Witness the Making of Taher Shah’s Angel Music Video

Taher Shah needs no introduction, especially after releasing another chart-smashing, genre-busting music video that became the talk of the town a few months back.

For film students, Taher Shah fans, and just about anyone related (or not related) to Pakistan’s media industry, the multi-talented singer-actor has released the ‘making of’ video behind Angel, his latest music hit that shows no sign of going or slowing down.

Some were rather mortified by the content of the video, others who were actually present in the video (even inanimate objects!).


If you ever wanted to know what goes on in making a truly viral YouTube worthy video for the 21st century kiddos and elders alike, the making of video gives you a bird’s eye view of everything.

Take a stroll down the sets, the stars, the props. Watch it in all its unfiltered glory here:

For those who want to revisit the legendary music single, here is the version that captivated (or trolled depending on your perspective on all things Taher Shah) the nation and the world at large:

Love it or hate it. But one thing is for sure. Taher Shah has reinvented the art of the runaway social media hit-maker. They will be teaching this stuff in film making schools all over the world (and perhaps even Mars too, which explains why Martians haven’t invaded us still).

Samir heads the sponsored content department at ProPakistani. He also looks after the Life section.

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