of nawaz on sale on ebay from propak and read my comment there..,

        • Do you want to get ‘izzat’ after looting billions? After killing thousands because they don’t have access to basic necessities of life?
          Are you even serious about the ‘izzat’ part?

          Link to your comment please?

          • you didnt even understand what i wrote.,, IZZAT meant for ebay..,! not NAWAZ.,, i think u may not know but PayPal is not interested in Pakistan due to Fraudulent activites.,, so if we start selling bullshit like Nawaz and IK on their website.,., what else would be left to point finger on us

            • I am following ‘PayPal coming to Pakistan’ since 2008. Poor policies are what kept PayPal away from Pakistan NOT listing some Ahole on a website.

  • Miss Anusha Rehman is pride of Pakistan.Nation is proud of you.Remember she is one who brought 3g,4g in Pakistan.

  • Disgusting.. sub ko pata hai business kitna develop ho ga paypal any se humy need hai at least they should inform every one that we work on it

  • stupid hags being elected as info minister … and worst of all , making false promises …

    wish these people could be lynched ! all they have done is lie AND kept us backward !

  • bikai howa maaal ko ebay pe resale ka add nahi lagna chahye tha.. ap lag gaya tu ebay ki pakistan entry banned. deported.

  • agar aglay election main PMLN jeet gaye tu paypal paaka pakistan main… paypal or ebay bhot bhari hai.. bari muskil se ayega pakistan.. anushka jee lagi howi hain ousko lanai main magar shart agla election jeeet gaye tu warna bhool jawo.. kabhi nahi…

  • Dear Author,

    Pls either your rename the domain of this site to propti instead of propakistani or refrain to post articles based on political views.

    I am suggesting you as a regular visitor of this website since 2008, otherwise you will lose me and many visitors like me.

    Be propakistani pls and make this website neutral

    • We post anti PTI stuff too (can give you example urls). We also post pro PMLN stuff too (example urls can be provided). We are politically neutral publishers.

      • Aamir bhai.. we all know you are not neutral. you are one great fan of PTI we all know this please be who you are. neutral is big word even for you. its not only about posts, propakistani should be platform only for ” ghair siasi stuff ” but mirchi aur tarkay kay baghair its no fun hana ? just like our pathetic media.

          • Politicians never have to deliver on their promises now. Thanks to idiots like those. These moronic patwaris ruin the future of the whole country by voting for politicians who promote cultural and racial apartheid in the country. They’re not Pakistanis, they’re patwaris.

            Don’t waste your time explaining your POV to them. They don’t have the brain cells to understand.

            • They’re not allowed to ‘think’.
              Particular ‘khusoosiat’ of a slave.

          • Aamir Bhai Please App Apna Kam Jari Rakhain Agr Political Gadhy Itna Damage Rakhty To Pakistan Main Har Company Ka Headquarter Hota

    • since 2008 you have been visiting this website but you have failed to realize that since your existence that Nawaz and IK are bound to serve the nation. did you ever lick your servant’s boots after finding that he is stealing from you?

  • ashraf bhai agar ek commitment ki thi k she will bring into pakistan or nahi leke ayein tu iski reporting karnai ka kia masla hai?
    @admin kindly post a new article that paypal and ebay has finally launched in pakistan for just pro pmln supporters.

  • Wo Waada kya Jo Wafa ho!
    We got 3G/4G after several years. DTH is still pending. Paypal, Ebay, Amazon will come in 2050 as per PPP,PMLN, Dictator’s vision.

    • Bus IK ko PM bana doo. Next day paypal, ebay, amazon kya pori dunya ap k qadmoo mein ho gi. now happy?

      • I don’t see how any rational person would support PML-N after all that has happened and is happening. Even if you ignore the corruption, they are focusing on roads, trains, airports, etc and they are calling that “Naya Pakistan”. Tells you their priorities and short-sighted vision.

        • I am not supporting PML-N. I am surprised how people are blindly following Ik. If you praise Ik you are the most pious person on earth and if you try to differ with IK’s point of view, you are none other than Noora, patwari, kuta, kameena, harami…list is long.. I wonder how junoonies are going to bring revolution with this mindset. Ik in last 2 years have proved himself a pretty ordinary politician. A little open mind person can easily judge that he is just playing to get PM seat. nothing else. Just like PML-N, PPP he and his supporters shouting we are right, rest of the world is wrong.

      • O bhai PanamaLeaks lover, you continue to support your corrupt leaders but did I say any word in favor of IK?
        You agree or not but all out ex PMs even dictators pushed us back 10 years.

    • pretty sure all these service wont be here until at least 5 years of red tape …

  • I think western companies don’t want to defame their name by putting money in Panama for these politicians.

  • Pakistan should make its own Ebay, PayPal and Amazon type of companies.. it is possible….. Stop wasting time and get to work.

    • I really like your comment Pakistan have to build like these systems good and appreciate it.
      Kuch to hatke parhne ko mila Nawaz and Imran fans k argument se.

  • its always easy to criticize, who say there is no progress regarding Paypal and others, framework has been deviced. which was key step and necessary step. I think its better to do some investigation

  • It always takes some time when such initiatives are taken as whole procedure is dependent upon all the stack holders involved, so its better to investigate before spreading some news. Ministry of IT has already completed the framework and soon this facility will be available in Pakistan. IT industry should be thankful as Anusha Rehman is kind of minister who really understands the demands of the time and most important of all she always completes her commitments.

  • I don’t know about others but I support IK because he is a honest man and PTI doesn’t run on family politics. And their initiatives in KPK are on fundamental issues like education, police, health. For now that is what we need. When another party that stands on these three principles arises, I will consider them. To me PPP and PML-N are out of the question just on the basis of family politics. Other parties are either too concentrated to one place or seemingly incapable. So for the national government, PTI is the only valid option in my opinion.

    Btw PML-N’s reaction to Panama Papers is very disappointing. They are just creating drama by giving little every time and elongating the issue. Other country leaders have opened themselves to full accountability not half-cooked; why can’t PML-N do that? Instead they are playing the blame game and giving foolish replies. I don’t understand how PML-N supporters are not ashamed or are not thinking about this rationally.

      • What other option do you have than Imran Khan?

        And btw the opposition has said first the prime minister of Pakistan and within 3 months. You, I and everyone perfectly knows what will happen if investigation of 200 people is given to the commission. It will take ages and then a new drama will unfold and everyone will forget. Prime minister is the head of the country, accountability should start from him and it should be done very fast.

  • Nice to see a follow up from you and the team. Please keep us posted on all promises made. On that note, why do you think she and her team have failed to keep this promise. In addition, do reach out to the SEA region PR reps of these firms and attain a statement on their business-interest (or lack thereof) with regards to Pakistan.

    And ignore the trolls. People here who are complaining about a political agenda are non HNI’s and are not worth responding to.

  • Banks do not want Paypal in Pakistan. Paypal offers free bank withdrawal while banks want to charge hefty fees for receiving bank transfers. Banks do not allow shopping online via their debit cards. They have intentionally blocked most websites and have allowed only few.

  • We need to create trend on twitter to rise our voice so the PayPal know we need PayPal in Pakistan and we have awareness about the digital currency and their need,

    PayPal point I read People of Pakistan has not awareness about the digital currency,

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