This Cab is Pakistan’s First Locally Made Electric Car

Electric cars aren’t a new concept but high price tags keep them out of reach for masses. What if Pakistan had its own electric car company or an electric car? That question has now been answered as some engineers in Islamabad have custom-built an electric car.

Internet users across the world have seen the hype surrounding the electric car dubbed Tesla Model 3. The reason it got global fandom is because of its low price tag.

Electric cars are considered to be expensive and luxurious even in this day and age. Having a cheap alternative to fossil fuel cars could be great for the common man.

Enters a Pakistani company, Jolta Technologies, that has been working on electric car projects for quite some time.

Spotted by our friend, Awais Naseer, below is allegedly the first electric car of the country. It uses six dry-cell batteries and a small rotary motor for a rear wheel drive.

At the moment, the car can travel up to 40km and takes three hours to charge the batteries completely. The current model only supports one gear (plus a reverse gear).

As stated in the video below, the team is working on two improved versions of the car with greater mileage and speed.

Pakistani electric car's dry-cell batteries
Pakistani electric car’s dry-cell batteries
Rear wheel electric rotary motor which moves the car
Rear wheel electric rotary motor which moves the car

While this effort might sound somewhat basic and poorly executed, but with some government supervision or technical institutes, such talent could be polished and Pakistan could have their own innovative automotive industry.

Even without any facilities, Pakistani engineers have proven again and again that they have the potential, given the opportunity. Even in the past, we heard several stories about talented individuals who innovated and brought unique automotive solutions, but were ignored by our government and investors.

Even international car companies like Suzuki, Toyota or Honda could have a look at this project. The ease with which a mod turned a car from fuel-powered to electricity powered would definitely interest car manufacturers. With a bit of investor interest, this could be big for the Pakistani car industry which is constantly troubled by fuel supply issues.

Take a look at the complete video below:

He is the Editor at ProPakistani.

  • HarrySidd

    WoW .. i hope koi baba jee ko chuk k na la jaey, otherwise MASHALLAH great effort, big thumbx UP !!!

  • Ishtiaq

    Abay car ki service tou kara laata.

  • Fakhre Alam

    not the first one in pakistan. my batch fellows made one as a FYP. still much appreciated. i used that battery brand for UPS at home. its narada and has good repu.

  • bishart

    baba ji koi kaho k 250 watt wala SOLAR PANEL (with controller) roof pr laga dein to saara din chalayin..:P

  • Taha Najam

    @Aadil Shadman, ever heard of the word research? I really doubt it because if you did, you’d know that the first electric car in Pakistan was made by us at NUST at least 5 years ago for the Shell Eco Marathon in Germany, and had a top speed of 80.

    Hats off, ProPK. Another completely baseless article.

    • Ahsan Zafar

      you actually didn’t read it correctly ” locally”

      • Taha Najam

        You didn’t read my comment correctly. It was designed and developed at PNEC, NUST in Karachi specifically to take part in the Eco Marathon held every year in Germany.

    • Awais Naseer

      It’s the first locally made one that is actually in real-life use.

    • Umair

      this is very cool that NUST made those cars first. But its not cool, that their innovation is not utilized at all by the people of Pakistan. That baba ji will actually make the things locally available more easily. Due to him, ppl will know how to build cheap electric cars and get out of this monopolistic controlled market, slowly slowly and finally.

  • Mujtaba

    Founder ko khud hansi arhi hai car dikhatay waqt

    • Awais Naseer

      He’s not a founder. He’s just a driver.
      Nor I’m a founder. I just spotted this on the road.

  • Nauman Khalid

    I am very disappoint by seeing the comments, instead of appreciating you are making fun of it comparing with tesla which they even thought to buy it in their dreams.

  • Amjad

    Wow great achievement. I think performance can be improved if motor is coupled with the gearbox.

  • Khan

    Fuel mafia and govt blacksheeps dont want us implement any thing which could be useful and free for local person

    They never ever let it implement at any price