Scam Alert: This Guy is Claiming to Generate Free Electricity

Many of you will be aware of the latest viral video on social media that showcases a generator that runs on ‘free energy’. You want to believe the best in people but a small voice still cries out ‘bullshit!’ in the face of seemingly convincing evidence.

We’re here to tell you that you should listen to that voice. The video is fake and the work of another charlatan seeking to con people out of hard earned cash.

The simple fact is you cannot generate energy out of nothing. That’s not how physics works. That’s not how the law of conservation of energy works.

This guy from KPK, however, thinks otherwise and has made a video claiming that he can generate electricity out of thin air, which is an absolute lie.

Let’s explain what’s happening, but before that, watch the video below — or skip it if you don’t want to waste minutes.

See the big black circular thing? It’s called a flywheel. When he first plugged in, he stored electric energy as kinetic energy in it. After plugging out, it was simply looped back to the generator to the AC motor.

Make no mistake, if that video was longer, it would have stopped running since the flywheel can only store finite energy and wouldn’t run forever.

No need for bewilderment, it’s just physics

Honestly, if it were really legitimate, the discovery of free energy wouldn’t be announced by a YouTube video and a Whatsapp number to be contacted for further details. You’d first get the Nobel Prize (and the cool million dollars alongside it), get a patent and live the rest of your life on those sweet sweet royalties. Or develop something yourself if you’re the entrepreneurial type.

All being said, we sincerely hope that one day we report when a Pakistani has solved the energy crisis in actuality and not with the intention to scam people. Till then, put your cynical hats on and browse away.

To Noman Shah Afridi, the showman of the video, you should be ashamed of yourself. Tesla would be rolling in his grave at your antics. Oh and lose the sunglasses indoors, they make you look like a douche.

  • After Sindh now it is KPK’s turn. This nation better learn something honest and try to follow that instead of fakeness.

    • It is not about Sindh or KPK, just like we can’t blame Islam for wrongdoings of Muslims.

      • the water car driver insisted that tv channels didn’t gave him publicity for his invention due to his sindhi credentials. Now what shall I say? I am not saying every one living there is like that or it is a general statement from Sindhi people. It is just that these fake folks want to twist that law of physics and blame their ethnicity for lack of attention from the media or regular folks. Same is this dude is doing by posting title KPK in his video.

      • Yeh har cheeze main islam kaha se ajata ha?pehlae pakistani to banoe . Kisi mulk main sindhi balochi punjabi pathan nahi hoti jitni hamarae mulk main ha

    • If your in Punjab just goto any number of fraud Peers making millions for decades doing the same :P

      • It is not just a provincial problem in our country people aren’t that much educated. Politicians dont want them to know anything. Normal folks here just dont know what wickedness politicians playing against this nation and then they play ethnicity card for votes. People in KPK are never told about advantages of KBD and are only told peshawar valley will be drowned. They are not told anything about advantages in terms or water storage and electricity generation which will ultimately benefit people of that area first then rest of the country.

        • Hospital wali Asma kidhar ki nikli, tu kahin uska rishtedar to nahi hy na???
          Sindhi, KPK to bol rahy ho apny ganjay k bary me kia khayal hy?
          tum jese log kabhi nahi sudhraingy, tumhari Qismat badal sakti hy lekin har-aam khany wali ol–aad ko kia kahain, bas L N T hy tere paida hony py…
          kash us raat tera ab–ba jaldi so gaya hota

  • The explanation by propakistani is not enough to explain the running of motor and power tools on just the stored energy. Afterall input!=output is the law here, so when the ac motor generates energy and stores it in the fly wheel, it should not be able to run the ac motor and power tools together cuz together they’ll consume more energy than it initially got into the flywheel. There is some other trick in it, i think

    • I’m guessing that the system he is using is quite efficient, therefore increasing the length of time for which it runs.

  • If it gets hotter, use it to make sugarcane juice. You get a ‘free energy’ juicer.

  • using A dynamo Motor which is an electrical generator that produces direct current.Mujy b yeh idea aik banday nay discuss kia tha but mujy feasible nahie laga yeh actually aik jugaar ha jo ziada reliable nahie.

  • He is not the first one who made this. YouTube is flooded with these videos. By the way, I would like to buy one if something like that really works. I won’t care if that was violating “laws of physics”. The established laws are there to make you dumb enough to not even think about going against them. And if you do, there are people to tell you that you are an idiot and that is not possible. And if you try to commercialize such product, wait for your accidental death. If not then prison would be the best place to keep you away from altering the course of mainstream.

