Ch. Nisar Outlines the Re-Verification Process of CNICs

On Saturday, the Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan assured the citizens of Pakistan that the process to re-verify all Computerized National Identity Cards (CNICs) will be completed in the next six months.

Addressing a news conference in Kallar Syedan (Rawalpindi), he said,

“Re-verification of CNICs is a national duty. I’m committed that there can be no compromise on the security of the country as well as the nation; I would complete the task, as earlier SIMs re-verification was also done successfully through the bio-metric system.”

Family Heads Will be Called By NADRA To Verify CNICs

“In the first phase of re-verification of CNICs all family heads – who are 25 million in number – will get SMS on cellular phones in which they will be forwarded their family-tree. In case the family head determines that there is no extra person in his family-tree, he will not be required to respond to the SMS. However, he is required to reply to the SMS if someone other than his family has been counted as his family member,” he explained.

This makes it clear that if the family head detects that an outsider has been registered in his family, he must report this anomaly to the nearest office of the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) and ensure the record is corrected.

People to Verify Family Members via SMS

After this phase, there will be a second phase that involves verification of nationals through the data of PTA. Elaborating on this second phase, the Interior Minister said,

“In the second phase of this exercise which is linked with the national security, all SIM owners, who are 100 million in number, will get a text to verify their family members. The data of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) is being used for this purpose.”

He also announced a reward of Rs 10,000 to anybody who identifies and reports a foreign national possessing a Pakistani identity card.

Given Pakistan’s security situation, the National Database Registration Authority has its task cut out for it. The concerned authority has to make sure that the process of re-verification of CNICs proceeds without inconveniencing the public while at the same time, keeping the security and integrity of its database up to date.

    • I think they don’t care. This is just another excuse to waste tax money. Who ever proposed this solution was either not getting paid, or was probably joking.

    • woh phaly akhbar main advertisement day kar koi Graduate banda hire kary ga :D Govt ki best policy deki aik teer mai 2 sikhar. Verification b ho jaye ge plus market main new jobs b a jayen ge :D

  • How this is even a filtration method anyway?
    If a person from the tribal area verifies an Afghan national, (which definitely will be) so he will become a Pakistani Officially
    As the Taliban Commander was given NIC, he would have been added to some family tree.
    its making no sense at all

  • “This makes it clear that if the family head detects that an outsider has been registered in his family, he must report this anomaly to the nearest office of the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) and ensure the record is corrected”

    And then NADRA will ask the to provide DNA test report of your and anomaly person to prove that (s)he is not your biological children, bla bla blaaa.

  • What about those family heads who are 70+ year old and unable to visit NADRA office?
    How they can personally visit the NADRA office for verification of their family tree?

  • sorry to say that our officials are simply mad to follow / copy usa, sometimes they are trying to implement which is not even exist in whole world or almost all other countries refused to. i think the only decision of the YEAR was reduced Smart Card price from 1500 to 400.

    • Mohtram jb sim lety hein to us k lieh CNIC use krty hn. Jb CNIC attach krty hein to Nadra ko pta chl jata hy yeh ap ka number hy. How could you not figure that out? XD

      • Mr. Genius, if my SIM is not issued on my CNIC how will I get notified? If I am abroad for next 6 months who will notify me then? Sending an SMS is not a credible solution.

        • Well if you are using a sim which is not issued on your CNIC then you are commiting a crime and legally you can be prosecuted for that. It is your own fault in that case and any damage shall be paid by you (not just financially).

  • Admin please change Ch. Nisar to proper Chaudhry Nisar. So there be no mistake in interpretation.
    PS: Ch. is not a universal abbreviation for Chaudhry !

      • Isn’t mocking our leaders (government officials of really high rank) a criminal offence now? After that cybercrime bill? Or did they change that clause?

        • well technically he just elaborated what ‘Ch’ may mean; so no disrespect to our great leader :P

  • tl;dr
    I smell trouble of GOING somewhere just to hear them say I missed or failed to bring something they require.

  • How about the overseas Pakistanis who are head of their families; is that process remain same for them also as they will not get any SMS notification since their cell numbers will be out of reach while having in abroad.

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