PEMRA Bans Black Magic, Raids, Rape and Suicides in Reenactment Shows

PEMRA has ordered local TV channels on June 7th 2016 to avoid broadcasting any content that features and depicts:

  • Crime re-enactment
  • Raids
  • Rape
  • Suicide
  • Witchcraft and black magic
  • Supernatural occurrences (ghosts, witches, jinns)

PEMRA said that any programs that feature any of the above mentioned items will not be aired on TV, starting Ramzan 1st.

PEMRA said that this ban is complete and forever.

The electronic media authority has taken these measures in order to ‘preserve and maintain the sanctity’ in society, as TV channels were showing indecent shows in the name of reenactment.

It must be recalled that PEMRA had banned crime-reenactment in TV shows last month and now has added more types of programming to be blocked in case they don’t conform to PEMRA’s guidelines.

Increased TV Viewership

Against this backdrop, TV viewership is expected to go up during Ramzan, with families returning home sooner than the normal working days, thanks to short work hours.

With adults and children spending more time viewing local TV programming during Ramzan, PEMRA has taken these measures so that family-friendly content dominates the airwaves during this period.

You can view PEMRA’s complete notification to TV channels here: