Win Samsung S7 by Suggesting Name of a New Mobile Wallet Brand

ProPakistani is bringing its readers an exciting chance to win the all new Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone. The only thing that’s required from you is to think out of the box and suggest us a name & tagline for a new Mobile wallet that a reputable financial institution is about to launch in Pakistan.

Alongside winning a Galaxy S7, you can brag to be the brains behind the brand name of a powerful Mobile Wallet that is all set to reach the masses across the country.

More about Mobile Wallet:

Before you start thinking of amazing ideas, Here’s what that mobile wallet is going to be like:

  • Imagine opening a bank account as easy as downloading an app
  • Imagine never having to step into a bank ever again and never standing in long queues
  • Imagine a revolutionary and safe form of handling money that provides total freedom and control
  • Save time and money for all your financial transactions
  • Life has never been this simple before!

We can’t say more about the service yet (for apparent reasons) but we hope you have a fair idea of the product by now.

So go ahead and think of an innovative, creative and amazing brand name for this mobile wallet.

How to Win a Samsung Galaxy S7

  1. Step 1: Go to this URL:
  2. Step 2:
    1. Give us a brand name
    2. And a tagline
    3. And a 2 line rationale on why you believe this name is perfect
  3.  Step 3: Fill in your contact information
  4. Step 4:
    1. Share this competition publicly (by clicking FB share button above) on your wall
    2. Give your Facebook profile link in the form
    3. You won’t qualify without sharing it on Facebook


  • This competition is open till June 11th, Midnight
  • After evaluating all entries, a winner will be announced with-in a month’s time
  • In case no proposed name is selected, all entries will qualify for a lucky draw for a Samsung A3 2016.
  • Multiple entries aren’t allowed, however, you can edit your submission till competition is open
  • You must share this competition on FB and give link in the form to qualify for Samsung S7
  • Needless to say, ProPakistani’s decision will be final
  • Ask in comments in case of any questions

  • Dear Aamir Attaa, For God Sake shut this paid content on a good IT website. This is painful to see this type of content on propakistani.

    • Techno Pakistan – Aamir also has a kitchen to run and you add no value to it by posting your comments – you may better find a better time utility than posting such comments here. Be good and respectful to others. The way you commented here looks you lost something very dear to you to post such regretful comment, over nothing. Be good my friend and be blessed.

  • Hahaha ?
    Agar kisi ko yaad ho kuch maah pehle same cheez ai thi aur prize iPhone rakha tha aur is baar galaxy S7, pehle kitne log iPhone jeete the ?
    Sirf ap ki personal information len ge aur ki ID k zariye ap k friends ki personal information aur ID’s tak rasai ka zariya hai nothing else.
    Stop blind believing on propakistani team

    • Where’s our beloved buddy KMQ? I even suggested his name for the Mobile Wallet. KMQ where are you dear?

      • Idhar hi hain sir, aaram se sochenge is par weekend par. Abhi tu Ramzan ul Mubarak ki tayyariyan chal rahi hain.. :-)

  • @aamir7:disqus you never published the results of 1st draw for Mobile phone by some fintech company. Is it the same company, financial technology, is it going to be like the same, what do they call it hoax i guess

    • Why everyone calls it a hoax? I am the winner of the fintech survey, don’t you guys see!

    • Mubarak ho #ProPakistani ne pehle draw ka winner peda kar liya, ProPakistani ko Aitezaz Hua hai ??

    • Mubarak ho , ProPakistani ne pehle draw ka winner peda kar liya, ProPakistani ko Aitezaz hua hai ? ?

          • Yar personal kiun ho rahe ho? Halki phulki mousiki karo bhai aur khush raho. Tum poora rock n roll karne pe kyuin tulay ho Jani? Kool down. Nahi tou kuch ice cubes k saath mix kar k pila dain tumhain? :-) kool hoja yar. Aamir apna bhai hai, nazron wazron se na gira usko. Us main itna tou Dil Gurda hai k woh humary behoda comments bhi allow kar deta hai yahan. Is liye chill kar yar plz n say sorry to him, is sey ghat nahi jaye ga tu.

            • Baat double standard ki hai jani meine koi aisi baat likhi nhn thi, agar Aamir sahi hai to mere comments show kare faisla readers kar len.

              • Adeel bhai, itna personal mat ho bhai. Maine khud check kia tha woh article jis main Aitezaz ko winner declare kia gaya tha, infact us waqt mujhe bhi yehi laga tha ke yeh awaeen hi winner bana dia hai kisi ko. But maine reserach ki facebook account aur baki twitter aur linkedin shayad. Uske baad I was the first one to congratulate Mr. Aitezaz. Aur Aitezaz is a good guy meri thodi chit chat bhi hui thi un se…

                • Bhai mein personal nhn ho raha Aitezaz nhn ek comment kiya tha jis ka jawab meine diya tha jo Aamir ne remove kar diya aur us mein koi aisi baat nhn thi, mein to Aamir ko openly challenge kar raha hun agar wo sahi hai to show kare otherwise ye double standard wali ghatiya soch na rakhe.

                  • Khair hai yar. Janey dou. Aur Aamir Bhai admin hai site ka uska bhi tou privilege hai yeh. Bher haal dil bara karo aur yeh nazron se girne ki aur ghatiya jaise words ise na karo. Tum hi sorry bol dou is se tumhari izzat main kami nahi ajaye gi. Dekho ab KMQ ne bhi tumhain bol dia. Aur mujhe agar KMQ hukum karta tou main souli bhi charh jata. Ab tou khayal kar lou tum.

  • What is the target audience? Is it the middle class or upper youngsters who have the luxury of owning and perhaps the basic education of using a smartphone.Or you want to make it a household name like easypaisa that happens to first choice even in villages?

  • “In case no proposed name is selected, all entries will qualify for a lucky draw for a Samsung A3 2016.”.
    So you gonna take the idea and then go for this RULE.

  • if u wanted people to win this mobile . u could have asked for brand name ..tag line .. but u simply want to ad.. so

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