Zong’s MBB Devices Now Available on Cheezmall.com

Zong has signed an MoU with CheezMall, after which Zong’s mobile broadband devices will be available on CheezMall.com.

After this contract between Zong and CheezMall, customers can place orders for the MBB devices on the website and can pay Cash On Delivery (COD), this is a great initiative especially for those customers who are hesitant to make online transactions.

The payment for the device shall be made on receipt via courier.

Deputy Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Zong, Niaz A Malik said “the collaboration with Cheezmall.com would ensure easy availability of our high-powered MBB devices at affordable rates. Zong is the only 4G services provider in Pakistan and our unmatched 4G portfolio will definitely help give new meaning to high speed user experience. Cheezmall.com is a prolific online entity and on account of its excellent repute and massive outreach, Zong’s subscribers across the country can have our unparalleled MBB devices by simply placing online orders from their homes, workplaces or anywhere,” he said.


Mr. Aurangzeb Khan (CEO) cheezmall.com said a significant number of people cannot visit markets due to their busy schedules. For such people, the availability of the fastest internet devices at our website is a blessing. Hundreds of thousands of people shop at our website every month. The addition of Zong’s MBB devices would be a much valuable addition in our partners and portfolio. The best thing about this is that the customers have to pay only after the consignments are delivered to them,” he added.

On an average, over 500,000 internet users visit cheezmall.com and over two million people are presently doing business with this website. Zong customers can activate the MBB devices purchased online from the nearest Customer Services Centre or franchise.

  • I think this might be the biggest deal ever, lastly cheezmall also cleared some wingle stock of Zong in 3 minutes. I bought 3 in half prices from cheezmall on November 25

  • BE Aware They are Fraud

    They Sell Postpaid Devices with 3 month package, but as it is postpaid, you actually get 2 months, in third month you get bill Payable. Same is available from Open market at far less price.

    I ordered on 25th nov and recieved in january 28, so it just lasted for 1 month and 3 days

    • How Much you Paid for that device ? I got three. Each for Rs 2999 only with 3 month package when in market it was Rs 6000. What about you? My all three went for three months Thank God :). Can you share your purchase price ?

      • I purchased on 25th nov. They delivered me on 28th december. Unlike prepaid package which runs for 30 days. Postpaid packages are reset on 30th. I used it for 2 month and 3 days.
        Now the sim has 1500 rs due as bill of feb 2016.

        So actually i got 1 month for 3000

        Now i bought prepaid from open market which runs complete 90 days for 4000 with free device

  • Its very unethical to write paid posts like this but Every one Wants Money. Its natural

  • Aurangzeb Khan looks like a Pakistani. while an article on propakistani long time ago said there are Chinese behind this company….

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