Facebook Starts Accepting Pakistani Rupees for its AD Campaigns

Facebook, one of the largest ad publisher in Pakistan, has now started accepting payments for its on-site ADs in Pakistan in Pakistani Rupees.

This means that users in Pakistan can now pay for Facebook ads in Pakistani Rupees instead of US dollars or other currencies.

This change will help local advertisers save a lot of money that they earlier had to pay under the head of currency conversion fee.


As a reference, Pakistani advertisers had to pay in dollars — for which bank used to charge dollar rate a lot higher than the open market — then on top of which they had to pay 3.5% as currency exchange fee.

On an average, with a spending of Rs. 100,000, Pakistani advertisers will now be able to save around Rs. 8,000 to 10,000 (depending on the bank they are using for payments) if not more.

Advertisers can select Pakistani Rupee by going in to their “Account Setting” page in “Manage my ads” section to change the account currency.

Not to be mentioned, Facebook will create a new AD account when you change your account currency. This won’t change anything, just that your old campaigns will not appear here. However, all your new campaigns will be part of your new ad account.

Thanks Amir Rasheed for the tip

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • I am planning to start Facebook ads campaign. Can anyone suggest the best payment method?

  • I had a really bad experience with these guys.i created two campaigns to promote a facebook page (not even sending traffic to website, just promoting an fb page with likes). Well they virtually accussed me of fraud and banned my account. But asked me to provide government supplied ID, so I thought it must be common procedure. Anyway I send them my SNIC (in English) and again recieve the same scripted response that I have been banned for fraudulent activity and they cannot reenable my payments account. 3 years ago they did the same thing to a relative (created an ad campaign following all guidelines and ban hammer in 4 hours). I did appeal their decision but again got exsct same word to word response. They most likely don’t even look into this and have automated the responses. The thing is FB ads are really important for my projects.

    Edit: The page is still there so clearly wasn’t in voilation of anything there (same with the relative mentioned before)

  • I want to Start Facebook Ad payment. Want to ask if I select only One day. Will They continue deducting my payment or after one day they will stop taking money from my account ??

  • Can i use my atm card to pay facebook for the fb fan page advertising. If yes then which bank atm card is best for this purpose ?

  • i am trying to start ads campaign on facebook i but my Atm (Debit Card) info but facebook send me a error message… Why :'(

      • I also used ubl internet wiz card but facebook is not accepting it can you please guide me what the problem is?I also activated it in online session.

      • Imran ahmed bro im using my debit card but after 5 to 7 days it blocked i dnt knw the reason

  • اسلام علیکم بھائی
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