Netflix Now Gives You Quality and Data Control Options Over 3G/4G

If you love Netflix and like to use it on the go, there’s some good news for all of you on a limited data bundle.

Netflix now allows you fine-grained control over your video streams, letting you either do things automatically (based on network conditions) or manually (you choose the quality).

“Your mobile carrier also may impact the actual data usage even if you elect a higher setting in the Netflix app. This setting only affects data usage while viewing on your mobile device on cellular networks; streaming on Wi-Fi is not affected nor is streaming when tethered” – says the company.


New Cellular Options Explained

The default settings will allow users to stream 3 hours of content in 1GB, which equates to about 600 Kilobits per second in terms of bitrate. Netflix says this is the sweet spot setting that balances video quality and efficient data usage.

The feature kind of reminds us of other video streaming websites; Youtube, Dailymotion etc. where you can adjust the resolution as per your connection and data usage – except that Netflix doesn’t allow you to adjust the resolution – it will automatically adjust the quality as per your data plan without letting you know the resolution.

To enjoy this feature, make sure your app is updated to the latest version of “Android” and “iOS” app.

Data Control tool can be found in the settings menu. As mentioned earlier, default settings allow users to stream 3 hours of content.  Once you toggle off the default settings you will be greeted with five different options:

  •  Off – Watch on Wi-Fi only
  • Low – Watch about 4 hours per GB of data
  • Medium – Watch about 2 hours per GB of data
  • High – Watch about 1 hour per GB of data
  • Unlimited – No limit

However, it’s important to note here that actual data usage can vary based on your device capabilities and network conditions. Nonetheless, its good that Netflix has integrated this feature in its popular app finally.