Emirates Airline Appoints New VP for Pakistan

Jabr Al-Azeeby has become the new country head of Emirates Airlines operation in Pakistan. He is replacing Khalid Bardan who served four years in Pakistan during which he grew their business significantly with the addition of new destinations and flights.

Jabr Al-Azeeby: A Profile

Al-Azeeby was Area Manager for Thailand and Indochina for Emirates airline previously. He began his career as Emirates Area Manager in Uganda and worked in that market for 3 years before moving on to a new position as Country Manager for Cyprus.


Mr. Al-Azeeby brings with him extensive experience in the aviation industry, which spans over eight years. He has a track record of successfully uplifting the airline’s operations in challenging markets. Jabr, who commences work in his new role this month, replaces Khalid Bardan, who has now joined Emirates’ SkyCargo team.

“I’m delighted to have been appointed as the new Vice President for Pakistan and I’m looking forward to working with the local team, as well as our trade and corporate partners  in further developing the Emirates business in the market,” said Mr. Al-Azeeby. “My primary focus in the Pakistani market will be to continue providing our customers with world class travel services and value for money, as we connect them to more than 150 destinations across the world.”

Emirates Appoints Tariq Obaid As Regional Manager

In another new appointment in Pakistan, Tariq Obaid will become the Regional Manager for Emirates airline’s operations in North Pakistan.

Obaid started his career with the Emirates Group in 2007 as a college work placement trainee in the Flight Operations Centre. He progressed to join the Emirates Group’s commercial management program and took on various roles as Sales Manager in both Libya and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Dammam station, and Country Manager for Sudan. His previous position was as the Country Manager for Algeria.

Pakistan was the first country Emirates flew to 30 years ago. Pakistan has become the fourth most widely served country with 85 weekly flights to six cities including Karachi, Peshawar, Islamabad, Lahore, Sialkot and most recently Multan.

Karachi was the airline’s first route in 1985 and Emirates operates 49 flights to the city each week. Flights to Peshawar were launched in 1998, and in 1999 both Lahore and Islamabad were added to the Emirates network. Flights to Sialkot began in 2013 and most recently Multan operations were commenced in 2015.

The Emirates Group employs over 4,000 Pakistanis across its business divisions, including 86 Cabin Crew, 17 Pilots and a team of over 230 based in Pakistan.

  • Why is it that foreign companies always nominate their nationals as heads in our country but in their own countries they always treat us as low-level slaves, and never allow us to occupy any higher positions whatever our qualifications, citing “saudiazation” Qatarisation”, Kuwaitization” and “emiratisation”??!??!
    We should also clamp down HARD and all multinationals and local companies must have Pakistani top management — these top notch people take more salaries than the rest of the staff COMBINED and poor Pakistani staff get screwed whether they ar ein Pakistan or abroad — only and only because our to political leadership have their interests in these countries (Jeddah and Dubai).

  • Mr. Jabr Al-Azeeby welcome to Pakistan. Emirates an icon in the aviation history with Dubai International Air Show has left Airshows in China. La BOurghey/Paris Air show still has fragrance of originality. The region has accepted Emirates on its value, as frequent air services, taking strategic moves for traffic world wide which has swept due to high esteem for UAE and Emirates. With jewels as Tim Clark in Emirates and team which has swept all traffic from Europe via Dubai.
    It is hoped you as country manager will do the right for right by reciprocal traffic to Pakistan airlines, in line with ICAO.
    As Pakistan respects, and honors UAE and Emirates we expect this reciprocity in all spheres. As Pakistan never participated at the EU Anti Trust Authority, Brussels for tariffs, traffic, flying hours of pilots exceeding safety standards. Emirates is an icon in terms of passengers, cargo, worldwide. Pakistan has huge deficit in aircraft operations for passengers and cargo. This could be mutually amicably agreed. As we are given equal rights for landing of flag carrier in Dubai and vice versa. It is hoped our countries flourish and make an examplary partnership.

    • Stop begging Haroon! Your post shows exactly what is wrong — despite being whacked, we bend over backwards — have some respect!

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