This is What You Had Asked For!

ProPakistani is your website. I just work here. And I have worked passionately for almost a decade now to get you the top-line information on your terms.

I am grateful for everyone who took time out to share sentiments and thoughts about the website layout during past couple of weeks. I also appreciate the feedback and suggestions you shared on the design we had just changed.

Regardless of the effort and time we had put in on a very balanced design and well calculated design, we are shelving it.

You asked for a simple design, and here it is. It has everything that you had asked for.

I will continue to work to meet your expectations in future too.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • HighTower

    Finally feels like home again, it was such a disaster for couple of weeks , I am glad to see the old simple version is back that actually makes sense . Redesign was mindboggler , had no flow and whenever I tried to look for something it was just painful .

  • Adnan

    One shouldn’t change their identity (logo), happy to see it back.

  • Abid Ali

    Happy to see it, this is much better UI. Just one suggestion, keep header stick to top on scroll.

    • Abdal Pti

      No auto hide header is better

  • SSyar

    yar tussi say serious hogaye.,., :D
    Much better.,.,

  • Ali Imran

    bari mehrabani..

  • ary bahi hum to har hal main raazi hain :D

  • Waseem

    I left visiting during last couple of weeks due to change in design and bugs while searching latest stuff. Now please dont mess up with the website design. Its better.

  • Ishtiaq


  • Asmat Ullah

    Amazing Aamir bhai, now its very easy to understand..tussy great ho sir.

  • Abid Hussain

    Just one request ,Please stop promoting cheezmall

  • Much much better now… seriously..


  • Arsalan Ali

    much better, the problem with the previous design was waste of So much (Looked more empty than filled) space on the left and right of column.
    This looks good.

  • Adnan

    ah well i was beginning to get use to the new design :)

  • sal

    much better!!

  • Potato

    Much better. The previous design was very confusing.

  • Muhammad Asad

    کسی ونڈوز استعمال کرنے والے کو میک پر بٹھا دو وہ بھی اسے “بے کار” قرار دے کر آپریٹنگ سسٹم ماننے سے ہی انکار کردیتا ہے :) شاید پروپاکستانی کے نئے ڈیزائن کے ساتھ بھی یہی ہوا۔ ہم لوگ جدت پسند نہیں بلکہ سہل پسند ہیں! مثال آپ کے سامنے ہے۔۔۔۔

    • Waqas

      Apple Fan Detected.

    • Potato

      ‘Mac’ doesn’t define ‘jiddat’. Just because its expensive and has a rotten Apple logo at its back doesn’t make it something extraordinaire.

      Yes, Mac is great OS on its own and so is Apple but this ‘Apple = Premium’ bullshit should come to an end now. It doesn’t work anymore.

    • Shehzad Ahmed

      Totally Agree with you hum log Sehel pasand hain. Jadeediyat thory time k baad accept karty hain. :) But upgrade hony k liye bhe koi aisi offer zaroori hai k jo acceptable ho. New design bht zyada messup tha. Bugs ko count nahi kar rha kyn k woh wqt k sath sath thek ho jaty hain but UI was totally ruined the nature of the blog.
      Aur phr Old iZ Gold bhe suna ho ga aap ny :P :)

      • شروع میں مسئلہ محسوس ہوا تھا لیکن آہستہ آہستہ مانوسیت ہو جانی تھی کیوں کہ اس میں کئی ایک اچھی چیزیں بھی تھیں۔ خاص کر اسمارٹ ڈیوائسز پر بہت اچھا نظر آرہا تھا۔

        • YA Raza

          Agree , siraf aik do din muskil hoi the phir samjh aa gai , kafi behtr feature thy , ab simple feature hein

  • Asif Khan PTI

    Nice Amir. But Nomatter new or old, we love you for your elegant news instead of elegant style !

  • Eli Ehsan

    Teri Meharbaani ProPak. Not all hardwork is worthy for praise you know.. but all honest intentions are surely appreciated – Rumi Twain

  • Fakhre Alam

    oh great, thank you @aamir7

  • Ali Riaz Mughal

    Love this new design

  • now good

  • Fayez Najeeb

    Finally love the new design and this makes so much sense! Easy to find latest articles thanks Amir!

  • Safiullah Jan

    Deer Khaista Rora……Old is always Gold

  • Wasiq

    I am so liking it….. Good Job larkay.

  • Muhammad Aun

    Thank God Kisse na to Sunni Pakistan ma

  • Muhammad Aun

    Redesign Was total mess

  • asadkhattak

    The weakness which we inherit is leaving our comfort zone. we are not used to change and like the old face again and again, just as we prefer our old mother to newly wed wife. LOL. Aamir do not be dishearted, bring change slowly and gradually. Sudden change make us confuse. Take cue from Microsoft, no doubt windows 8 was remarkable but the world could not digest absence of start button. Windows 10 is a mix of Win 7 and win 8 but people are glad just to see the old start button back. Hope you got my point.

  • Aamir saada shair aye . . . dum laan di dair aye!

  • Aur jo loadshedding ke doran aapke status atay hain rang barangay :D

    • aamir7


      • KMQ

        Thats more like it! I just visited and the first feel is awesome and makes a lot more sense. This is what we call ProPakistani! :-)

        BTW I will still do some QA once free and will provide you with specific issue/feedback (if any).

      • Abid Ali

        Thanks for implementing my suggestion.

    • mai nay propakistani and aamir atta say mutaliq yeh bat kahee ha :D PMLN say mutaliq nahie :D

    • dil jalay :D

  • Asif

    HaHaHa.. Amir Bhai aap you serious he ho gy BTW!

  • Zafar Abbas Rizvi

    A bigg kiss to aamir …………….. On cheeks

  • Nasir Javed

    hahaha I refresh my page twice and blink eyes thrice. Oh thats Good.

  • Saqib

    Thank you Aamir bhai for listening us.

  • Muhammad Yasir

    Thankyou v.much

    most appreciated !

  • Umair_CL

    This is actually much better, cleaner!

  • Saqib

    Still a button at the top of articles is missing which should lead you to the comments section without manually scrolling.

  • who developed your other design?

  • Mohammad Tayab

    Shukar hai k apko hosh aaa gai warna website tou total farigh ho gai thee

  • Mr U Asar

    I’ll recommend rather waiting for sometime, people get use to everything new, in fact start loving it. Remember when Office 2007 came out with Ribbon interface.

  • Shehzad Ahmed

    Old iz Gold :)
    Much Appreciated Sir.

  • ahsen

    Thank you so much @aamir7:disqus .
    Looking good now..

  • waqas

    This design is much more functional. The previous design was very confusing on finding the latest article.

  • Farhan

    Great work! Very hard decision probably to go back but glad you did!

  • Saif Ali

    Home sweet home. I would’ve loved the previous design if it had a section called all kinda news.
    So I don’t have to just pop open every category. -_-

  • Shuja Siddiqui

    really appreciated.

  • Salman Javed

    Now that’s better. Couple of suggestions:
    1) Have a good looking footer with your sitemap on it. It’s helpful.
    2) Navbar shadow could be removed. It will improve scroll performance. A darker brand color border could serve the purpose.
    3) Kerning on the logo type could be improved. Typeface too, maybe.

  • Muhammed Ovais Alam

    Thank you!
    Finally, I was able to read all articles I have missed.

  • SAAD

    thanks for this site

  • haroon

    don’t fix what ain’t broken

  • Sid

    Much better now.