Zong Introduces 6 and 12 Months 3G/4G Packages with Free Devices

Zong has announced these new 3G and 4G Internet packages for mobile broadband devices that come with up to 50GB of data limit per month and a free device.

These new 3G/4G packages come with longer duration contract of six and twelve months. Alongside, customers get free MBB devices with the plan.

Zong said that 6 and 12 month MBB Plans are extension in current Mobile Broadband Product Portfolio, designed for the customers who want hassle-free Internet Services without worrying about remembering monthly recharge dates besides getting Free MBB Device.

Check below the different plans that are available with 6 and 12 months billing:


Data Limits mentioned in table are per month

Where to Buy?

  • Devices and plans at these price are available at all Zong Franchise, CSC and Retail Outlets
  • Customer can renew these bundles by dialing *6363# from Broadband SIM or by dialing *6767# from Zong Primary Contact No

Things to note:

  • Device comes free with above data plans
  • Customers will have to register data SIM on their own CNIC
  • Only 4G wingle and 4G MiFi devices are compatible with these plans
  • All chagres are up front and include taxes

An earlier version of this story had errors, which are fixed now. We are sorry about that. 

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Sir g Paid post ha kia? where is discount and woh b heavy wala?
    Zong 50GB Package per month is in 2000 and when we count to 6 months yeh 12000 he bany ga phir discount kider ha ?

    • Aqal main jab Paye aur nihaari ki charbi jama hojaye toh aqal kaam nai karti aur in PP walon ki aqal ka haal ab kuch aisa he hogaya hai plus Zong ne 2 note phenkay honge toh inhu ne khabar chaap di LOL Pathetic, PP. Just PLAIN PATHETIC.

      • Friends basically these all types of networking companies are gaining profit from an mismanagement you knows very well this is only the responsibility of PTCL and everyone knows very well how’s services of them! They don’t upgrade technology and THINK WHAT WOULD BE THE SITUATION IN INTERIOR SINDH?

      • Considering the fact that it’s been a year or more since Zong launched these devices, almost everyone has one of these devices today. Like I own two of these devices. Where’s the discount for someone like me? Why in hell would I pay 12k upfront just for a mere device worth 3k? LMAO. Still, there’s no HEAVY discount. It would have BEEN a HEAVY discount if Zong had come up with new data plans with low rates. This is BS.

      • Market main 4G Wingle 1100 or 4G Cloud 1800 ki Rull Rahi Hain Koi Bewaqoof Hi Ho Ga jo 1100 K Pechay 24000 Advance Main Zong Ko Pakra Day Ga 12 Month Main Kon Inka Gulam Bank Rahy 4G Device Unlock Lain Jo Marzi Sim Packge Use Karain

    • Zong 4G LTE Wingle / mifi rechargeable
      Packages 25GB/1500 ___50GB/2000 Monthly
      ONLY FOR RWP isb.

    • 2500/50GB monthly
      24GB/1500 Monthly

      Save 12000 Rs.
      12 Month package (50GB every month) 18,OOO Rs.

      Save 5000 Rs.
      6 Month package (50GB every month) 10,000 Rs.

      USB-2000 Rs
      MIFI-3000 Rs

      Rawalpindi / Islamabad Customers can Get FREE home delivery & activation
      Coverage Map is available on Website.
      CALL us 03125095007 for Quick Delivery

  • Khaak discount hai ye? Bhai news daalne se pehle dekh bhi lia karo kuch ya aqal bilkul he faarigh hogayi hai tum logon ki?? :/

  • I dont see any discount. For people like me who already have a device, the package is exactly equal to the monthly 50 gb charge i.e. 2000/month amounts to 12000 for 6 months. This must be a joke right?

          • Better you sale. your device can be sold for Rs.1000 easily.
            And then upgrade or buy this.

        • Free device doesn’t translate into heavy discounts. It should rather headline as Zong offers free device with 6 months subscription etc..

            • Mere aziz dost, I don’t want to come down bashing on your stupidity. We both are frequent readers and are part of the community. So I would avoid calling names like you did.

