Here’s Why A Bad Boss is Like a Bad Relationship

The world is full of good people, and bad bosses who ruin everything that’s good in life.

A bad boss is like an evil omen that refuses to go away. They’re like that black cat that continually crosses your path. They are like Animaniacs and Pepe Le Pew rolled into one.


These Guys (and Gal) will never give you a moment’s peace and nor will a bad boss

And here are 5 ways they are like a very bad excuse of the overly attached girlfriend/boyfriend that needs to be cured out of existence.

Ignore the Boss Man (or Woman) at your own Peril

So you thought that surviving that 9-5 routine was all there was to it? Think again.

First They Email You…

The moment you reach home and are ready to crash on that sofa or start up your favorite TV series, your smartphone lights up with an email from Cruella de Bossville.

As you think of ignoring that one-line email that’s extorting you to do more like Uncle Sam does to Pakistan on bad days, your phone lights up again.

Then They Whatsapp You…

This time you get a Whatsapp notification that you just want to swipe away like that housefly that followed you all the way from office. You’re thinking Ha! I’ll just use the no 3G excuse to ignore that one. And you take all measures to leave no evidence behind, just like a villain from Columbo does.

Then they Dial You….

Well guess what folks? You are greeted with a normal honest-to-satan call from the Big Bad Boss themselves. As your phone buzzes (and displays a picture of the devil on the screen as it does so), you think to yourself that this too shall pass.

Then They’re the One Who Knocks

‘Knock Knock’ go your doors. And you know its Shahrukh Khan’ fan outside the door, waiting for you to respond.

Maybe your mind is playing tricks on you because you swear you can hear something like ‘Ki.. Ki…. Kirannn’ coming from the other side of the door.

And Then They Win!

Sorry buddy. If you thought it was your good old pal The Rock saying ‘Come with me if you want to live’ from a yet-to-be-released Terminator installment, you’re in for a rude awakening.

You open the door, and lo and behold, its your not-so-trusty Boss standing outside the door, puffing his 100th cigarette of the day and coming in with no prior invitation.

Yes folks, we all know how this story ends. You will be making excel wordsheets, powerpoint presentations and a killer homicidal robot that will take over the world one day, all in the spate of one night.

At least I would make one killer robot after all the grief a bad boss causes a pliant employee day in and day out.


Enough for you to will this guy into existence.

Editor’s Note: No puppies were harmed while writing this piece. And we assure you no bosses or employees were either. Also, Satire.

Samir is the Head of Entertainment at Lens by ProPakistani. You can reach out to him at samir.ya...

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