Budget 2016-17: Rs. 20 Billion Allocated for PM’s Special Projects for Youth

Federal government has allocated Rs. 20 billion for the year 2016-17 for Prime Minister’s Special Schemes, revealed budget documents that are available with ProPakistani.

According to details, Rs. 20 billion in fund for Prime Minister’s special projects have been allocated, up from Rs. 19 billion that was allocated last year.

Finance Minister, during his budget speech, said that Prime Minister’s special schemes have been doing well and that’s why a 5% increase in its funds have been approved.

According to details Prime Minister’s special schemes will include six programes, which are as following:

  • Prime Minister’s Youth Business Loan Scheme
  • Prime Minister’s Interest Free Loan Scheme
  • Prime Minister’s Scheme for Provision of Laptops to Talented Students
  • Prime Minister’s Fee Reimbursement Scheme for Students of Less Developed Areas
  • Prime Minister’s Youth Training Programme
  • Prime Minister’s Youth Skills Development Programme

Government said that all above mentioned programmes will be made operational during 2016-17

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  • Thanks to this govt. Now we’ve whooping (only) 22.4bn allocated for health sector. Meanwhile PM’s youth bribe scheme gets 20bn. All the bullet list mentioned above is fake except laptops. This idi whenever becomes PM brings things like motorcycle rickshaws, taxis, wagons and carray dabbas as youth schemes. which then they gift to party members and rest of money gets embezzled.

    • I don’t understand that people are always up with negative remarks without getting into research -.-
      There is much more than laptop scheme. For example
      In multan (south punjab ) fee reimbursement cheques to students doing MA, MSc, MS, MPhill or PhD courses from public sector universities were handed over to them. Before coming up with any of the rhetorical statements you can get it confirm from someone from Bahuddin Zikaria University (BZU )
      Youth Skills Development is also working perfectly as i myself admitted someone i knew to this program.
      Please get your facts right and start believing in Pakistan.

      • it was only for one year that people get their fees back. But this session students are not going to get any thing including my cousins and my sister. They said that the budget is going to be spent on METRO multan

        • Students were expected to register them before 30th April 2016 so its not much late yet to receive those cheques. IA fees reimbursement process would be done soon.
          Bro don’t believe on those lame claims “metro ki waja sae ye naih hoa metro ki waja sae wo naih blah blah blah ”
          It has nothing to do with metro.
          Fess reimbursement project was initiated by the Federal government and Federal government isn’t spending a penny on this Mass transit Project so doesn’t make a sense.
          Best wishes!

      • A proper check and balance is required, for example I see people are getting laptops even if they don’t know how to spell their names (which itself is quite a talent) or the ones already in possession of a bloody Apple Macbook Pro…. So, don’t know about others but the Laptop scheme is being abused.

  • why laptops? why not jobs? why not other mandatory’s to live a better life?
    and how much this types of Schemes are for Balochistan, KPK, Sindh ?
    why not they are asking to Students what they want ?

  • Interest free loan? of 20 thousand rupees?
    NS gone mad again and there’s no one to stop him.

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