6 Videos Which Prove Nokia 3310 Is the Toughest Phone Ever

When we talk about phone toughness, there is only one phone which comes to mind, the Nokia 3310. Nokia might not be making phones anymore, and 3310 may be too old now but there’s still very little doubt over its toughness. It won’t be wrong to say that phone toughness is measured by benchmarking each phone against the Nokia 3310.

3310 meme[1]

We have gathered some of the toughest challenges faced by the Nokia 3310 to ascertain the limits of this age-old toughest phone of all time. These videos below will surely prove that 3310 is the toughest mobile phone ever made.

Nokia 3310 VS Sledgehammer

A hammer test? Nope that’s a walk in the park for the 3310. These guys tested a sledgehammer against the champion phone. Watch the video below to see who won:

Nokia 3310 VS Bend Test

We have seen a lot of phones bend, especially the iPhones (which started it all). Can someone bend a 3310? We’d say you have more chances of ripping your arms from your shoulders than bending a 3310. Let’s take a look anyway.

Nokia 3310 VS 900 Feet Drop Test

What better to do then try a drop test from a crazy 900 feet, just to see of the 3310 can survive it. Well these guys really did it and the result can be seen below:

Nokia 3310 VS Blender

We’ve seen all the torture tests and we have seen what came out victorious. This time, lets just enjoy whether a 3310 can be blended.


Nokia 3310 VS 1500 Feet Drop Test

Well the 900 feet drop test wasn’t enough. This time the guys at UnlockRiver tried a 1500 foot drop. Will the 3310 survive or have we seen the endurance limit?

No matter the result. The internet said that this attempt at destroying the 3310 caused a major catastrophe. Remember the recent earthquakes? It is said that 3310 colliding with the earth caused the earth to shake, sending shockwaves throughout the globe.

Nokia 3310 VS Dynamite

We have seen it all now. But we haven’t seen the 3310 take on explosives. This guy tried blowing up the phone by tying it up with a lot of dynamite. This one’s an extra treat for those who love explosives. Take a look below:


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