Pakistan’s First Skills Based University Will Start This Year

The country’s first Skills University will start working from September 2016 with the commitment to provide technical education to the youth and equip them with knowledge of modern science and technology, besides reducing the shortage of skilled human resources.

Contrary to other countries, there is no skill/technical university in Pakistan, depriving the youth of getting latest technical and modern knowledge in the relevant fields. It will be the first University in the country to produced skilled Phds in coming years.

The Construction Technology Training Institute (CTTI) will work initially as headquarter/main campus of the Skill University, however later principal/headquarter would be established at Mandhra while it will be converted into a Center of Excellence.

The Skills University will help students gain hands-on training for seamless transition into the workforce

The Charter of the University has already been approved, while PC-1 worth Rs 500 million pending at the Planning Commission.

The University will be made operational with announcement of admission in 6 categories by the end of current month (May) while Entry Test will be conducted next month for the first batch. However, regular classes will resume from September 2016.

Currently CTTI is imparting technical education only in shape of certificates and diplomas/short courses; however after becoming University, students would get Phds degrees in skill knowledge.

The University will impart education in six fields including Mechanical, Electrical, and Civil, Auto& Diesel, Quantity Survey and IT.

About CTTI

Construction Machinery Training Centre (CMTC) was established in May 1986 through Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). The institute is a memento of Pakistan – Japan friendship. The Centre was upgraded in 1992 and renamed as Construction Machinery Training Institute (CTTI).

As a result of constant determination on the part of management to make this institute more creative, Diploma of Associate Engineer in Civil Technology and short courses like: Civil Surveyor, Electrician, Building Painter, Bricklayer / Mason, Plumber and Sanitary, Carpenter, Civil Draughtsman, Construction Material Technician were introduced in 2006.

Aim of these courses was to backing the “President’s Skills Development Programme”.  They have vision to expand Construction Technology Training Institute, Islamabad in the field of occupational training and practical education by giving market challenging courses / diplomas and make CTTI a world famous potential technical university and impose quality education through qualified faculty and with the help of modern machinery, library and computer learning.

CTTI is the only institute in Pakistan credited by APACC (Asia Pacific Accreditation and Certification Commission) because of its high standards of training. Separately from regular DAE courses, Construction Technology Training Institute, Islamabad is offering many short courses to handle up the market needs.

They want to create an environment of teamwork to make this vision shared responsibility. They have departments for: Mechanical, civil, general and auto diesel fields. In order to instill management and discipline though upholding the friendly environment, there is a need to create a communicating practical based learning environment where the student’s mind can flourish with creativity.

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