    • rules are not made.. they are just discovered… these are made by nature.. not by human.. electricity has a long history from static charge to DC and then AC generators at large scales by Tesla and Edison who worked hard to bring electricity in our lives…

      • These laws are man made. They were not revealed on anyone. And man made laws are always flawed just like the man itself. Besides you don’t know how much big s*cumbag Edison was. He was nothing but a rich industrialist who knew how to buy ideas discovered by someone else. Edison’s DC supply theory was a huge flop. Tesla’s AC is what we use now. Tesla was a genius not that fat head Edison. In fact, he did not even invent light bulb just perfected it by hiring Tesla. Get your facts straight because your course books feed you lies.

        • With all your English proficiency, you could not fathom the fact that laws are formulated as conjectures first and then proven right or wrong using various elaborate techniques. We dont make these laws. We only discover them.
          Amazingly, you disapprove of laws of physics yet believe in fake farts who met accidental death or imprisonment when they “altered the course of mainstream”. Hahaahh. Dumb enough. These ‘innovators’ are simply called quacks. If it were me, I would put them in a meat grinder instead of prison.
          Laws are not meant to keep us from thinking beyond the laws. They are here to simply keep us disillusioned, sane and not lose our sanity while trying to go against them. They want you to save time and do something meaningful, instead of sulking in your own sh1t in some desolate basement while ‘trying’ your b utt off to create energy – and eventually die with a wrench in your a$$.

        • “Get your facts straight because your course books feed you lies” very well said

    • “The established laws are there to make you dumb enough to not even think about going against them.” very nice, reminds me an article on net “what they do not want you to know” ( google it you will find various links ).

    • Keeping an open mind is not a bad thing, however if someone claims to have invented Free Energy one should ask for proof and logic :)

      • Fair enough, but to deny such a possibility from a thousand miles away without actually investigating a machine is truly foolish. The best this author can say is “I don’t believe it. Give me more proof”. Or buy his machine and then return it and demand a refund along with publishing a detailed report on what you found his trick to be.

  • Actually this is free, but for sometime. This thing can be used as a UPS for lower loads instead of battery.

  • “Oh and lose the sunglasses indoors, they make you look like a douche”

    Fashion advice from ProPakistani. Stop trying to oppress his sense of fashion..

  • First of all i am really disappointed with the professionalism of the author for using words like” ashamed etc” instead he should have used burnol for his jeolousy.

    Hats off to Noman Shah Afridi atleast he is someone who is trying to do something, i dont know what propak is trying to show from this article, did he cheated you or stole your money ??

    Watch following video , maybe propak will learn something other then just the words, maybe meanings as well

    And lastly welldone for promoting Noman Shah efforts, i am sure lots of people who understand physics will understand what he is doing & how he is doing instead of getting jeolous LOL

  • this guy had done revolution in energy i swear… my friend also want to introduce thiss and he is very happy

  • I was waiting for a chimp who would come and say that. My wait is over. Did i stop you from living inside your invidible cocoon of ignorance or told you to go against laws given to you by your masters? You are right. We should follow the “laws” and trends. So i will surely pull all the money out of your pocket and make that mine. Oh yes, i can do that. I will do that in the name of “law”.

  • For just plugin in and out it generated electricity for almost 10 minutes so if we consider extra 5 minutes then still it generated for 15 minutes for one time plug in to electricity. Also he missed one part that he should have given some electricity back to the fly wheel for continuous electricity, by this means it would have been never ending free electricity. He is doing it good. Also i will advice pro Pakistani not to put negativity about any one work or declaring scam. If he was rich, he would have sued you for million of rupees. So beware.

  • Kali aenak hamarae log usi waqt phentae ha jab koi jhoot boalnae ya dikhana ho .aankhae sab kutch boalti ha

  • aise to hum 4th Most Intelligent nation nahi hain…. :D scamming & Jugaaarh is our Intelligent Quotient… :)

  • While I doubt Noman Shah Afridi’s machine is overunity, the unnamed writer of this article is just regurgitating lamestream nonsense and ignoring many factors.

  • I made a video to debunk this scam. In his original video you CAN`T MAKE COMMENTS , so I made a copy and allow comments!
    The idea is to DEBUNK the “magician”! That is NOT free energy! COMMENT under the video, SHARE it , LIKE-it.

  • It is not right to mean, that a flywheel can store such an amount of energy. The principle is working. It is no scam. The author, who means that a flywheel can store this energy, has no idea of physics and calculations.
    Dr. Haug, Physicist

  • It is not right to mean, that a flywheel can store such an amount of energy. The principle is working. It is no scam. The author, who means that a flywheel can store this energy, has no idea of physics and calculations.
    Dr. Haug, Physicist

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