ProPakistani Turns Eight

Many of you might recall when ProPakistani started operations back in 2008. Today, we’re happy to announce that it’s been 8 years since we started operations and we’re pretty chuffed about it.

The journey, like any other, has been tough yet rewarding. We’ve seen incredible growth and reached heights we thought impossible.

On this occasion, please join us in thanking Almighty Allah, ProPakistani team members (involved directly or indirectly), Public Relation officers, Industry officials, telecom experts, fellow bloggers, fellow journalists, PR Agencies, our advertisers, friends, sources, our seniors and above all our readers, for supporting ProPakistani and making it possible for us to reach this day.

Thank you everyone for being part of this fabulous ride.

ProPakistani will stay focused on its mission to bring you everything from the telecom, IT and startup sectors of the country. We’ve also got some incredibly exciting stuff in the pipeline that will amplify the value you get out of our publication.

Stay tuned and we look forward to your support during the years to come!

Talal is a Director and the Chief Content Officer at ProPakistani. Reach out at [email protected]

  • Konse School mai dakhel kar warahe ho pher Aamir bhai, Masha Allah 8 Saal ka hogaya…hahaha

  • One of the VERY few websites in Pakistan for authentic, interesting and useful content. Best of luck.

  • Happy Birthday Pro Pakistani and Congrats Amir bhai..i think i’ve not missed a single blog post on ProPaistani since 2010

  • Thanks everyone and aliens, martians, leaves, plants, soil etc

    On a serious note, HBD ProPakistani.
    Hope you guys will remain neutral and post quality things.

  • Happy birthday. Me a long time reader, but your new layout of website sux. Annoying to the eyes

  • I dont see any Picture attached with article, but ads only! a small cake wouldn’t have costed MUCH to make the post worth while (could have zoomed in to make it look bigger).

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