Facebook Messenger to Introduce Same Encryption As WhatsApp

The end-to-end encryption feature which recently made its way to the popular instant messaging app Whatsapp, is heading towards Facebook Messenger as well.

When will End-to-end Encryption Roll Out for Facebook Messenger?

Sources around Facebook are suggesting that end-to-end encryption will be rolled out to 900 million Messenger users soon. However instead of forcing it on users, they will allow users to choose whether to turn on said encryption service or not.

The opt-in option is mostly for the AI-based chatbots which companies and groups can use on Messenger for queries.

Benefits for the Public

Encryption is a must for users who don’t want the authorities and service providers reading their messages. Adding an extra layer of security is always helpful in times like these where potentially dangerous security exploits are becoming easily available on the web.

It is also good for Facebook as they will not be able to divulge the content of the messages to any outside sources.

End-to-end Encryption to Become More Common

Jacob Ginsberg, senior director at the Encryption company Echoworx, thinks that instead of the smaller companies, the larger companies are taking notice of people’s right to private communication.

“It seems that the large players in the technology industry are taking more notice of people’s right to communicate privately. Facebook is taking another step towards securing users data and being more aware of privacy,”

He believes that Google and Facebook are at the forefront of educating people about how law enforcement agencies are wrongfully trying to weaken technological safeguards to privacy, and how they’re spying on conversations under the pretext of national security.

“As email threats get greater, it’s prudent to have another solution in place to handle sensitive information. Whatsapp, Google and now Facebook have been instrumental in ‘consumerising’ encryption to educate the public about the improper attempts from law enforcement to weaken the technology and snoop on our conversations in the interest of national security.”

End-to-end encryption was rolled out by Whatsapp in April this year.

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