              I’ll just point out the author has updated the article title and realized the mistake. And it’s similar to what I and others had recommended earlier.

              • try to develop a sense of sarcasm in yourself. you called me stupid and yet you don’t call me names. genius.

                • Instead of being arrogant just accept the fact you were stupid to call it a discount. There’s no sarcasm right now. Pure 101% stupidity from your end.

        • Kounsa device free hai? Fiber home? Zong wale keh rahe hain sirf purana 4g device free hai.

  • acha chalo ZONG nay chawal maar hi di thi ………………propakistani Urta Teeer ______ mein kion laytay hoo.

  • Post should be like free wingle with these packages not discounted packages. Seems to be a paid post.

    • Of course it’s paid content. PP has just become another tranny for these companies LOL.

  • There’s no discount, plain multiplication.
    2000 x 1=2000
    2000 x 2=4000
    2000 x 6=12000

  • Sir this is just to get free device, no discount for current users. So the title of the post should be something like ‘Get free device if you pay 6/12 months in advance’…

    Aur maze ki baat jo banda 6 months ke liye pay kare usko bhi 2k a month aur jo 12 months ke liye pay kare usko bhi 2k a month tu koi buhat hi bada hoga jo 12 month upfront dega

    • device to hai me pass unlock bhi hui hui hai har sm active ho skti hai
      new devices lock hain and only zong ki sim hi chalti hai un main main nay 4000 kii li thi
      3500 main sale kar rha hn any one interested can cal me at

      • i have Brand new Unlocked not used
        3200 Rs.
        03087210438 CALL/SMS
        My free delivery available for RWP ISB

  • No discount. It’s already Rs. 2000/50gb. If customer pays 24000 in advance. According to 10% markup zong will be earning approx 2400 extra. Take this post down, it’s misleading.

  • For your kind of old customers Zong is giving loylaty 5 gb every month on 50 gb monthly. Aur kya device myn fridge b daal dyn?

    • Zafar bhai yeh 5gb free kaise milta hai?? Mujhe ty nahi mil raha I am using for 5-6 months. Any help would be appreciated.

      • Dont know about you but i am continously receiving 5GB per month as loyalty after every time i renew my package. You can check from your device by sending sms to 102 writing 4. See this

          • Dont load balance before expiry of your package. When your current package got expire load 2000 and call to help line and ask him to renew your package. I hope you will get 5GB loyalty data.

              • I am speechless, look at your language and look at your name. If you have any problem for taking services from any xyz company, they are your problem not company’s problem. And one more request to this educated generation, people open and read sites like this while sitting in middle of families, rest your name shows you are Muslim Alhamdolilah, please take care of your tongue. Use freedom in positive way else Almighty King God will do what need to be done with us.

              • Package khatam honay k baad load karwaya karo bhai. Package khatam ho jaye aur balance ho to standard rate lag jata hai. Jese hi package khatam ho device band kar k load karwana aur call karna

    • If you read my comment properly, you’d know that I wasn’t even talking about the functionalities of the device. Ap apni device ko fridge main b daalte honge tab he ye baat b ki hai but please, dusron ko mashwaray dene se pehle, aankhen khol k parh lia karen k msg kya convey kar raha hai agla. It’s not about fucking 5GB or anything. It’s about the goddamn post. So keep your lousy insinuations to yourself.

    • And after going through the comments, I see that none of us is even getting the 5GBs. You just wanted an opportunity to brag about your 5GB LMAO! WOW! Should I make an announcement on some news channel about it? Grow up, man! HAHAHAHA

          • Yar tum ne aur Zafar Abbas ne kia dhama chokri machai hoi hai? Kyuin kuton ki tarah lar rahe ho apas main? Ab choro bhes baazi khatam karo.

        • Ohh bhai halka hoja zara. Teri sehat ka takaza hai. Us ko bhi bol dia hai ab larna bujd karo tum dono. Aur tumhari tou sehat bhi ijazat nahi deti.

