Sadiq Khan All Set to Become the First Muslim Mayor of London

Sadiq Khan, the candidate put forward by the opposition Labor Party, has secured a lead against Zac Goldsmith, making him on track to be London’s first Muslim Mayor. At the current point in time of vote counting, Khan secured 25% votes more than his rival.

He will become the first Muslim mayor of a major Western city, a milestone that would hold up London’s repute as a multi-cultural city.


Khan had to face a torrid campaign, with his Conservative rivals putting focus on his practising faith, even going on to question his links in the Muslim community.


The Tory campaign against him called for the former human rights lawyer to ‘answer questions’ about sharing platforms with other Muslims who were alleged to be of an extremist mindset.

Sadiq Khan, the former transport minister, will be elected to the mayorship given his manifesto on bringing affordable housing to Londoners, freezing any rise in fares on the national captial’s transport network and in presenting a business-friendly image that was well-received by businesses.

Number of votes will be revealed later today. But for now London has proven that even with the existing climate of Islamophobia, people respond well to the person who has their best interests at heart. At the end of the day, bread and butter issues matter more to the average Londoner than the matter of one’s personal religious beliefs.

Young people and common folk found Sadiq’s initiatives more relatable to those of the scion of the Goldsmith family.  Zac also happens to be the brother-in-law of Imran Khan, who also campaigned for Zac’s mayorship.

To see the progress of the vount count head here.

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  • Well he’s a gay marriage supporter for sure and pro Israel too i guess. There’s nothing to cheer about. I don’t care about London’s politics. Our own country is so messed up.

      • because molana FR bashed IK for supporting zac vs a muslim candidate. then i had to search how much that candidate is muslim. i am not a perfect muslim but saqid khan has touched some extreme unislamic things.

        • For Zac, this is even no question of supporting and nonsupporting. He can paint muslims in same brush and said and say anything he wants…isn’t it?

  • Please correct…..former brother in law of Imran Khan. What the need of quoting Imran Khan here. Though Mr Sadiq is Muslim but as reported, have deep relations with Zionist state as compared to his opponent. So no big bargain. Instead of London politics, concentrate on your own country dirty politics and the shame brought upon us by ruling clique.

  • Sadiq Khan might be a Muslim but the view he holds certainly don’t deserve votes and not to be the Mayor of London.
    It’s like Obama being the Pres so Black people of US might get satisfied but he is only a Puppet so does he!!

  • But can a Ramchand or Patrick or Mubeen Idrees of Ahmedi can run for a office in Purestan? Nahi? Kyu? Acha……

    • Ramchand or Patrick or Mubeen Idrees of Ahmedi can be MNA or MPA without getting any vote in Pakistan. not possible in london

  • Hahahaha Muslim Mayor. Joke :D
    A Zionist & supporter of gay marriages. Fatwa bhe aa chuka hai janab k against :D :P
    Yeh sb kuch yeh mohtaram yahan karty tou jaan k laly par chuky hoty. Pr at the moment yahan khushiyan manai ja rhi hain k muslim pakistani mayor ban gya hai Iss doghli qoum sy kuch bhe expect kar skty hain aap :D :P

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