PEMRA Bans Black Magic, Raids, Rape and Suicides in Reenactment Shows

PEMRA has ordered local TV channels on June 7th 2016 to avoid broadcasting any content that features and depicts:

  • Crime re-enactment
  • Raids
  • Rape
  • Suicide
  • Witchcraft and black magic
  • Supernatural occurrences (ghosts, witches, jinns)

PEMRA said that any programs that feature any of the above mentioned items will not be aired on TV, starting Ramzan 1st.

PEMRA said that this ban is complete and forever.

The electronic media authority has taken these measures in order to ‘preserve and maintain the sanctity’ in society, as TV channels were showing indecent shows in the name of reenactment.

It must be recalled that PEMRA had banned crime-reenactment in TV shows last month and now has added more types of programming to be blocked in case they don’t conform to PEMRA’s guidelines.

Increased TV Viewership

Against this backdrop, TV viewership is expected to go up during Ramzan, with families returning home sooner than the normal working days, thanks to short work hours.

With adults and children spending more time viewing local TV programming during Ramzan, PEMRA has taken these measures so that family-friendly content dominates the airwaves during this period.

You can view PEMRA’s complete notification to TV channels here:



  • Bas ab is pe amal bhi hona chahiye. Aisi shows kisi kaam ke nahi hain, overall hi ban kar dena chahiye.

  • Implementation sir Implementation…

    Aur han, yeh ProPK wale sahab, aap is post ki featured image koi dhang ki nahi laga sakte they? I know aapne blur kar dia hai but still you could have avoided such picture. Pehla roza hai aaj yaar kyun logon ka roza kharab karte ho :-)

    • Traffic b tu zaruri hai na, warna admin k ghar ka choolha kesy jalay ga. Maine Facebook open ki tu Propk ki yeh post samny ayi, mera aik colleague mery pas betha tha, wo bola khuda ka khauf karo, Ramzan me kesi cheezen dekh rahy ho. Main kya kehta usay? Wo Egypt hai english nai ati usay, so usay yehi laga k main kuch ghalt dekh rha hun.

      • aare nahi Aaamir bhai khayal karte hain yaar, pehle bhi ek do bar aisa hua hai magar awaz uthane par unhone ne images update kar di theen. I hope ab bhi kar dainge ziyada logon ka roza kharab hone se pehle pehle :-)

    • KMQ, Mubarak ho bhai Ramzan k pehle rozay main post laga di in logon ne. Aur PEMRA ne dus cheezain ban ki hain, suicide, black magic raids etc per in ko rape k ilawa dosray topics ki koi picture munasib nahi lagi display karne ko aur yeh bhi inki mehrbani hai k thora sa shaklain bulr kar dien warna harkatien koi andha bhi dekh sakta hai. Yeh raha 1st Ramzan ka pehla gift propak ki taraf se tamam users ko. Aur phir title bhi yeh rakh dete “blurred rape”.

      • Ishtiaq bhai hosakta hai writer yeh kehna chah raha ho ke PEMRA ne blur kar ke dikhane ki ijazat di hai.

        • KMQ iska writer mere hathay charh gaya na tou tumhari kasam usko maaronga kam aur ghaseetunga ziada aur ghaseet’tay cheel chowk Lyari le aaonga takay tum bhi uski Aah o Bhagat kar sako.

          • Aare nahi ishtiaq bhai, itna gussa nahi. Galti hojati hai sab se, Aamir bhai dekhainge jaise hi yeh comments and all woh khud hi hatwa dainge yeh picture. Be optimistic :-)

  • Asaan alfaaz me: Iqrar-ul-Hassan bhai ab Rozee .pk pe account bana len :-p

  • Thats the basic step PEMRA should have taken 10 years ago, doesn’t matter if its too late but is righteous and has become mandatory now. The reason being, once you watch any content like this, it feeds into your subconscious and leads towards worst happenings in communities eventually deteriorating the society. Hats off to you PEMRA. Channels violating this notification should be banned and accused strictly.

  • Good move, yeh anchor jhoothi raids mar k logon ko blackmail kar k paisey batortay hain na dene per edited aur planted videos bana k logon ki izzat e nafs aur business tabah kar rahe hain.

  • Ek teer sy dou shikar. In garb of moral policing, they have banned epose’ of corrupt and inefficient governments and govt officials. I am amazed that no one but you noticed the sleight of hand. Speaks volumes about our clueless public. Sad, so sad indeed.

  • There are 2 good things, one the notice it self. This is good thing, every thing should be regulated and should be under the law, and as the KMQ brother says, hope it gets implemented as well (as the Media is a big badmash in our society and they dont obey any law).
    2. The notice is in Urdu, which is really nice to see.
    I hope the officials have a law framework implemented on media as well

  • Just an old story to share, I was with for friend at DHQ when a patient expired (I think due to renal failure), These guys were some influential guys and within a very short time they manage to bring media vans to the hospital (Express TV), and after that the guy from express TV plotted the whole script just in front of me and 10s of others and said that on camera you people have to say this story. And now I see these stories every day on every Chanel. The all bull shit was scripted and I was eyewitness.
    Media should be under the law framework.

  • Let’s ban channels (for 1-2 days) if they don’t follow the law.

  • Very good act, CID (18 Years), Crime Patrol is also included in that category, which I’m sure will not be banned!

    • Sir yeh sab tu chaheeta content hai, yeh kahan se block hone laga. Aur fikar na karain yeh local channels par bhi aisa kuch ban nahi hone ja raha. This is just another regulation like dozens earlier.

  • moral police at work to decide what is right and wrong for u…

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