  • Still same pricing! -_- This was a shitty movie in the first place to charge for the device + the package. Now they’ve removed device charges so they can piss of current users that bought devices for 2k + paid 2k more for 50GB package! :/

  • waisy yeh to bilcul LAYS chips wala discount ho gaya :D jiaisy ous main 25% extra Hawa milti ha waisy ider Huge Discount mian Dilasa Mil gaya #ZongScammer #ZongChoor #ZongFraud

  • Zong website does not list this offer yet, not sure if it will be available from today at sale points.

  • As per info Zong profitability has been severely dented and they are in dire need of funds. In last few months they have fired hundred of its workers. To generate funds, they come up with crap ideas which always back fires. Take the present offer, who will avail it, NO BODY. It should be like this, PAY F,OR SIX MONTHIS, ENJOY FOR 12 MONTHS. I have no problem in renewing my monthly package. Payment of 2000, geting 55 gb data. If i pay 24000 and get 50 gb per month, whats the big deal. For those who are not getting 55 gb, they are advised after recharging their sim, contact helpline and inform them to renew their package.

      • No it doesn’t. Discounts and a free device are not related at all and that’s why a lot of readers came hard on the author due to which he updated the title to free device.

  • I agree. There’s no such thing as heavy discount infact even if you go for the yearly bundle there’s no incentive at all!

  • hahahahaha kaisa chay bnayaa hai awaam ko :D wohi rates hen bs calculation mien total kardiya hai 6 months ko :D

  • Zong is best I have switched from PTCL to zong 4g broadband. High speed & zero error

  • I’m a Zong 4g Wingle user since last year Aug. Was paying 2000 for 50gb package. Due to double offer i was getting 100gb till January. Now getting 55gb for 2000pkr. 5gb extra.

    These MBB NEW BUNDLES makes no difference. 2000 tu wesay he hein. 6 month k huay 12000, 12 maheenay k huay 24000. Tu kia teer marlia in hun. aur yeh ProPakistani ko kis keeray nay kata k isko khabar bana k shaya kardia.

    Instead of attracting new customers why don’t you release the Double Volume Offer again, eh?

  • They alreday provide 50GB for 2K so 50GB for 6 months in 12K !!
    Pagal hain kia company walay :/

  • Dear ProPakistani,

    These corporate companies are doing good enough job in making fool of their customer with the world worst consumer protection system. Why the hell you have to join them using those sensational headline content marketing gimmicks. You are supposed to be independent blog focusing on Pakistan and its stuff specially technology. Do not disappoint whatever readership you have with these cheap content stunts.

    How the hell is a free device a HEAVY discount? Even their 3 month 4000 (48 GB) bundle is much better package than these above. Its time to raise your standards not tricks.

    Thank You!!

    • but dont u think its too bad u r offering the same amount nothing discount except a free device which we have already !

    • They have failed to manage growth and success and their price packages are a proof they lack common sense! (Babar Bajwa and his bosses Niaz Malik and Feng Liudian fail to see why someone would cough up 24k right now when the same usage can be had by paying 12k now and 2k monthly from 7th month)…Moreover, because their speed is falling and customer care is also on the decline, only a fool would fall for their bait!

    • Zong has failed to manage growth. Their price packages are a proof that they lack common sense! (Babar Bajwa and his bosses Niaz Malik and Feng Liudian fail to see why someone would cough up 24k right now when the same usage can be had by paying 12k now and 2k monthly from 7th month). Because both their speed and customer service on the decline, only a fool would fall for these silly packages these three top dream up/approve when they are mentally and physically exhausted.

  • A robbing of Rs 2000 by Zong,
    In MBB Packages Zong has pathetic procedure of Auto Renewal of your current MBB Package.
    If you used all of your data bundle before expiry of Package then you have to deactivate and then active the package else Zong Internet will consume your remaining balance
    I did the same on my last day of expiry, loaded Rs 2000 in my Zong number and did deactivate and then activate and guess what the Pathetic Auto renewal took place before my deactivation
    So all of my Bundle of 50 GB got deactivated, and I got ROBBED of Rs 2000 within minutes. When I communicated to Zong about this they refused to return the Bundle of 50GB saying you already deactivated that bundle
    Guys out there be careful of this fraud company,
    they will Rob you and will never consider your case

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