All Highlights from the 2nd PITB Roundtable Conference

The Punjab Information Technology Board has successfully concluded its 2nd edition of the Roundtable Conference, a consultative event that brought together industry titans, policy-makers and other stakeholders of the Pakistani IT landscape.

The goal of the roundtable is to hold consultations and apprise stakeholders of the moves that the government has made for the betterment of Pakistan’s IT sector.

Government Rolls Back Anti-Industry Moves

After the conclusion of the 1st Roundtable conference, PITB promised to make all out efforts to roll back the 19.5% Broadband Tax in Punjab.

In order to support the growth of IT and other associated services, the provincial government has agreed to waive the broadband tax. This was revealed by PITB in the current edition of the conference.

Here are other notable developments that occurred during the 2nd Roundtable Conference:

  1. Federal Government is considering reduced rate on tax on revenue: from 8% to 2%.
  2. Punjab Revenue Authority will continue to levy zero tax on IT exports.
  3. Ministry of Foreign Affairs and PITB will make efforts to set up a proper dedicated channel to facilitate issuance of visas for IT industry.
  4. To facilitate the IT industry when it comes to bidding for foreign projects, the Federal Ministry of Commerce will leverage its commercial consulates for the same. Newly appointed commercial counselors at respective embassies will make this possible.
  5. Punjab Board of Investment & Trade represented apprised the participants about plans to initiate special economic zones for IT industry in the province.
  6. PITB and [email protected] will join hands to provide more opportunity to local firms in PITB’s procurement projects.
  7. Finalization of ICT Policy for Punjab is near as per the PITB. It will be ready by next Roundtable Conference.
  8. Digital Punjab Campaign to be launched in collaboration with [email protected], to enhance Pakistan’s image abroad and attract foreign investment in the country.

It is hoped that PITB Roundtable Conference is emulated in other provinces so that the fruits of the IT revolution are accessible to the populace all over Pakistan. It is welcome to see the Broadband tax being waived, and other industry-friendly moves that can kickstart growth in Pakistan’s IT climate. Let us hope that the other provincial governments are listening and facilitating stakeholders in any way they can.

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