Facebook’s Mobile App Startup Program Opens Registrations for 2016

Facebook is known for its innovative ideas and plans that have invoked substantial changes in the social media business industry. In April 2014, it launched FbStart support program at the Facebook developers conference named f8. This program aims to help Mobile app startups in developing their apps into successful businesses.

What is FbStart?

FbStart is a global program of Facebook that focuses on helping mobile app based startups to grow and become organized and profitable businesses. Startups with a mobile app can apply to FbStart program.

Their entry into the program will give them access to the following benefits:

  • A comprehensive robotic set of free tools and services provided according to the needs of the startup. These include instructions and step by step guidance on every aspect of business development.
  • The startup teams will become members of a Facebook community of Mentors and Startup founders, making them eligible for receiving expert guidance and mentorship throughout the program.
  • The teams will have free access to tools and services provided by the official partners of this program. This will enable the teams to develop their ideas more effectively.

The Two Tracks in FbStart

You can either opt for the Bootstrap Track or the Accelerate Track, each uniquely suited to your needs and requirements as a mobile app startup.

Let’s take a look at the two.

Bootstrap Track

As a member of this track, you can have the benefits of mentorship , membership of a Facebook community of professionals and a package of $80,000 that includes services from partners of the program. Here are the features of this track:

  • Access to Facebook Start to Success Program
  • Parse credit
  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Appurify testing suite
  • Desk.com customer care tool
  • Proto.io prototyping tool
  • UserTesting UX research tool
  • Workable recruitment tool
  • Promotional Facebook ad credit for new spenders

Accelerate Track

The accelerate track provides with the same facilities as the Bootstrap track but it has a more attractive package of $80,000 that includes subscription to more apps and services from the partners. Here are the additional features of this track:

  • Priority access to Internet.org innovation lab
  • Ad support from Facebook’s Preferred Marketing Developers
  • Asana task tracking tool
  • Bluejeans video collaboration service
  • MailChimp email marketing support
  • Proto.io prototyping tool
  • SurveyMonkey account for research
  • Document sharing with Quip

Special Benefit Packages

Along with all the benefits and services mentioned earlier, Facebook has two more category-based packages of benefits for the startup teams:

Social Good

The Social Good package contains benefits specific to ideas based on Social welfare. Facebook has partnered with Internet.org to provide these benefits and the startup teams will have mentorship opportunities with the Internet.org team as well.


The Games package of benefits is specific to ideas based on Mobile game development. The startup teams working on Mobile games will have the opportunity of mentorship with the Facebook game development team.

Working with The Facebook team

All startup teams that will be accepted to FbStart will have the opportunity to engage directly with the Facebook team. These opportunities can be availed through:

  • In-Person events
  • Direct one-on-one support
  • Office hours support
  • Forum & Community

Facebook has announced a total of $150,000 in prizes for the successful apps in FbStart. The winning app will be awarded $100,000.

How to Apply

There are no charges for applying and submitting your mobile app idea to FbStart. The whole program is free of cost, making it attractive for early stage mobile app startups.

To register, you simply need to have a Facebook account to apply for this program.

You can start your application procedure from here.

If you have an awesome idea for building a Mobile app, then start working on it today and make use of  Facebook’s FbStart program.


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  • I’m arsal khan from karachi, pakistan and my app Browse Simply has been approved by fbstart and i got $40,000 benefits! :)

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